2018 New Year New You

Announcing our 6th Annual “New Year New You” 8-Week Fat Loss Transformation Challenge

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Last Year’s Grand Prize Winning Team

Nick, Cindy and Renee in 8 short weeks combined for a loss of 45 pounds, 11% bodyfat, over 20+ total inches and took home the grand prize.

It is that time of year again…

If you think “you are too out of shape” to join a gym…

If you think you have too many injuries and limitations to be able to safely join a gym and workout…

If you are tired of investing in the wrong things aka the “Yo-Yo’s”…

If you understand that the answer isn’t thinking you have to run yourself into the ground and puke every workout is the solution is actually unsafe and counter productive.

If you do not want to be part of the 92% of New Year’s Resolutions that fail and want to make a resolution stick…

We are exactly the place for you.

Teri started at Twoguns right before last year’s New Year New You started…

And in those 8 weeks, Teri lost 24 pounds, 4% body fat and 5.5 inches off her waist!

That is absolutely amazing for only 8 weeks. But the most important part was that one year later, Teri has built on that foundation of the New Year New You and is down another 36 pounds for a total of 60 pounds down in 11 months.

Danny Twoguns and a much smaller and happier, 60 pounds down Teri dressed up as the one and only Danny Twoguns!

“After two visits to the gym and strong encouragement from a couple co-workers who already belonged, I decided to take that leap of faith and joined Twoguns Training Systems and sign up for the New Year New You program. My goal was to lose weight and start running again.

What I didn’t realize back then was how much difficulty and pain I had in just living everyday life. I thought I was fine but just needed to lose some weight. My thought about myself was, “I’m tall, I hide my weight well”.

I started the New Year New You program last year and ended up losing 24 pounds, 4% body fat and 5.5 inches off my waist in just 8 short weeks! I looked at my before and after pictures and cried. The difference was shocking! Let me tell you, I did not hide my weight well!!

The New Year New You program kick started my new life style. I’m now able to go on vacation and not fall into old habits. I have the knowledge and determination to put in the hard work even when I’m not at the gym. This is the first time after losing weight that I got rid of my “fat clothes”. No more yo-yoing for me!” – Teri Alberico

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What Are The Details?

Once a year we “kick off the New Year” with our often imitated but never replicated New Year New You – 8 Week Fat Loss Challenge where teams of 3 participate to see who loses the most combined PERCENTAGE of pounds of fat lost, pounds of muscle gained and inches lost to win a $1000+* Grand Prize.

Quick aside to tackle the most popular question right off the bat. Everyone starts from an equal playing field. I emphasized “percentage” above because it means that it is based off of where you start. So a 200 pound person essentially has to lose double what a 100 pound person has to lose for it to be equal percentage wise so no starting weight has neither an advantage or disadvantage…

Last year Georgia took home the top individual prize losing 18 pounds, 4% bodyfat, a crazy 5.75 inches off her waist and 3 inches off her hips in 8 weeks.

“New Year New You is exactly what I needed to take my fitness journey to the next level. While I had joined Twoguns Training Systems about four months prior, I only was focusing on my workouts and was not paying as much attention to what I was eating. I was losing weight and inches and getting stronger so I really wasn’t interested in “dieting” too. It just sounded like too much work.

New Year New You made it fun and manageable. The process was simple: keep up with my personal workouts, get in as many group workouts as I could, follow the eating plan, complete the challenges, and keep motivated as a team! Once I started the eating plan, the results were almost instantaneous. Over the 8 weeks, I ended up losing 18 pounds (nearly 10% of my body weight!), 4% body fat, 5.75 inches from my waist, 3 inches from my hips and nearly 3 pant sizes!

If you’re wondering if New Year New You is for you, the answer is yes! Whether you want to lose pounds, inches, body fat or all three, this program will give you the tools, support and motivation to do it.” – Georgia Del Freo

– Challenge starts on January 29th and runs until March 25th (8 weeks).

– Regardless of which entry fee or package level you sign-up for, you will have eligibility for the $1000 grand prize. (There are three memberships options. More details below)

– Three (3) people per team; must include at least one (1) non-member/client of Twoguns Training Systems. A team may consist of three (3) non-members. Having a team is by no means required to join. If you don’t have three (3) you will be placed on a team.

– The beginning weigh-in must be between January 27th and January 31st (no weigh-ins before January 27th and none after January 31st); and the final weigh-in must be done between March 23rd and March 27th (no final weigh-ins after March 27th).

