Fitness for Baby Boomers

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This past week/weekend, on June 11th, I attended the Functional Aging Specialist Certification, which was followed by the Functional Aging Summit on June 12th and 13th. The certification and seminar/summit was geared around the 55+ population/market or what they call baby boomers (born between 1946-1964) and “mature” clients (ages 60+ regardless of year born). They stay away from words like “old” and “seniors” :p

FAS 2015

For those who arent familiar with me and Twoguns Training Systems, our passion is and always has been to help the people who…

– “dont fit in” in other gyms…
– have injuries or limitations that prevent them from “traditional” training
– want or need extra attention from a movement standpoint
– dont think they “can do it”
– want healthy and sustainable fat loss
– are tired of the “same old boring way” most of the gyms do it
– other gyms tell them “this may be too intense for you”
– get ignored at the “young people” or “intimidating” gyms
– want a truly judgment free environment

Mary T 1&2 B&A 1

…so naturally we’ve always gravitated toward the “boomer” population. Gyms in the area that are the “best” or “roc” you ignore this population and we actively invite them in because it is amazing getting them to their goals and truly helping them, plus they are bad ass and fun as well.

But more importantly, there is a need to help this population more than any other, now and any time in history.

Here are some crazy statistics that are worth wrapping your head around…

– 62% of boomers say they are overweight or obese. 70+% are overweight or obese.

Negative effects of being overweight or obese include …
– lower life expectancy
– depression
– higher risks of cancer, heart attack, high cholesterol, joint problems, bone problems
– breathing problems
– limited mobility
– fewer employment opportunities
– deep vein thrombosis
– lower quality of life
– etc

– Nearly 1 in 5 boomers admit to exercising less than once a week. 2 in 5 less than twice a week.

FAI 2015
Dr. Cody Sipe and Dr Dan Ritchie – Owners of the Functional Aging Institute

– 30% say they are often or always stressed.

Negative effects of stress include
– headaches
– high blood pressure
– heart problems
– diabetes
– skin conditions
– asthma
– arthritis
– depression
– anxiety.
– weight/fat gain

– 85% of boomers report eating too few vegetables and fruit.

All big issues that effect not only health and money, but quality of life as well. And when can put prices on those things but you probably cant put a price on not being able to get on the floor to or have the energy to play with a grandchild.

But what I found more concerning than all of those statistics were these two…

– 80% think their doctor would say they are healthy. Even though all the other statistics say otherwise.

– 99% of 50+ say that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important. But only 16% of them utilize fitness.

There is a scientifically proven disconnect between how unhealthy we are becoming and how not only we ourselves perceive our health but even how we perceive a Dr would perceive our health and the fact that it is acknowledged that living a healthy lifestyle is important but less than 1/5 utilize the MOST effective means to reversing aging and building up your health – fitness.

The reality is that age is first and foremost a mindset and you are far more capable of accomplishing anything you desire, being pain free and being able to move better than you know or think.

Satchel Age

For a lot of us it is older than our chronological age – and it doesnt have to be…

The most effective and beneficial training and fitness modality for boomers and mature clients is far and away (and scientifically supported), strength training. Strength training of course, meaning whatever strength training means to you and your current abilities levels, limitations and needs. That may mean you are doing assisted or bodyweight exercises but the goal is strength as a means to whatever goal you wish to accomplish. And you need a full diagnostic assessment of how you move and what you are capable of so your workout program is 100% unique to you because regardless of what the DVD sellers will tell you, we arent all the same and a one size fits all DVD cannot do taht.

Here is a 98 year old woman doing an exercise a lot of 30, 40 and 50 year olds cannot do…

98 Year Old is Stronger Than You


It is never too late to get your life back and you cant afford to wait both physically and financially. The best investment we can make is in ourselves.

For more information on our boomer and mature client specific programs we will be running, fill out this form and we will get back to you…

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us either on here or me directly on D2G FB.

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