Guest Blog Fifteen – Renee Seth

Posted: March 10, 2016 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

It has been a little while since we’ve been over here on the blog. We have been doing a lot of things on Facebook, so if you didnt come here from there, be sure to head over there, send me a friend request and “like” the Twoguns Training Systems page.

Today we have a great guest blog from Renee Seth. Renee is a great transformation for me because when she started she was extremely skeptical of gyms because of an extremely recent negative experience with a gym in our area which made her seem shy, which on top of the lack of confidence she seemed to have at the time, made me have no idea what to expect. Plus she wouldnt even let me take a before picture!

But now she is an absolute rockstar who has made amazing strides in body fat, inches and overall body composition but she just seems like a completely different mindset around confidence and the way she carries herself. Super proud of her and all she has accomplished. I’ll let her take over from here.

“My name is Renee Seth and I am 27 years old. When I was asked to write this blog, I struggled with what I wanted to write.

I questioned why Dan wanted me to write my “fitness story” for him since I have not lost a ton of “scale weight” while being a member. I asked myself “Do I start from the beginning or when I started with Twoguns Training Systems?” I realized my fitness and health journey started way before I was lucky enough to come across the “Twoguns Crew”.

Throughout high school, I was always involved in sports and was very active, but I never saw myself as the “fit” or “skinny” girl on the team. My self esteem was always low and I never saw myself as pretty or worthy.

In college I quit playing softball my sophomore year because I didn’t think I was capable of graduating AND playing on a college team (back to the lack of confidence).

By quitting my passion, I lost what little bit of confidence and self worth I did have. Fast forward to 2011 (almost 2 years later), I found myself at my heaviest weight ever, the lowest self worth possible, and questioning where I go from here.

Renee Before 2

Renee Before

Throughout the next 3 or so years, I flip flopped back and forth with losing, gaining, losing, gaining, feeling majorly depressed and feeling like I could never gain back my active lifestyle. I wanted to give up!

Thanks to encouragement from my Mom (and knowing I had to be in my brother’s wedding with a million pictures soon to show up everywhere), I started on Weight Watchers and working out at Planet Fitness. I had my Mom as support at Weight Watchers and a work friend who would meet me at the gym.

Do you think this worked? Actually, for the first about 5 months or so, I saw myself losing a small amount of weight and feeling good about going to the gym. I was able to change parts of my diet and learned a WHOLE LOT about portion control… ERRRR….Cut that positivity short.

I also quickly learned how to cheat the Weight Watchers system and how easily my body got use to the changes and quit responding to my efforts of working out the way I was. I hit a major plateau with my “diet” and working out.

I kept finding excuses to why I couldn’t make it to the gym: “It’s too far out of the way.” “I don’t feel well today.” “I have too many other things I need to do.” I kept seeing my workout buddy losing a tremendous amount of weight and wondered why that couldn’t be me. I KNEW SOMETHING NEEDED TO CHANGE.

Renee Pre Twoguns

Renee When She Joined Twoguns

I looked into many fitness gyms around Erie and ended up at Best Fitness (NOT THE BEST). Here they did a 3 minute “assessment” on me and long story short, almost conned me into a 3 year contract with them and paying for a personal trainer: who I had never met, I never got told how they would help me, or where they saw me going in the future, well besides how much weight I would lose based on that random assessment.

Glad I got out of that! Little did I know at the time, but I was looking for something way more than just losing weight. And I was clearly just a transaction to them.

I needed to feel better about myself and needed to feel accepted and a sense of accomplishment. Patty Lillie was privileged enough to hear my horrible situation with Best Fitness and led me straight to Twoguns Training Systems.

The day I said “SCREW YOU!” to Best Fitness was the same day I met with Danny. I was worried I was going to be paying for “just” a personal trainer and a gym membership but was I ever wrong!

I have been succeeding at Twoguns for almost a year now and I never once think I pay too much because it’s not JUST a gym, it’s an experience. The coaches and members have changed my entire lifestyle, my attitude, and have helped make me more confident in myself than I ever thought possible.

So when Danny asked me to write this blog, I questioned him because I am not the typical “weight loss” story as I didn’t have “as much” weight initially to lose as a lot of other success stories, but I am extremely proud to say that what I gained is way more important to me than what I lost.

I have gained a much better posture, I have toned muscles where I didn’t think was possible, and yes I have dropped pant sizes, but most importantly, I have gained a second family, constant support and motivation, and a completely new outlook on life. A true “third place”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone at Twoguns for everything you have done for me and alongside me in the past year!!!”

3 4 16 Renee Battle Ropes

Renee Now

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  1. Kim and Ray says:

    You are a true inspiration Renee! So glad you are happy – we love you!

  2. Wendy Cochran says:

    Everyone in the Hawley and Seth family have always known what an amazing person you were and are. I am so glad that you now see how amazing you are. If Twoguns helped you with that I can only say thank you to them. You are an inspiration to all of us. I know what you mean about the plateau as I am now in the same boat. I am now rethinking what I need to do due to your success.

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