Fit in 42 Success Story – Michelle

Posted: October 7, 2015 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

Another great story emphasizing one of the points I constantly come back to. Fit in 42 is “high intensity” in terms of your commitment, accountability and adherence, not when it comes to “can I physically do this?” It is for the people who have injuries and have limitations that prevent them from being able to do other programs. It is completely individualized to you in every way and physically you have the ability to do it.

Michelle is a great example of that. I’ll let out Fit in 42 Huntington Beach brother, Justin, take over…


“Back in February I received an email from a woman about our Fit in 42 Program. This was her email.


Here was a woman in pain, literally. Wanting to be a good mom, and get fit. She had been turned down by every trainer she went to.

She came in for an evaluation and we decided the Fit in 42 Program would be a good fit for her.

The first week of the program I thought Michelle didn’t like me. She was always so serious and obviously in pain. She was frustrated because at first she couldn’t do all the stuff everyone else did. But we kept on her, found the exercise modifications she needed and just kept pushing her.

By week three she was starting to not only get stronger and have less pain, but she was beginning to flourish in our supportive group. Here is her on the top of the pyramid on an 80s themed workout…


At week four, she attended her daughters school to help with a class. They were talking about additives (descriptive words). Most of the kids said things like “my mom is pretty“ or “ my mommy is nice“. Michelle’s daughter got up in front of the class and said “My mommy is FIT “.

By the end of our final week of Fit in 42 Michelle was a different person, both physically and mentally. She had energy, a smile or a joke for everyone, not to mention her body was completely different. She graduated Fit in 42 in on June 5th and is already registered to do the next one starting July 20th. Check out her amazing transformation below!”


If you are ready to make a transformation like Michelle, both in your body and in your life, please fill out the form below. One of our coaches will call you as soon as possible to have a conversation with you about your goals and if Fit in 42 is right for you…

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