3 Lessons from the 2013 DVRT Master Trainer Course

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It is the two year anniversary of one of my favorite continuing education events of all time – the 2013 DVRT Master Trainer Summit. We’re just shy of me being 3 years as a DVRT Master Trainer and tomorrow/this upcoming weekend, I get to teach my first Level I and II Certification combo. I hadnt posted this blog here and some of the stuff is obviously a couple years old but it is definitely a worthwhile read for fellow fitness professionals, clients and fitness enthusiasts to the power of the DVRT program…

“This past weekend, I had the honor and privilege of officially becoming a DVRT Master Instructor and attending the 2013 DVRT Master Trainers Course in Phoenix. It immediately followed the Results Fitness University Mastermind meeting/seminar and they combined to make one of the most powerful weeks of my life both in business and personal life.

RFU Group

(Group shot at the Results Fitness University Mastermind)

There were a ton of lessons and action items I took from both events overall that I cant wait to apply but a few from the Master Trainers Course stand out. Here are three lessons from the course…

Clean and Press Test Lessons

DVRT Clean and Press Test

A component of the weekend was to see accurate weights and parameters for the upcoming Clean and Press Test that will be implemented to become DVRT certified. I was initially undecided on whether or not I was a fan, but the weekend absolutely solidified me as a fan of it.

The test is a powerful community builder, which I will get into in my next lesson but it was also very impactful personally to me. I didn’t pass the test yet, getting 41 of the 50 (2015 update – the test is now standardized at 40 reps) that was the goal but I will in the future as one of my next goals and learned a lot in the process.


I’ve always had a significant injury history and have always been injury prone which made my training for it a little more challenging/slower than most, but I was still able to do it even though I had been frustrated at my own limitations initially from past experiences, as my body often fails me when pursuing impressive physical feats.

But the DVRT system(s), its principles and the Ultimate Sandbag allow me to train competitively and at an impressive level even with all of my limitations whereas other implements and systems did not. It is what initially drew me to the system and was exemplified by the Clean and Press test. It truly is a system and implement built for anyone and their fitness, lifestyle and performance goals.

The Clean and Press Test also brings some more responsible high intensity to an industry that seems to lean towards irresponsible intensity more and more as it progresses and that is definitely a positive step.

DVRT Corrective Course and DVD

For those of you who know me, you know I am an FMS Level 2(+) and corrective exercise junkie and enthusiast so saying that I was interested in a combined effort from my two main fitness passions in corrective exercise and DVRT is an understatement.

Over the weekend, DVRT Master Instructor Mitch Hauschildt spent half a day giving us the inside scoop on his and DVRT’s corrective exercise protocol and the DVRT Corrective Exercise DVD. The blending of the DVRT system and its principles and a corrective exercise approach is the perfect union. Seeing them in action was definitely a great insight and Im looking forward to delving more into the DVD and experimenting with some of the correctives we were introduced to over the weekend.

DVRT Corrective

(Mitch demonstrating a thoracic spine/shoulder mobility corrective)

Corrective exercises may not always be “sexy” but when they are applied to the people who need their gaps filled in and their imbalances corrected, they are imperative and the Ultimate Sandbag, DVRT and its implements of progression, instability make complete sense. I’ll keep updated as I experiment more with the DVRT based correctives.

The Power of Community

DVRT Master Trainer Group

Two main things stand out to me in terms of community over the weekend. The first was during the Clean and Press Test. Normally, in terms of motivation Im usually very intrinsically driven and don’t get very hyped up or motivated from external stimuli. The Clean and Press Test and the fellow DVRT team and Master Instructors however, changed that.

Between the fellow trainers doing the test, those doing the test alongside me and the trainers who were cheering us along and counting our reps, the energy in the room was ridiculously high and motivating. Fellow DVRT Master Instructor, Rich Mejias counted my reps and was right in my ear motivating me through when the reps were getting hard and my lungs were burning and was the main reason for the last five or so reps that I wasn’t sure I had in me. The energy in the whole room was indescribably elevating and amazing.

The second was the overall power of connecting with like-minded and motivated fitness professionals. The dinners, hang outs and time in between events and seminars networking and getting to know this new and amazing group of people was incredible and just as important and powerful as the organized events themselves.

In the past I have overlooked the networking aspect of a lot of events, keeping to myself and doing my own thing. The course and the amazing people I met made me realize that was not a wise or productive decision and I will be changing that approach going forth.

Twoguns and Fury

(The two best names of the DVRT Master Trainers, myself and Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner)

Those were the main lessons from the Master Trainer Course as well as learning the ins and outs of teaching a DVRT Workshop and Certification, which I cannot wait to hold/host my own (foreshadowing! 🙂 ), so stay tuned for that. As always, let me know what you think either on here or on Facebook.”

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