What Do We Do Here?

About once a week I get asked by a client/member – “What do I tell people when they ask about where I workout at and what it is?”

It seems simple but it is a hard question to answer because we do things differently and more progressive than most places and while it seems simple on the surface, I understand that it isnt and while clients know exactly what it is they do and how it works, being able to explain to someone who does not, isnt always easy.

It is interesting because the people who think we are a traditional gym, think we are expensive and the people who think we are a personal training studio are delighted with how affordable we are for what you receive in return. But we aren’t either of those things exactly.

The simple “on the surface answer” I tell clients to give is something along the lines of that it is a gym-personal training studio hybrid where there is no open gym or “come on your own” and “do your own thing” approach. Everything you come to is a scheduled appointment with a coach doing a program an expert programmer wrote for you specifically as a unique person with unique movement ability, injury history, medical history etc based off of your in-depth assessment you have to do before you are trained or coached in any way and implemented with other workout partners and clients also trying to get better and be fully supportive in all of our goals.

Because here, it isnt your goal, it is our goal. “Our” meaning not just me and the coaches but all of the members/clients alike – there is no “ I “ only “we” and “our”.


Competitors regularly steal our marketing/promotion ideas, our programming and the equipment we use and that is completely fine because while we are the best programming, the most individualized and advanced equipment wise, we will always be one step ahead but most importantly, I truly believe that isnt what sets us apart. Those things can be and are copied and mimicked, but our culture, community and the support we have here cannot and that is what truly sets us apart.

And also, that we truly care about you and our goals you lay out before us. We don’t have swipe cards because you aren’t a swipe card or a barcode, you are a team member with a name we all know and goals we all know and strive towards.

We coach you every step of the way.

We fully believe the philosophy that just because you rode in a boat, that doesn’t make you a sailor. Just because you flew in an airplane, that doesn’t make you a pilot. Just because you blow a whistle or people pay you for fitness advice or you tell people what to do, that doesn’t make you a coach.

We empower, educate and motivate you every step of the way to your goals on the expert path we’ve laid out for you.

And that’s why I and my staff are called coaches or fitness professionals. We aren’t personal trainers that are there to collect a paycheck, don’t correct proper form, don’t educate, don’t continue to invest in their education and are just there to punch the clock.

Changing your life through fitness isnt an elaborately complicated process, but it isnt cookie cutter and one size fits all like we’ve been conditioned to believe either. And it cant be done in a 24 Day Cleanse with overpriced supplements and not putting in the hard work. There are no quick fixes and no shortcuts. Though people will try to sell you them.

If you think that fitness and truly getting better is as easy as hopping on a few machines, jogging/low intensity-long duration “cardio”, doing a dance class or banging sticks on the ground, I honestly and humbly submit you’re doing it wrong. I am sorry but it is true – I can show you the science.

Expect more. Demand more.


You are a unique person, with an individual and unique movement capability, injury history, medical history, limitations, tightnesses, hypermobilities, asymmetries, strengths, weaknesses and everything in between. And that is what makes us great and beautiful but it is exactly what makes one size fits all and unindiviudalized approaches, completely ineffective and why we take all of that into account in order to serve you the absolute best that is available, that day and tomorrow as well.

Fitness should be profoundly satisfying, empower and lift you up – while making you move better, feel better and accomplish whatever it is you wish to serve.

It should not break you down, make you feel like crap, move worse and feel achey. You should leave a workout feeling tired and like you did some work but ultimately better than when you walked in.

Thinking you have to do irresponsible things and beat yourself into the ground during workouts to get results is misinformation sold to you to make you feel inadequate. Seeing someone in a puddle of death on the floor after a workout that they cannot recover from and did their body more harm than good is not only bullshit but it isnt what works better either.

Anyone can make you tired but who can make you better. We want you dreaming epic dreams that threaten to swallow you whole and to dream so big that when you go to pick it up you fart. Big hairy audacious goals. We are the place to get you there.

We can and that is exactly what we do here at Twoguns Training Systems and is the long answer to the original question 

If you’d like more information or to schedule what we call a strategy session to see the facility, go over goals, go through injury and medical history and most importantly go through our assessment to see if we are a good fit for you, please give me a call at (814) 882-8001 or contact me on Facebook.


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