Is FOMO Hurting Your Fitness Results?

My fellow Results Fitness University Coaching Group member and fellow Fit in 42 franchisee/affiliate, Justin Lesh of Achieve Fitness and Fit in 42 Huntington Beach wrote a great guest blog about some thoughts about Fit in 42 and what the hip young kids these days are calling “FOMO”. I had an old man moment because I had no idea what it meant until I read the article. But it is 100% worth a read.

“Last week I sat down talking with a young girl in her early 20s about how bad she wanted to lose weight. “I would feel 300% better if I lost 10 lbs “. So when I asked her why she wasn’t going to do the transformation program we had been talking about, her answer surprised me

“I would probably lose 20-30lbs doing this, and the price is doable… I just have a serious case of FOMO and am scared that eating healthy and exercising would cause me to miss all the fun stuff. ”

JL FOMO Screen-Shot-2015-01-20-at-2_43_43-PM

This was a new term for me ( made me feel old since I apparently don’t know the kids lingo any more).

This girl was willing to give up her goal of feeling amazing, and losing 20+ lbs because she was scared she might miss a few nights of going out and partying with her friends.

Since she was young and hip I chalked it up to immaturity, I mean anyone who says a word like FOMO can’t be taken serious right? But then, just like when you buy a red car and all you see is red cars, I started seeing FOMO EVERYWHERE.

Later that day working on goal setting with another client who really needs to get healthier, She told me she was unwilling to commit to eating healthy for the next 42 days because there was a work function coming up that she knew would be the “BEES KNEES ” (feel better old peeps?). She said it would have a full bar, and tons of great food and she looks forward to it every year. This was her reason to not committing to eating healthy….. She had FOMO… more precisely she had FOMO like a MOFO.

JL FOMO fomo

Then FOMO just started attacking me, people telling me they would start working out AFTER this Wedding or this party, because if they were being healthy they surely couldn’t enjoy themselves right?

Is this sounding familiar to any of you?

I began to study this new condition of FOMO and came to this conclusion:

There are Three ways to DEAL with FOMO when it comes to getting healthy.

1. Pros vs Cons List.

JL FOMO pros-and-cons

Make 2 Pros and Cons Lists. 1. List is the pros and cons of NOT committing 100% to getting results and eating healthy. 2. Make a list of the PROS and CONS of Starting a program TODAY and getting serious. Almost always it looks like this.

JL FOMO Screen-Shot-2015-01-20-at-2_56_27-PM

I went conservative on this but normally there is a lot more on the left then the right. Then you can even break it down more and say “Would you really not get to go with your buddies, or could you just not go crazy and still have a good time ”

#2 Way to Beat FOMO

REFRAME: In your head you look at it like “If i eat healthy and go to the gym all the time I will miss out on all the fun stuff “. Reframe it to be like IF I DONT go to the gym think of all the stuff I will miss out on. At Achieve we have a ROCKING gym that is like the healthy alternative to the sports bar, people are cracking jokes, ( sometimes a fart too) we hang out after, even have a pool table. When you miss a workout its more then just sweat you miss out on.

JL FOMO nighthawks

You also have to think about future stuff you would miss out on. Sure you get to go to the bar tonight and have fun, but what about the beach in 6 weeks? Will you have fun in that grandma swim suit cause you don’t have the confidence to rock the bikini?

JL FOMO mom-suit


The 3rd and Last Way to beat FOMO is to JUST STOP

Put yourself in a bubble for 6 weeks ( 42 days sounds less does it). Get your life where you want it, get your weight, your sleep, your habits, your regiment where you want it SO YOU DONT FOMO THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. If you can’t to commit to yourself to get dedicated for 42 days, then your goal isn’t really that important. A few beers or a new body?

JL FOMO grandma-fomo

Create FOMO in others with that instagram pic of your amazing abs #fomo-abs or “Check-in” at that Spartan Race that all your friends were too out of shape to do. Just remember the only way to conquer fear is to FACE it.”

If you need help getting your fitness on track and getting some serious results, while creating FOMO in others as they watch your journey, check out our Fit in 42 Erie Program.

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