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Posted: January 7, 2016 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

Coach Nate is one of our coaches at Twoguns Training Systems and the head of Erie Youth Conditioning and Performance, our youth (6-11) fitness and athletic development business. For those that dont know, we call our “personal trainers” – either coach or fitness professional because that is more encompassing of what they are, rather than the perception of the average personal trainer…

Dan and Nate America

That’s him on my shoulders on our 4th of July “America” Workout. “Have fun and get shit done” has been a way people describe us. I think “ridiculous humans, serious fitness” is just as accurate.

Here is a guest blog from Coach Nate about the New Year and starting habits through reassessing the things that prevented you from doing it in the right place…

“As 2016 has quickly come upon us, most of you are looking forward to this new year… We see it as almost a way to reinvent our own image and personalities. All across social media you can find people discussing how 2016 will be “finally be their year”, how they will exercise regularly, eat healthier, work harder at their jobs, save more money, adopt a better sleep schedule, study more, party less, quit smoking, find the love of their life, not being such good friends with Ronald McDonald, among other things. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that all of these things are great goals and lifestyle choices that should be made.

Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Flashback to the end of the last couple years, I almost guarantee that most of you who are making these plans for a great 2016 made these same plans the previous couple years. We have established that you are a great planner, you want to become a better you, but you have trouble taking the steps to make the plans a reality. Remember, a plan without action is merely a wish, failing to plan is planning to fail…

The challenge I have for you is to evaluate 2015 to find out why those plans didn’t have action and why those goals were not met. Don’t spend so much time telling yourself, “I need to go to the gym everyday”, find out why in the past year you didn’t get to the gym with any kind of regularity, let alone every day. Maybe you didn’t like your gym, suffered an injury, had scheduling issues and so on. The good news is these are all problems ( or excuses ๐Ÿ™‚ ) that can be easily fixed!

Motiv - Sacrifice

You will be amazed that when you have all these different goals, achieving/succeeding in one will greatly help you with another. They’re all connected and help you to spring board to another. Success cross-contaminates other areas of your life. Danny always says “Success is contagious.” (This is also why it is important to surround yourself with other successful people, but that’s another blog).

For the “younger” demographic… Take drinking less alcohol for example: last year a Friday night might look like this; you go out to some shit dive bar, rack up a $40 bar tab, smoke a pack of cigarettes while your there because it’s a shit dive bar that allows smoking. Hit up some form of fast food/pizza on the way home, sleep till noon because your hungover and most certainly missing your workout, eat the rest of your leftover and terrible food that “drunk you” got the night before because your hungover and don’t want to actually prepare something healthy…

For the “not as young” ๐Ÿ™‚ demographic… Take prioritizing anything and everyone except yourself, which is something we see so commonly in our Twoguns clients. Your kids, your husband, your job, your friends, anything and everything takes priority, your energy and your time except for the thing so important to actually helping all of those things – taking care of you. And you end up taking care of everyone except yourself. And you are left feeling achey, maybe even in pain, a little heavier than you were last year and worst of all, lacking the confidence and self esteem you deserve…

But this year, it’s a new you… For that younger demo… The new you had planned on partying less. Now if you would have followed your plan of partying less, you would have saved money, helped your smoking habit, not ate crap, had better sleep quality, got your workout in and eaten healthier.

For the older demo… The new you can follow the plan of putting yourself first, making it so that you are physically and mentally able to handle all of the stressors, jobs and duties that you have as supermom and crush them all because you move well, feel good and are rocking that confidence.

Make these connections and realizations you need to make to become the best version of you. Eliminate the things holding you back and add in the positives that will get you there. Make 2016 your bitch!”

One of the best ways to “make 2016 your bitch” is to get on board our New Year New You, 8 week challenge starting on February 1st. Winning team gets a $1000 grand prize, but most importantly the fat loss, habits built and whole new outlook on self esteem and confidence. Contact me on Facebook for more information.

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