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Posted: September 15, 2016 by dannytwoguns in About Me

This is a great post from my fellow FRC and Kinstretch brother, Frank Duffy. Great read as we being to formally incorporate Kinstretch aka “Not Yoga” into our programming as well as introduce specific Kinstretch centered programs to make people better at being humans.



A Couple of Twoguns Rockstars in a Not Yoga Session

“You’ve Got Stretching All Wrong: Here’s How to Fix It” by Frank Duffy

“If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, as of late you’ve probably seen this new term “Kinstretch” thrown around a time or two. Whenever I’m asked what Kinstretch is, 99% of the time it goes something like this:

“Kinstretch, that’s like yoga, right?”

Not quite. First, it’s important to understand what Kinstretch isn’t.

Kinstretch is not yoga.
Kinstretch is not Pilates.

While all of these methods might be great at getting people more physically active, they’re not helping individuals enhance their joint health and mobility in a sustainable fashion. Enter Kinstretch.

Kinstretch is a derivative of the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) system that was developed by Dr. Andreo Spina. The goal of Kinstretch is to better develop mobility through teaching individuals how to expand pre-existing ranges of motion, and learn how to control these newly acquired ranges in a group setting. The flowchart below goes into more detail:

I can’t lie, this system reminded me of the Glycolytic pathway the first time I looked at it. . .boy do I not miss college exercise physiology.

While you may not know what the hell you’re looking at, this is the most effective system I’ve come across in regards to enhancing people’s movement capabilities. The intricate details of the flow chart above are broken down by Kinstretch Instructors and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialists (FRCms) during mobility training sessions, allowing you to understand the system better. The principles of FRC and Kinstretch allow you to assess and correct your range of motion deficiencies that could be triggering underlying pain and issues in your everyday life. Adequate ranges of motion will actively improve your resilience, making you a more efficiently-moving human being.

Here’s a primary example of a movement that at first glance would be frowned upon in the fitness community:


Kinstretch® Squat Hip Hinge (pictured below by Dewey Nielsen)… “Making the hip work like a hip.”

With the proper prerequisites, however, hinging the hips into external and internal rotation like this is a great way to develop control of the ranges of motion Dewey has earned with consistent mobility training. Injury occurs when the force placed on the joint is greater than the force the joint is capable of withstanding. By training positions like the one above, you’re improving your resilience in situations where you’re otherwise vulnerable to injury.

This is the purpose of Kinstretch: a movement enhancement system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable ranges of motion.”

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