Guest Blog Sixteen – Annette “Netty” Mitchell

Posted: March 16, 2016 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

I think I first coined the term, “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” with Netty. Especially in the 2015 New Year New You, and the few months that followed, it almost seemed like there was less and less of her physical size every day and more and more of her smile and confidence every day. It was simply crazy to watch and an amazing transformation from both perspectives.

I remember my initial interactions with her when I was trying to get her to join the gym. She was hard to read because you could tell she wanted to and needed to, but I could tell there was a reservation and lack of confidence on her part, not that she didnt think we could help or that she could do it (though as per her story it was a little of that haha), but that she had beaten herself up so much she didnt know what she was capable of anymore and venturing out of the “comfort zone” she had created was scary. She persevered though and I couldnt be prouder.

I’ll admit, the last paragraph of her story got me. An amazing story from an amazing woman who I couldnt be happier that she put her faith in us and our systems – and then adhered 100% to everything we said and completely changed in every positive way.

Here’s Netty…

“I am Annette Mitchell. Most people know me by Netty. I joined Twoguns Training Systems in December 2014 when I was 53 years old and this is my story…

I was thin to average weight up until my 30s, when mindless eating and stress eating came into my life. I have gained and lost weight over the years and tried different diets, gyms, dvds, etc. It all worked… for a while.

2014 was a rough year for me: work and personal stress; sickness in the family; menopause symptoms; weighing an all-time high thus none of my clothes fitting; not working out and eating unhealthy; and my annual work healthy lifestyles screening came back with elevated levels (triglycerides at 387!). Diabetes runs in my family and I was concerned about the screening levels. I felt miserable.

I started to think maybe this is as good it gets.

Maybe I have to accept that I am getting older and bigger and into the one size fits all clothes. I had done some reading on menopause and had friends that have dealt with it. It all pointed to an expanding waistline. Maybe it was inevitable…

In the meantime, I saw my friend Bridget periodically who was going to Twoguns (much younger and not going through menopause!). Each time I saw her I noticed she looked leaner, her posture was better and she seemed happy. She was enthusiastic when she spoke about Twoguns: “great staff, challenging workouts, eating plan,” etc. and said that I should give it a try. Along with Bridget’s results, the one thing that was very appealing to me was that Twoguns provided a fitness program and an eating plan; it was the whole package, not “just a personal trainer”.

In September I called Dan and made an appointment, but cancelled shortly after. The two biggest factors were:

1) I could get a free membership through my employer at a few local gyms and…

2) Fear of the unknown. When I first heard the name “Twoguns” and that it was in a warehouse, I admit, I couldn’t help but think it was a bunch of big guys lifting weights :). I had not seen any advertising. However, if Bridget said it was okay then I knew it was.

I attended the Burn the Bird workout the day after Thanksgiving. I met Dan, who is instantly likable, and Dawn who I had worked with previously in our former jobs and was happy to see. It was a great workout and fun.

A few weeks later in December, in the middle of the holiday season, I was at my personal breaking point. I had a moment of clarity. No one was going to swoop down and save me; I had to save myself. Do something now .. it’s not too late! Following Dan on Facebook may have helped with finding this clarity 🙂

I met with Dan in his office in my black winter coat that wouldn’t zip up over my rather large waist and chest, wondering if he could help. He gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and so I began!

Netty Full B&A

I made a commitment to be there three times a week. The appointments were key. If I was not expected to be there at a certain time I don’t think I would have been able to keep going early on, because I felt that I had too much to do at home and was letting others down by taking care of myself first. That was the reason I never made it to the “other gyms”, even though it was free. But, what was free, was actually costing me because I did not use it.

The workouts were very challenging at the beginning (and still are, but now in a different way…) as I was overweight and weak. I’d get through the warm-up and think I was done not realizing there was more. They would tell me to do something and I would think to myself “you want me to do what?” (and I still think that sometimes 🙂 ).

It was very different than what I was used to. Initially, I was sore and achey. They said I would work through that, and I did. All along, Dan and the coaches were always very helpful, educating and encouraging.

I also met fellow “Twogunner,” Belem my first week there. We are the same age and have the same issues and became instant workout friends. She had lost weight in the Drop Two Sizes challenge prior to me starting. She showed me some before and after pictures of herself and said “stick to the plan”.

She was also proof the system worked.

The first challenge (New Year New You 2015) I entered I lost 20 pounds. I was eating healthy, whole foods; feeling a lot better; and losing weight. When the challenge was over I continued with the eating plan and lost another 8 -10 pounds over the next few months. I never considered not following.

It worked for me. It was a formula: follow the guidelines Dan set up, eat x + y + z, workout three times a week and you lose not just weight but most importantly, fat. I may not be the strongest or the fastest, but I am certainly a determined person.

Netty D2S 2015

Netty “1 Year Later” After the Fall 2015 Drop 2 Sizes Losing Another Jeans Size

I turned 55 years old this week. I look back and wonder why certain things have happened and/or how certain people have come into my life.

Things I know: I’m thankful of my friendship with Bridget which lead me to Dan and Twoguns Training Systems. I am thankful that Dan thrives on education and brings the best possible there is to Twoguns and that it is never boring there. I am thankful for Dan and all the coaches and the assistance and fun they provide. I am thankful for all the new friends I have made. I am thankful for the positive experience it has made in my life and the new doors it has opened for me. I can see possibilities now, versus only limits before. I am thankful I have gone down several sizes and now have a waist! My triglycerides have gone down to 82 in the last screening and my menopause symptoms are all but gone. I would have never imagined that in December of 2014. I am thankful for the safe, non-judgmental space that Twoguns provides where unicorns do exist. Working out there always make a good day better and a bad day tolerable. I am very thankful for the new life I have and of my Twoguns experience!”

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  1. Kathie Rothrock says:

    Thank you sooo much for sharing your story – it’s a great one! You certainly have achieved Rockstar status! Hope you continue to feel as great as you look…

  2. Mary T says:

    It is a real pleasure to workout with Netty. I look forward to seeing her at the gym. I’m proud to call her one of my rowdy friends. We have a similar workout schedule. Netty is always pleasant and I whine more than she does. Rock on sista!

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