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The next Fit in 42 Erie session starts September 18th!

In most gyms, when someone has “fallen down” and is stuck in the bottom of their “fitness well”, they simply shout from the top of the well to do things…

In our “gym” and our programs, we jump down into the well with you and we get out of it together.

Fit in 42 – now in Erie – is nothing like northwest Pennsylvania has ever experienced.

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Fit in 42 Erie September 18th APPLICATION

Group Beginning

The last Fit in 42 Erie session at the start!

Fit in 42 Erie has been compared to and described as “fitness rehab” or “fitness bootcamp.” It is an all-intensive, comprehensive personal training program, nutrition program, psychology and mindset program wrapped in a lifestyle transformation program.

It is not a challenge. It is a lifestyle transformation for those people looking to make a dramatic change, not just to their bodyfat or waistline but to the entire way they approach their life – resulting in a healthier and more successful you.



Give us 42 days and we’ll change your life!

Mary T 1&2 B&A 1

Over the course of two Fit in 42 Erie sessions, Mary T lost 20 pounds, 7% bodyfat, 6.5 inches off her waist, 4 inches off her hips, 3 inches off each leg and 2 inches off each arm.

The program consists of …

– 6 days a week personal training sessions – implemented in a highly motivated group so you have workout partners and teammates in your journey, while still having a program that is specifically tailored to your needs, injuries and abilities – there is nothing else close to this in northwest Pennsylvania.

– Full, customized nutrition program tailored to you.

– Accountability, motivation and mindset coaching.

– Private group so you have access to us 24 hours a day to help exactly when you need it.

– All of the intangibles that are needed to help you get to your goals and truly change your life.


Debbie B B&A 1

In one Fit in 42 Erie session, 42 shorts days, Debbie B lost 23.5 pounds, 4.5% bodyfat, 5 inches off her waist, 3.5 inches off her hips, 1 inch off each leg and 1.5 inches off each arm in 42 short days.

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The first thing a lot of people say is something along the lines of “this is too intense for me”…

If that is you, get that self limiting belief out of your head. I always say that the program is high intensity in terms of the amount of accountability, motivation and mindset it takes in order to completely commit to a change like this, NOT in terms of the workouts.

The workouts will test you, but only in a good way. Our goal is always better, not just tired.

Since the program and workouts are still completely individualized, every level from advanced to complete beginner are able to workout side by side and exactly at not only their own intensity levels but ability levels as well.


You can contact Dan at (814) 882-8001 if you have any questions.

The next Fit in 42 starts September 18th! If you are ready to apply to this program, fill out this form to apply…

Fit in 42 Erie September 18th APPLICATION


If you still aren’t convinced check out these amazing transformations and stories from past Fit in 42 participants.










  1. Stephanie Huston says:

    Hello my name is Stephanie Huston and I am 44 years old, with 11 grandbabies, and I want to loss this weight so I can be here to see them grow up .please help me .

  2. Brenda says:

    When does the program start. I have some medical problems I know can improve if I could just lose the weight

  3. Jane Sweet says:

    I am ready for a lifestyle change..

  4. Jane Sweet says:

    My name is Jane iam 36 ready to dedicate my life to a new lifestyle, long term goal of mine is to be comfortable in my skin, feel confident in what I wear.

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