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Posted: October 5, 2015 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

This is a Fit in 42 success story from my good buddy and fellow Fit in 42 affiliate Justin Lesh at Achieve Fitness. I met Roy when I was in California over the summer and am proud of his transformation. Here is the story from Justin…

“Our Fit in 42 Program is a lot like rehab. We take people who have tried tons of things on their own and failed. We help those who thought getting in shape would be impossible because of injury, or past limitations etc. We help people not only get physically stronger, but mentally stronger as well.

Most importantly is we help establish habits based on the individual’s life, so that when the program is done they don’t just go back to ”Real Life” and lose any progress they had. They are set up for success going forth.

Today I want to share one great success story from our most recent Fit in 42…

Meet Roy:


Roy, like a lot of guys USED to be real fit. He surfed every day, did motorcross, played softball, all kinds of fun sports and activities. Then, like many of us life happened. He got married to his lovely wife Amanda (she gets mentioned later), he started working more, hurt his knees so couldn’t move as much without pain…

Then his wife got pregnant. His wife had a very tough pregnancy and so again taking care of her sacrificed any time taking care of him plus not eating very good either. Then their son Lincoln was born. Any parent will tell you that the first few years of your kids life are not your fittest. Lots of missed sleep, low energy, quick foods etc.

In June, Roy’s wife, who had been a member at Achieve Fitness, contacted me about our upcoming Fit In 42 session and said “My Husband Needs This!” So Roy came in for a strategy session.

His goals were to lose some weight, feel better, get healthy habits, but most importantly to be able to have the energy to play with his son when he gets home from work.

Roy started July 20th at our orientation and we did a Grocery Store Tour – learning how to shop and buy the right foods. The next day he had his first workout. It wasn’t easy, as he was winded just in the warm up. But little by little he got better, made getting to 6 personal training sessions a week a habit, healthy food choices a habit and soon was looking forward to coming in with his “team”. Because that is what Fit in 42 is – a team coming together to tackle their goals.


Roy and his wife adopted healthy eating and meal prepping and discovered that…

They could eat healthy and eat good tasting food at the same time but also that together they were able to make healthy eating something that they tackled together. Here is an example of a meal they had…


The funny thing is they spent less money and time on food cooking like this then they did before – a big misconception he had previously.

For 42 days, Roy followed and plan and kicked but every day and it showed.

Here are the results…

Roy Started at 237 lbs…


Not to mention the posture transformation here…


And Roy ended at at 215 – 22 pounds in only 42 days.

But more importantly than accomplishing that, he now goes home and plays with his kid – pain free. He has set the example for his family on how to live and practice a healthy lifestyle. He is completely different person now both inside and out!”

If you are ready to change your life, get the healthy habits you need, and pretty much have someone make you do it right… The next session starts, Monday October 12th and there are only 5 spots remaining.

To apply, fill out this form and a coach will contact you as soon as we can to see if you are a good fit for Fit in 42 to change your life.

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