“Going Deep With Danny Twoguns” – Part V

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( Quick Note / Reminder – This is depending how you look at it Part II or Part V in the Doing Deep With Danny Twoguns series. There was an initial interview split into three parts and a follow up interview about a year later (what you are reading now) that is in two parts. You wont be completely lost if you havent read any but reading the first half of this interview, what is technically Part IV will give you better context to what we are talking about.)

The last piece ended with…

CH : This is probably a good transition as one of the ways you tackle nutrition at your gym is with Fit in 42. And other than in the question prior, I dont think we’ve mentioned Fit in 42 in this series. Is it still a big part of what you guys do at the gym?

D2G : It absolutely is. We are experimenting with iterations of it at Twoguns and iterations of it at Movement Forever, but long story short it is definitely a big part.

In looking at the people we mainly aim to serve, there tends to be two primary “buckets”.

The first is how do we balance fitness and healthy lifestyle into our crazy, busy, stressed lives – mainly, incorporating all of those things into our life, not having a life that revolves around it.

This is the end goal in either scenario. Like we talked about in the first 3 part series, the average person thinks the path to their goals is far more strict than it usually is. But 2-4 workouts a week, a nutrition program we follow 80-90% of the time, moderation strategies and a couple of times a year where we are more strict and a couple where we arent as. It builds up and adds to our life, not takes from it. As said this is the goal of any scenario – to get to this point.

But sometimes getting to that point is easier said than done…

The second is a little more complicated… What if that “moderation” approach hasnt worked in the past for that person? Or that person needs a massive jumpstart or a massive kickstart to help them get started or re-started?

A comparison I am not quite a fan of, but fits well is that “you dont go to the Betty Ford clinic 2-4x a week” or “alcoholics dont go to rehab 2-4x a week” – they are totally immersed in the process, 24 / 7, living and breathing it.

So we have Fit in 42 as an option for that person.

A total immersion process to fitness, fat loss and healthy lifestyle. For 42 days we are yours and you are ours as we tackle 6 days a week of personal training sessions, full – customized nutrition program, education, motivation, accountability and everything in between. This is not that moderation approach for 42 days, this is “all in”.

Now the biggest misconception that comes about from Fit in 42 is since it has a sexy “short term” name, people tend to think it is a short term program. One of those programs that when you are done, you “won” and it is over.

Not what it is at all. The goal is to take those 42 days and build us up to a position that when we transition to the “moderation” type approach we mentioned above, the “end goal” approach, the transition is as seamless as possible because we’ve built this massive foundation in order to get us where we need to go.

With that said…

Which is better? It completely depends on the person. Some people can start with “moderation” and the end goal approach, some people need / want that “next level” of immersion. Some people get overwhelmed at the total immersion, some thrive on it. Neither is right or wrong, we have options for both.

It always comes back to that individualized to the client aspect. It is the most important piece. It includes exercise selection, nutrition etc and all the things we talked about, but it also has to do with what type of gym or program works best for a person.

If the description of Fit in 42 sounds like something that resonates with you, click HERE for more information.

CH : That is great and spot on. Lateralizing on the individualized component… You touched on Kinstretch earlier and I wanted to make a point to get to ask. I saw you have a Kinstretch only membership now. Why did you go that route instead of having it in your memberships?

D2G : Slightly off in the interpretation. It is included in our “regular” Twoguns Training Systems memberships but there was enough volume and traction on Kinstretch specifically for people whose sole goal was to get out of pain, or people who maybe worked out at other gyms, were members of yoga studios, bootcamps, crossfit etc and they were interested in Kinstretch to make them better at their workouts or their yoga / whatever they do practice.

So we’ve launched that as a standalone if people were interested in just that. It is included in “regular” memberships, of course, we just added a standalone option if that is what people wanted.

CH : Can you elaborate on that second to last piece before you move on? Maybe specifically to why someone would workout somewhere else and do Kinstretch at your gym but not the full membership?

D2G : This is a good parallel to what I just mentioned at the end of the Fit in 42 question with programs needing to be individualized to the person as well and like I mentioned with the difference between Twoguns Training Systems and Movement Forever Fitness, sometimes people are just better fits at other places depending on what they are looking for.

My goal is to simply educate everyone in Erie of all that is available and why or what works best for them.

Some people enjoy the get tired / bootcamp beatdown type model and memberships. That is the workout they enjoy the most and the one they gravitate towards the most. And as long as they dont have any injuries of physical limitations, that may be what works for them.

If this is what someone wants. We are not the best choice for them…

But at the same time enter Kinstretch for that person to be able to make them have less pain and move better during those workouts so that they get injured less.

Same can be said for something like crossfit. The average or even majority of people who do crossfit dont do it because they want to lose fat, move better, feel better and get in shape – and if they do, we educate as to why there are better, safer alternatives…

But the main reason someone does crossfit is “to do the crossfit”. Whether it is getting better at WODs, competing, whatever. And same thing – enter Kinstretch to allow them to get injured less and do what they enjoy, crossfit, more often. They get better at doing crossfit from doing Kinstretch.

