What Is Your “Why”?

Posted: August 3, 2015 by dannytwoguns in Articles

My “Why”

I’ve never been one to “follow the rules” or conform to social norms or do things “because you are supposed to”. So it isnt atypical that my gym follows suit. Actually, if it wasnt the easiest way to identify us to someone who doesnt know what we do, I wouldnt even call us a gym or a personal training studio.

We are a team, a “clubhouse”, a support system, the facilitator and expert path to your goals and desires.

We have a goal of truly helping people and giving them that expert path. We have the best programming to be able to help all abilities levels, all injuries, all limitations. We dont take ourselves too seriously but we take our fitness very seriously. We are the best and we have no reservation saying so, but do so knowing that being so gives us an obligation and responsibility that we are proud to honor and do so every day.

It is truly a judgment free zone. Not like places that say they are, but then actually arent. At Twoguns Training Systems, we all sit at the cool kids’ table.

Battle the BBQ 2015

We use the word “fun” a lot to describe what we do. But not fun how you may think…

I think fun is underrated. But I’m not talking about mindlessly eating junk food, not moving enough, watching reality TV, getting wasted kinds of fun. Those are relatively small goals that are easy to accomplish with immediate gratification but no long term growth. I’m talking about FUN. FUN that requires a type of work, inventiveness, creativity and leaves a long lasting, positive impact on you. And while there may be some sweat involved, the goal is always you make you better, not simply make you tired. Tired without better has little value, if any at all.

In a world that seems to conspire to rob all of us of the amazing attributes that make us unique, we strive to make our facility an inclusive place that honors everyone’s individuality. Where rockstars are encouraged to let their respective freak flags fly. Whatever your “freak flag” may be – just like our training, is individual too. You be YOU, whatever that may mean and it is embraced.

Like having our whole team/staff do a great DVRT workout in matching leggings/meggings…

Why not?

I believe that people are way cooler than they get credit for and when you can build and foster an environment that allows them to truly be themselves, you get to see just how cool they are and people work harder because of it. And when you work harder, you get to your goals faster. Somewhere where you are able to let out your “why” and have nothing but unconditional support in getting towards it.

That is inside our walls.

Outside our walls…

I believe that the average person, while cooler than society and the outside world gives them credit for – dont put enough value and stock in how important fitness is to their well-being and their lifestyle. Literally, everything you want to accomplish in life is improved by adhering to strength, movement and fitness practices.

Fat Loss?
Fit Back Into a Size X?
Feel Better?
Lower Your Cholesterol/Blood Pressure etc?
Move Better?
Play With Your Kids? Grandkids?
Perform Better?
More Energy?
Make More Money?
Get a Promotion?
Serve Others or Help Others?

Literally Anything…

It can help with and be the catalyst for.

I want to create and foster an environment that allows people to do so, within their comfort zone. That is my “why”. I want to create and build a team where the top “X” fitness professionals in Erie are all on my team (we say team instead of staff because we are all a team), in our facility – to grow and develop them so that they can do the above for all of our members. It is why we took everyone the the Functional Training Summit, to get better and continue to change the way fitness is done in Erie. That is our “why”.

That is mine…

What Is Your “Why”?

You need to have goals and with those goals you need to have a “why” behind them. It is what helps you “keep the goal the goal” and continue and prosper on when things get hard or obstacles get in the way. If your “why” is big enough, you can accomplish anything.

Whenever we sit down in a strategy session with a prospective new member, I always try to get to their true “why”. Because knowing your why not only helps us to your to your goals faster but it helps you as well because it is very rarely about fat loss even though that is the initial thought process.

What prompted me to write this was the recurring trend we’ve had at the gym with both the Twoguns memberships and the Fit in 42 Erie group as well, of having a very powerful “why”, especially among females who have families. They have continually and constantly put everyone and everything ahead of themselves as their priority and they’ve finally realized it is time to take care of themselves first and put themselves as the priority because they need to put themselves first. That is a great “why”.

And this isnt in the least bit selfish either. It is simply a mindset shift.

There is a reason on airplanes they say to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others, because you cant help others if you arent taking care of yourself.

Putting yourself first, literally makes you more effective at whatever it is you wish to serve, including your husband/wife and family.

If that resonates with you, we may be the exact place for you.

But we arent necessarily for everyone either. If you feel comfortable in traditional gyms, know exactly what you should be doing, are already in really good shape or “just want to do your own thing”/”just get in a workout”, we are probably not the place for you and that is okay, we genuinely still think you are cool and have no issues.

But if you have a very deep why, you’ve never really fit in at “other gyms” or they intimidate you, you dont like when they are “ya know, this might be too intense for you…”, or you have injuries, issues and limitations that make random workouts on the internet or in-home DVDs not good options for you and you want a place where you can truly be yourself and have a culture of camaraderie, success and support to help you crush your goals and your “why”?

And can relate to some poop talk (females on average you dont poop nearly enough), unicorn heads and occasional doses of ridiculousness…

We are the exact fit for you and we genuinely cant wait to work with you, help you, sweat with you, joke/laugh with you, crush goals with you and accomplish things you never thought you could with you while making you feel and move better than you ever thought you could.

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