What I Think of “Average”…

Posted: September 3, 2015 by dannytwoguns in Articles

This is what I think of average…

Piss on Average

If that offends you – we cant be friends.

Just kidding… Kind of. But seriously average is a plague that we should adamantly be fighting against at all costs. It robs us of our potential. There is no success is average and there is no reason you have to be in any way, shape or form.

One of my bigger philosophies in life, business and in the fitness profession is that I fully and entirely believe (and would go as far to say I know), that 99% of the population is far more physically capable than they know, are aware of or could even fathom.

They are more physically capable of moving well, moving often and doing more – pain free than they ever give themselves credit for or even really know.

As a population we’ve gotten so sedentary and wrapped up in things that don’t matter, that we’ve not only forgotten how to move, but we’ve forgotten what it is like to physically feel strong, confident and capable.

People simply and literally do not know.

Some will say “Well I feel okay…”

The first problem is that, that isnt “I feel good” but regardless, we’ve accepted the way we currently feel (which is far behind “normal” and miles away from feeling good) as our “neutral” and have accepted it as normal. When it is far behind normal and how good you could potentially feel.

It is often overlooked but it is true and part of the reason that the CDC has a statistic that showed that more baby boomers die from suicide than car accidents. That’s crazy and honestly not something Im okay with accepting.

I fully believe it is partly because people don’t move anymore and because of that, they physically feel like shit which makes them mentally feel like shit and it is a vicious cycle of feeling like shit.

My goal is to inspire people to do things that inspire them. And movement is medicine and the vehicle in which we can do that most readily. We are meant to move, we are meant to explore movement. It’s built into our species.

At our Fit in 42 Orientation (the 2nd program we ran) we got on the topic of how the most important thing Fit in 42 gave to one of the participants during our first 42 day session (she did the first and the second Fit in 42 programs), was confidence and competence at her job, which brought her store from one of the worst in sales, to one of the best.

Moving well, moving often, getting brutally strong (whatever that may mean to where you are at – it doesnt mean lifting heavy weights) makes you feel better and gives your body and your brain the confidence to do whatever it is you desire to do.

The brain more or less controls everything we do. If the brain perceives a threat, it has to use resources to address that threat. Having limited ranges of motion or being functionally “weak” in terms of strength and relative strength (how you control your bodyweight) are big threat signals to the brain. That is the basic reasoning behind why exercise and movement practice makes you feel better, the brain is free of one less threat.

Can you squat “ass to grass” without pain or issue as if you had to take a poop in the woods and couldn’t
take your shoes off and they were your only pair?

Squat Bottom

Why “We Know Squat”

If not, you are missing vital and necessary ankle, knee and hip mobility as well as core stability that is
preventing you from ranges of motion and abilities to move that would make you feel infinitely better.

Can you wash your entire back? Just because you cant reach it doesn’t mean it doesn’t need washed :p

But seriously, if you cant,, you are missing vital and necessary range of motion is your shoulders and
mobility and stability of the scapula.

I could go on with movement principles and abilities but I could also go on about life, career, being
successful etc. It’s all relative. People are capable of far more than they allow themselves to believe.

A popular quote I always reference is Henry Ford’s, “Whether you think you can or cant – you’re right.”
And accepting the status quo is for those who are average. And there is no reason why you need to be

Not only is it okay and encouraged to do to do so, but you should feel okay and confident in expecting not only above and beyond average, but excellence. Excellence not only from yourself, which is the start, but from the people around you as well. It is part of the culture at Twoguns Training Systems, we expect more from people because they are physically capable of it even if they don’t know it yet.

One of our initial goals with clients is to get them to have much faith and confidence in themselves and their abilities as we do. Once they do, the success and achievement of goals can start.

It wasn’t that long ago, we had a client who said not only was she not able to touch her toes for the past 20+ years but that there was no way were going to get her to touch her toes ever, let alone the 1-month maximum we had promised.

She touched her toes in the middle of her very first workout.

Having the ability to touch your toes opens up some movement possibilities you didn’t have before, which makes you move better, which makes you move more, which then makes you feel better. It makes you burn fat better. It is one less perceived threat to your brain.

One of the greatest joys of doing what we do is being able to see our people realize they are more than they thought they were and finding and discovering all of the benefits of being so.

What are you capable of? The easy answer is “Far more than you think or know.”

What are you currently “average” at that, that the only real difference between average and above average is hard work? What are you currently NOT doing, that you wish you could be doing because you physically cant do or are afraid of?

Getting you to do those things is exactly what we do and can help you get back to all of the things you wish you could do but cant anymore. And doing all of the things that you used to not be physically able to do is definitely above average.

Dont settle. Not only are you better than settling but you DESERVE better. If you are ready for better and want to make yourself the priority again, our big fall challenge, the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge starts on September 28th. To be the first to know details and guarantee a spot (we will sell out) – fill out the form below.

Motiv - Nicholas Cage

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