What does “Join The Resistance” Mean?

Posted: September 18, 2015 by dannytwoguns in Articles

More than 1/3 of adults in the U.S. are obese and admittedly sedentary, (this doesnt take into account the people who are sedentary and dont think they are/admit it) and the estimated annual costs of obesity total more than $147 billion dollars, a number which is expected to reach $300 billion by 2020.

That’s insane.

TFW Join the Resistance

Recently we were accepted by Martin Rooney and Training For Warriors​ (TFW) as an affiliate to implement their amazing system to improve what we do Twoguns Training Systems​ in our constant pursuit of always Changing The Way Fitness Is Done in Erie.

One of the main mantras of TFW is “Join The Resistance.” A few people have asked what it means and it is worth explaining as its value is immense…

The world is no longer set up for you to easily live healthy and it very often promotes the exact opposite. Poor food choices have become incredibly easy and convenient to access. Lifestyles and being busy make inactivity incredibly easy.

More sitting, less moving, poor convenient food choices. Less movement, less creativity, shorter lifespan. A “living death” of sorts. Unreached potential.

Right now there are groups figuring out how to create ways to keep people more sedentary to make us less healthy. Fast food companies are more “excited” and adamant about making people unhealthy than the fitness people are for making people better. As a result of these efforts, self esteem, fitness and confidence are being hammered to an all-time low.

People living a healthy and fitness based lifestyle are outnumbered. Actually, the world often portrays this minority of people who are adamant about getting 2-4 workouts a week in, eliminating sugar and processed foods – eating an overall healthy diet, as “obsessed,” “insane” or “crazy.”

Then we have the faux fitness crowds who give fitness a bad name by trying to sell you crap products that dont make you better but make them a healthy commission but thats another story for another time 🙂

“In a world of ever growing rates of obesity, cancer, diabetes, over-medication and sedentary lifestyles, a faction of men and women on the other side of the fight has begun to push back. While outrageously outnumbered in a world in which most people are against them, these men and women persist for that which they believe. These are the new heroes of the Resistance.”

The Resistance stands to make people truly better. Move better, feel better, BE better. To take a stand against the things that give us no value and make us worse. Embrace the positive and eliminate the negative.

Hurricane Group 8 21

The Resistance is not $9.99 a month gyms, overpriced under-qualitied supplements people only push on you because they get a commission selling you, group aerobics classes where you pound sticks on the ground or swing around on a pole. The Resistance is truly aiming to make yourself better – as a lifestyle doing the things that are proven to work and to fight against the things that aim to make us worse and actively trying to be better.

From Training For Warriors…

The Resistance is a clandestine operation. As you read this blog, perhaps you are unsure on which side of the fight you stand. Ask yourself the following ten questions. If you answer “yes” to 6 or more of them, consider yourself a member of the Resistance. If you answer “yes” to 8 or more, consider yourself known as “crazy” to anyone that is not a member. If you answer “yes” to all 10 questions, I am sure you did it with a defiant and proud smile.

1. Have you ever been made to feel guilty while ordering order a salad at a restaurant by your associates?

2. Are you excited that fish oil now comes in flavors other than rotted fish?

3. Do you hate having to explain yourself at family get-togethers about why you are not eating dessert?

4. Have you ever been pressured in a bar by friends because you aren’t drinking?

5. Do you hear “a little piece isn’t gonna kill you,” more than six times per year?

6. Would you be more excited to find out than Blueberries are 2 for 5 dollars instead of Big Macs?

7. Do you think a Friday night, holiday or vacation is a great time to get a workout, not skip one?

8. Are you the only person you know that doesn’t make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight?

9. Do you have a piece of exercise equipment in your house and actually use it.

10. Have you ever been negatively referred to as a “Health Nut”, “Fitness Freak”, or a “Gym Rat?”

Say yes to the things that make you better and no to the things that make you worse. It seems simple and it is an easier said than done proposition, I know.

But you are far stronger than you think and far stronger than you’d ever give yourself credit for.

And you can do it.

8 22 Metabolic Rooney Pose

The Resistance opposes those are generally negative and those people are more abundant than they should be. They dont like when they are taken out of their comfort zone and you making yourself better, makes them realize their inadequacies and shortcomings take them out of their comfort zone and they feel guilty they arent doing the same, so their reaction is to come off negative.

But you can overcome that.

Just because they dont want to reach their potential doesnt mean you cant reach yours. Resistance is healthy. It makes us strong. You won’t get results without it. Resistance is the most important thing you need to develop strength and growth. The whole point of training is learning how to apply it correctly. The same holds true for living a healthy lifestyle. Take the resistance you receive from the opposition and let it strengthen your character, training and resolve.

How to Embrace the Resistance

Difficult decisions will face you at every turn. You may feel like giving in. These two things will help you embrace the resistance…

Change Your “Got To’s” into “Get To’s”

So many unfortunately view working out or eating well as something that they have “got” to do. Members of the resistance, however, are better served when they view it as something that they “get” to do. Instead of thinking about these things as difficulties or challenges, choose instead to view them as luxuries and opportunities. When you switch your “got to’s” to “get to’s” I promise staying a member of the Resistance won’t be a hardship. It will be a privilege.

Add A “To” Onto Your “In”

When you attended school, were you “in” school or were you “into” school? The chances are that you were only in it. To be a member of the Resistance, however, you cannot be “in” fitness or “in” the resistance, you need to be “into” fitness and “into” the resistance. When you get “into” something, not only do you get interested, but your energy becomes contagious and gets other people interested too.

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