Thoughts on Ass Anchors, Reflection, Accomplishments and Changing Lives

Posted: October 1, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

Today, October 1st marks the official One Year Anniversary of Twoguns Training Systems in its new home, as its own independent facility and also officially one year “ass anchor” free as well.


What the hell does that mean? One of my favorite quotes from fitness business guru, Thom Plummer introduced me to ass anchors. While the family, employee and person lying next to me points don’t apply to me, the other parts certainly did…

Fitness professionals are strong because they carry around so many ass anchors. Have that client who just wears your ass out by being so needy and demanding? That is an ass anchor. Have that employee that is almost good, but secretly fights every change or new thing you try to do? That is an ass anchor. Have that friend who resents your fitness and career because he is worthless and unwilling to take the risk you did? He is yet another ass anchor holding back the good and hard working. Of course there is your family, who hate you being in fitness and wish you would eventually grow up and become an accountant like Uncle Ed, who died of stress when he was 58 and looked like a 90 year old pile of mold when he died. And the sad thing is that person lying next to you in the morning might be working very hard to keep you from chasing your dreams because he or she doesn’t have any of their own. Ass anchors are why many fit pros have vertical jumps of over 5′; carrying around that baggage for years makes you an immensely strong person, if it doesn’t wreck your soul first. People who love and support you, however, are like feathers and you can stuff 50 of them in your backpack and run miles without a sweat. Your goal this weekend is reach down, unclasp those hands wrapped around your muscular ass and run like hell on fire. Ass anchors aweigh my friends and then run with the wind.

Taking the leap into my own facility has been amazing and I couldn’t have asked for better in the result and how things and turned out and progressed. And for that I am truly grateful for all the supporters and for the amazing clients as well.

Speaking of amazing clients, the last couple of weeks have been crazy with the lead up and start of the Drop 2 Sizes Challenge. Im excited for the start and all of the amazing results that are going to ensue. It has been a very powerful and thought provoking couple of weeks for me as well. I had a strategy session with a now new client who is participating in the challenge that really had me fired up.

We were talking about goals and what she wanted to accomplish and she came close to tears when describing that she was finally ready to do something for herself and put herself first rather than everyone and everything else like she’d always done. People often overlook this – how putting yourself first is actually one of the most effective ways to help your spouse, your children and all of your responsibilities. When you feel better and have more energy you serve everything you have to better and more efficiently. It is an investment of 3-5 hours a week that pays itself back tenfold.

It was a powerful interaction and one I wont soon forget. It touched upon one the aforementioned but also a thing that people often overlook when it comes to fitness and achieving not only the size they want to achieve, but being pain free, full of energy and feeling like you can accomplish whatever it is you choose to.

We talk about dollars and time and other excuses but how much value and time can you place on legitimately feeling amazing? Im not sure there is one and it is a hard one to describe to people without them actually being able to experience that feeling but it is what makes the difference entirely. What we do at Twoguns Training Systems is powerful and I want to truly change your life, not just give you a workout.


To add to the powerful week, I had a former client who was one of my few first clients in Erie and had moved out of Erie about two years ago come back into town and visit for a workout and some catching up. He visited because he had gotten injured twice working with a “trainer” in his new town and needed some direction and professional advice.

When I first took him through the facility he said, “It is tremendous how much you’ve grown since the last time we worked together. I remember the days of urine smelling hallways and running sleds over dirty, ripped carpet.” (I contracted out of a gym then before I had studio space) And it really made me look and realize how much we’ve grown and how much we’ve accomplished over the past two years and changed since we had worked together. It was a proud moment to say the least remembering everything good and bad from back then to how great what we are building is progressing to and the past year in our own facility.

Then he flattered me even more when after his workout he told his wife, “Ya know, there were 14 other people in the group personal training session and Dan still motivated and coached me more, making sure I was doing everything correctly, more than the other guy did when it was a one on one session.” This was an amazing compliment. But also kind of sad. We’ve figured out a way to work together long distance and get him the results he deserves.

My goal is to grow as much, if not more in the next two years than I did in the previous two years so that I am again told, “Wow I cant believe how much you’ve grown since the last time I saw you” from another person. And that is a huge goal as I’ve invested a lot of time and money into continuing education the past two years, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to be the best and serve those who work with me as best as I absolutely can. Finding opportunities to grow, progress and get better whether that is fat loss or your business and career is the best way to prosper, I truly believe that.

When I was in California for the Functional Training Summit last month I was talking to a fellow fitness business owner and we were talking about which presenters she should and shouldn’t see at the summit. I mentioned the two business lectures, including Rachel Cosgroves. Her response was that she didn’t want to attend because there might be a “sales pitch” for the Results Fitness University Coaching Group (of which I am a client of theirs).

My main response was that she wasn’t lucky enough to get a “sales pitch” or invitation into the coaching group simply by attending a 75 minute presentation but that she could only BE so lucky as to receive that “sales pitch.”

For whatever reason, people are afraid to “being sold.” I understand the skepticism of being taken advantage of, but being sold something and being taken advantage of are completely different things. I told her, “What if the thing that they were trying to sell you was a service or product that could completely change your life and give you the ability to make a lot of money which allows you to help infinitely more people?” That seems like a pretty darn good thing to me.

In my marketing, I’ve had people run away when they hear the prices at our training facility and I’ve had people surprised at how affordable we are (and when you break it down to how much people pay per session, it actually is extraordinarily affordable). But what if that sale and that investment is the one that completely changes your life? That is exactly what we do at Twoguns Training Systems, our goal is to change your life.

Your ideal opportunity to “get sold” and change your life is our, Drop 2 Sizes challenge. It has officially started and did sell out but in a couple of weeks we are opening a shorter version of the challenge for those who missed out, a Drop One Size Challenge. Don’t wait to sign up, I promise you it will be worth every penny and then some.

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