At Twoguns Training Systems we pride ourselves on being truly results oriented in how we run our business. With that I’ll let some clients testimonials and before and afters speak for themselves. Real people, real stories and real results…

Guest Blog Sixteen – Annette “Netty” Mitchell

Netty D2S 2015

Guest Blog – Renee Seth

Renee Pre Twoguns

Guest Blog Fourteen – Lynn Craker

Lynn After Old Pants

Guest Blog Thirteen – Patty Lillie

Patty Bra B&A 1
Guest Blog Twelve – Chari Figurski

Chari BA

Guest Blog Eleven – Valerie Corrales

Digital Camera

Guest Blog Ten – Jeremy Reed

Jeremy GB BA 1

Guest Blog Nine – Gen DeRose

Gen After 1

Guest Blog Eight – Mary Clark

Mary After

Guest Blog Seven – April Blum

April After 1 14

Guest Blog Six – Candy Kemp


Guest Blog Five – Lisa Mitchell

Lisa 2

Guest Blog Four – Danielle “HerbDawg” Herbe

9-9 Herbdawg

Guest Blog Three – Leigh Ann Luthey

Leigh Ann

Guest Blog Two – Brandy Smith-Galleur

Brandy After 2

Guest Blog One – Jesse Graffius

Jesse After


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