And then there is yoga…

CH : And as always you do not dislike yoga…

D2G : Haha, exactly. I always have to qualify that because if it is done well, it definitely has its place and I am by no means anti-yoga. I have actually always been interested in yoga personally from an increasing mobility standpoint and movement practice standpoint, but never formally pursued it. Why that is will be explained further down.

Long explanation short, yoga is a conversation that happens fairly often because it “looks the most like” Kinstretch and is the first thing people tend to compare it to.

As a result, I’ve done a lot of fairly formal research on yoga ever since I dove down the Kinstretch rabbit hole and the most interesting part I’ve found is in terms of why people do it.

I originally thought it was to increase mobility and to move better. But that was really never the case with anyone I interacted with or what I found. It was what I thought because that was where I personally fell.

I found three reasons…

The one most often was benefits as they relate to meditation.

Now meditation is one of the most scientifically proven things we have in our field. It has myriad benefits for lots of reasons – turning down sympathetic tone, relaxation, brain health etc, so many more.

But it isnt exercise and can be done when you wake up, before you go to sleep, right before you exercise, right after you exercise etc. But doing it while we exercise and most importantly as the main reason why we exercise, is not a valuable use of exercise time. We need to meditate / find ways to relax, but it isnt while we are exercising.

Second was benefits as they relate to strength training and common fitness-based outcomes – lose fat, get in shape, get stronger etc. And unfortunately, it simply doesnt do those things well. The positions arent individualized enough for a person’s abilities and relying solely on bodyweight as the load of the exercises to far too limiting.

And then we also have the argument of what if a person’s current bodyweight is too much for them to handle at the start? Bodyweight is not the easiest form of an exercise – assisted variations that help us deload are.

And the third, which you may have been able to guess by the above beatdown bootcamp / crossfit answers, was to get better at doing yoga. They simply enjoyed the process of doing yoga as how they physically express themselves. Their “movement practice”.

The first two reasons here are education based. We have to equip the knowledge around why people are doing what they are doing and does that fall in line with their goals. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds and have a big fat loss transformation, yoga simply is not the vehicle to get you there. It may offend some people, but it just is what it is. Education first.

But the third, falls into what we’ve been mentioning. Kinstretch makes people better at doing yoga, so yoga people enjoy it.

It comes down to how Kinstretch makes you better at being a human. Whatever being a human means to you.

Erie and Northwest Pennsylvania’s ONLY Kinstretch Certified Facility

For more information on Kinstretch and how we implement it at our gyms, click HERE.

CH : As you slightly hinted at… I would like you to elaborate on that last line but I wanted to mention I can see how the past couple of topics could potentially “rub people the wrong way”. Particularly people who are members at a large group, bootcamp style fitness facility or crossfit or yoga…

But I wanted to throw in how I’ve always appreciated how you – strong in your stance at times, of course, can always look at things objectively and always have a “why” to things.

D2G : Exactly. I have no intentions of talking ill of something people enjoy. But education is the foundation. It simply has to be.

I cant remember if I mentioned this in the previous parts, but if I did, it is absolutely worth repeating…

Everything we do at Twoguns Training Systems, LEWIS Fitness & Performance, Movement Forever Fitness, Kinstretch Erie, Fit in 42 Erie and everything we do anywhere is because through 10,000+ hours of education and pursuit of knowledge after our college degrees, we’ve found the way that as per science and what truly works for people – works the absolute best for what we aim to do. We do what we do because that is what is best for people, bottom line.

If something came along education wise that would change the way we do absolutely everything we do in the gym, we would change it, because it is better.

What we do isnt built off of something we like or a specific methodology, it is built off of this is the way we know unequivocally works the best now and that is why we do it – because it is the best.

That is always missed by people.

“You say not nice things about p90x because it isnt what you do!” or “You dont like yoga because it isnt what you do!”

Both Incorrect.

We already touched on yoga, so I wont reiterate there but I say not so nice things about p90x because it does not work for 90-99% of the people who do it. We just tend to only hear the loud minority, not the quiet majority. It does more harm to fitness than benefit and education is always the goal. People should know that they didnt fail at fitness and they didnt fail at p90x. p90x failed them because it doesnt work for the vast majority.

CH : Boom.

One last thing before we wrap it up. It seems a popular question since what we primarily do is fat loss… As it relates to Kinstretch, how does Kinstretch help someone with fat loss goals?

D2G : Definitely a question that comes up fairly often. And it comes down to the line above – Kinstretch makes you better at being a human, whatever being a human means to you. If the goal and expression of being a human is fat loss, it applies there.

To elaborate… the better and more optimally a person moves from the very root of the foundation, which in the body’s movement instance is the joints and then mobility, the better and quicker we get to our goals..

Addressing the joints and mobility at their foundation, helps us two primary ways. One it makes us more optimal in the movements we do. And the better we perform a movement without compensation, the more effective that movement is. And then it also keeps our joints healthy and keeps us pain free, which allows us to train more effectively and for longer.

Thus, being able to perform movements more effectively, for longer, pain free is absolutely conducive to the fat loss training efforts we will be doing.

CH : Perfect. That seems like a good place to wrap it up. Thanks for doing this again. I always enjoy it.

D2G : Thank you, I do as well. Maybe we can make it a yearly thing haha.

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