– Participants are recommended to complete minimum three (3) to four (4) workouts per week during the contest. A combination of strength training, metabolic and group personal training classes are recommended to achieve maximum results though you are not limited to four (4) per week.

– *A minimum of fifteen (15) teams must participate in order for the $2000 team grand prize + $1000 individual grand prize. If less participate then the challenge will still be held but with a lower grand prize. If more, than potentially more like last year.

– Again, the winning team is calculated by pounds of fat lost, pounds of muscle gained and number of inches lost. A percentage system is used so that someone who is 250 pounds and loses 20 pounds of fat and someone who is 125 pounds and loses 10 pounds of fat, receive the same amount of points so everyone is on a level playing field.

Included is…

– 2 Month Membership at Twoguns Training Systems.

– Before and After measurements.

– Full nutrition program included for the 8 weeks. As well as nutrition journal reviews each week.

– Weekly accountability meeting to keep you on track exclusively for participants. Including a private Facebook group for the challenge.

– A Habits coaching component (Brand New)

– And some more to be announced fun…

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Still Not Convinced?

In our 2016 New Year New You – Netty, Adria and Bridget combined for a loss of 39 pounds, 11% bodyfat, 11 inches off their waists and 7.5 inches off their hips to take home the grand prize.


In our 2015 New Year New You –  Mandi, Carla and Mary T combined to lose 42 pounds, 14% bodyfat and well over 50 inches to take down the Grand Prize.

2014 NYNY Winners

In our 2014 New Year New You – Courtney, Steve and Mary combined to lose 42 pounds, 12% bodyfat, 10.5 inches of their waists, 6 inches off their hips to take down the Grand Prize.

MTM Winners 2

In our 2013 New Year New You – Keri, Hope and Brandy combined to lose 44.5 pounds, 10% bodyfat, 8.5 inches off their waists and 7 inches off their hips to take down the Grand Prize.

Not making a decision is in itself making a decision. And actively making a decision that avoids getting your life the exact way you want it, is a horrible decision to make. Commit to making a change and become more confident and better able to anything life throws your way. People who are legitimately strong (in every sense) get through life more effectively and more enjoyable

Now this is important the cost is $100 specifically to participate in the challenge, In Addition To two months of whichever membership option is best for you. We aren’t cheap but we aren’t the most expensive by any means either but we are undoubtedly and without question the best in the area and you WILL transform your life if you put in the dedication.

We have three main membership options and since what we do is so individualized, I cant tell you which option(s) are best for you or which arent for you without first seeing specifically how you move in the most thorough fitness assessment in northwest Pennsylvania because if you aren’t assessing you’re guessing and we don’t guarantee results by guessing.

To schedule a strategy session to see what the best fit is, fill out the application below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I always tell clients and prospective clients that in 5 or 10 years, other competitors in the area will have caught up to our equipment, how to more effectively run fat loss programming, results etc and while we do it best now, that isn’t what I want to be what completely differentiates us from everyone else.

What truly makes us different is the immersive and supportive community we’ve built based around support and camaraderie and truly caring about you and your results. You aren’t a client here, you are a family. Not just to me, other owners or our coaches but to our amazing community of other clients who want to succeed and see you succeed. That is ultimate how we are different.

We are a team in every sense of the word. And when everything we do has be mimicked and copied, our culture of serious fitness and not so serious humans in a dedicated, truly judgment free environment to get you to your goals, will always differentiate us and never be able to be copied. I look forward to changing your life.

The  New Year New You is a perfect way to start that!

That is Annette “Netty” Mitchell and this is a quote from her guest blog she wrote for us on her story and journey with us…

“I turned 55 years old this week. I look back and wonder why certain things have happened and/or how certain people have come into my life.

Things I know: I’m thankful of my friendship with Bridget which lead me to Dan and Twoguns Training Systems. I am thankful that Dan thrives on education and brings the best possible there is to Twoguns and that it is never boring there.

I am thankful for Dan and all the coaches and the assistance and fun they provide. I am thankful for all the new friends I have made. I am thankful for the positive experience it has made in my life and the new doors it has opened for me.

I can see possibilities now, versus only limits before. I am thankful I have gone down several sizes and now have a waist! My triglycerides have gone down to 82 in the last screening and my menopause symptoms are all but gone. I would have never imagined that in December of 2014.

I am thankful for the safe, non-judgmental space that Twoguns provides where unicorns do exist. Working out there always make a good day better and a bad day tolerable. I am very thankful for the new life I have and of my Twoguns experience!” – Annette Mitchell

You can read her entire guest blog HERE.

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