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“Putting your own oxygen mask on first” is a practice commonly accepted while on an airplane, but not often when it comes to how you approach life – particularly when it comes to females in their 40s and 50s. Everyone and everything becomes the priority except for the most important person – you.

Fit in 42 Changes Lives – Both Physically and Mentally. Check out Kim’s Story and see what Fit in 42 did for her and how she learned in order to help those around her, she had to take care of herself first. I’ll let Kim take over…

“When I first signed up for Fit in 42 I felt like I was at Rock Bottom.

I didnt know it at the time but I was probably depressed. I would wake up, have a cup of coffee and some sort of sugary treat, take my kids to school and work from home, where I would keep eating crap and then sit and watch TV. It was a vicious cycle, I was too tired to exercise or cook healthy food. I had just stopped caring about me.

Kim 1

This is Kim in April (2015)

Randomly I came across Fit in 42 on Facebook. I think it was the way they advertised as a ”Reset” or that it was only for serious people, but I clicked it. After meeting in my strategy session a week before the program started, they set it up so I could work out a few times before the start….I never made it.

I just didnt have the will power to go in without someone making me. I was told, “Every workout on Fit is an Appointment, you have to be there , no excuses.” Then on day 1 of Fit in 42 an hour before the first workout, my marriage of 9 years ended….I was a wreck. I remember sitting in the parking lot of the gym in tears debating whether I should go in, but I remembered – NO EXCUSES and I DECIDED it was TIME FOR ME.

I came to Fit in 42 because I wanted to lose fat, but I came out with so much more then that. Just after day 1 I was shocked at how supportive all the other women in the group were. They didnt know what I was going through, but everyone was encouraging, making the workout surprisingly fun. With everything going on at home and in my life I was actually excited to go in every morning. I have never been a workout person, but for the first time in my life I had goals and people helping me get to them.

Kim 2

I remember about 3 weeks into the program I shared with everyone (via our private Facebook Group) what I was going through. The outpouring of support was shocking. How many people were there for me, people that were complete strangers 3 weeks prior were now offering to help me in any way they could.

Fit in 42 was a blast, I lost about 6 lbs in the 42 Day Program. But just like Justin kept saying ”This program isn’t about a quick fix, its about lifetime habits”. Through the skills I learned in Fit in 42, I now meal prep every week on Sundays. I love lifting and being a strong mom. I “only” lost 6 lbs in Fit In 42, but with my new healthy habits I have lost an additional 20! The diligence in those 42 days set the stage and foundation for losing the rest.

Kim 3

At 53, I am stronger and fitter then I have ever been in my entire life. I still have fun and get a couple drinks with the girls on occasion, but I balance it out now. Over the last 6 months I have had to go shopping multiple times for new clothes as my old ones keep falling off me. Fit in 42 got me results, but it also changed my life! I think everyone should do Fit in 42 at least once to learn HOW to be fit!”

Kim 4

If you are ready to change not just your body, but your entire life – Apply for the next Fit in 42. Our next Program Starts February 1st and spaces are already filling up and this program will sell out.

Only serious applicants apply, please. This program is not easy, but it is for all ages and ability levels. The intensity comes from the diligence and adherence, not because the workouts are “intense” they are individualized exactly to you and the intensity comes in the discipline. The change in your life will be worth it in every way!

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