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Posted: March 19, 2015 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

In mid-February I went to my Results Fitness University Mastermind and Coaching group meeting. It was as productive as ever, especially since I missed the October one because we were so busy in the gym, but one of the notes I had written was, “Get back to putting up guest blogs” when we were talking about client stories.

And considering we’ve had the best results and stories we’ve had ever in the recent year and I’ve slacked on asking for guest blogs, I figured it was time to get back to it. So we will have a few guest blogs in the next coming weeks.

We start off with a great one from success story, Chari Figurski. I’d known Chari a long time and she didnt start working with me until I moved into my own facility and Im definitely glad she made the leap. We talk about fat loss and physical transformations a lot and that is exactly what we do, except it is only part of what we do.

We get those big fat loss and physical transformations through building strength, building confidence and changing mindsets around that confidence and breeding a community of success and Chari is a great example of all of those things and Im exceptionally proud of her. But I’ll let her take over…

Chari Before…

Chari Start

Chari 4 Weeks

“When Dan first asked me to write this blog I was a little hesitant. I am after all the girl who has lost 100 pounds more than once only to regain it. I would do all the work to get there and then quit. But that is never going to happen again because of Twoguns so here it is.

My name is Chari Figurski and I am 50 years old. However, I dont feel anywhere near “that old”. Before I started at Twoguns though, I definitely felt my age. Most days I felt older than I really was. It was a real struggle to carry my excess weight around.

At the time I started with Dan, Dawn and rest of Twoguns Training Systems, I had memberships to two different gyms but I seldom went to either one. I had every excuse there was for not going. Bottom line – I was fat, lazy and uncomfortable. Uncomfortable at both of those gyms and uncomfortable even in my own skin.

I was out to dinner with friends one evening when the discussion turned to Dan venturing out of the gym he was then working out of and opening up his own facility. Everyone at dinner that night knew Dan because we had all worked at the same gym he was at. I hadn’t seen him in a few years and had gained a lot of weight since we worked together.

My friend and I decided to attend Dan’s Grand Opening and Book Signing Party (he is a #1 Best Selling Author afterall…) and see what his new place was all about. I was afraid to go because I didnt want to be judged for my weight gain but I was ready to do something. Finally ready to make a permanent change. When I mentioned the weight gain, I was told that it didnt matter.

The past was the past and it was time to look toward the future and do things right.

I was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming and non-judgmental Dan and Dawn both were. Everyone I met that day seemed truly happy to be there. Dan gave me all the information and I decided to join. I decided if I hated it I could just quit.

I said if nothing else, I would help him out as he was just starting out in the new place. I had no idea at the time how much he and the whole Twoguns staff would be the ones helping me out. I was hooked after the first session.

My personal sessions were great and after the first I was hooked, but when I went to the first group personal training session, I was really nervous. I didnt know anyone, a lot of the people already knew each other and I felt like I was the oldest and the biggest person there. Everyone else was doing advanced exercises and I could barely squat. But everyone in that session was helpful and encouraging regardless of their ability level though.

This was a different atmosphere than some other gyms I had been to where I heard people talking about how someone “like me” should be in a special class and people get looked down on but at Twoguns I could do what I could where it was appropriate and also do exercises that would build me up to the “normal” exercises when appropriate. It was all about you getting better compared to your former self, not someone else. Weight and age have never been an issue from day one.

The Twoguns staff has been absolutely amazing since day one. They have been kind and supportive when I needed it and they have been brutally honest when I needed it too. They are the only place that has given me the confidence to put a dress on and deadlift 325 pounds. They have helped me set goals and than smash those goals in the face. I have done things I had only dreamed of.

Chari Dress DL PR

They were always able to work around my sometimes insane schedule and the many family emergencies I had last year. They were even able to help me stay on track with my workouts when I broke my foot. They have helped me become a much stronger person physically and mentally. I used to back down and never stick up for myself. I doubted myself all the time. Now I will stick up for myself and I refuse to let people or things stand in my way. I have goals and am confident that I can reach them. 2015 is my year!

The Twoguns family is just that, a family. They have advanced programming and all the new equipment that they dont have everywhere else but the family is the true differentiation. Everyone pushes everyone else to be the best that they can be. I have learned that I am way stronger than I ever thought possible. I have learned that I dont have to be perfect but I have to always give my best. I have learned that it is okay to fall, sometimes on your ass when your squat is not perfect, as long as you get back up. Someone will always have your back. I have learned that you can hold steady or move forward but you can not go backwards. I have learned that even though I have lost my weight many times before, I don’t know everything. Sometimes I just have to admit that someone is smarter than me. I am not exactly where I want to be as far as fitness goes yet but I am finally comfortable in my own skin. A self proclaimed force to be reckoned with. Many thanks to everyone for helping me find my “inner beast.” ”

Chari March 2015


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  1. Dawn Cummings says:

    Awesome Job Chari!!!!

  2. Danielle Graffius says:

    Awesome job Chari, very we’ll written, so many good points , I feel the same way about our gym and trainers 😊

  3. Pam McAraw says:

    Chari, I love everything you said. You were one of the first faces I saw when I joined the gym. You have always been positive and encouraging. You look AMAZING and you are an inspiration to many! Thanks for sharing!

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