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In this weeks guest blog, we have one of my longest Erie clients who has been with me since I started officially training here, Valerie Corrales, telling her story and her amazing results with Twoguns Training Systems. I know I say this often but this one is one of my favorites and an amazing success story that I am very proud of and honored to be a part of with her.

I first met Valerie in the very beginning of what would become my official professional venture into the fitness profession. It was before I even officially knew that it is what I wanted to do and where I wanted to do it.

The day I met her was shortly after my then roommates and I, on a night that involved a little too much Captain Morgan (this is why I don’t drink anymore haha) all dyed our hair bleached blonde, using the same box of whatever it is exactly that strips your hair of its color. And my head is way too big to be shaved so for a while my hair was looking less than stellar, blonde and a little patchy.

I met Valerie while she was doing a leg press machine that we were supposed to be moving at the gym I used to work at and train out of. I asked her how many sets she had left because we needed to move the machine and the first words out of her mouth to me were…

“That hair is not working for you at all…” She was right so I couldn’t really be too angry but nice to meet her as well. But so it began…

If you had told me at that moment she would be one of the best client success stories I would have I don’t even know what my response would have been. But alas, she absolutely has been and we’ve developed a great friendship in the process.

Im going to let Valerie do the rest of the talking for this post…

Valerie Before…

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“Hello I’m Valerie, I’m 27 years old and I began my journey with Dan and Twoguns Training systems approximately 4 years ago. I remember first meeting Dan with awful blonde hair in the halls of the gym he used to train out of and that I used to go to, as he kindly gave me tips on which machine(s) to use, or rather not use, to get the best end result. From that moment on we were inseparable.

I always had issues with weight growing up and with that came low self-esteem. Fitting into society was always a struggle and whether I was sad, angry or overwhelmed with happiness, food was always my escape. Throughout my teenage years I was a hefty girl who smashed big foot pizzas to the face, embraced nicknames like “Valerie Celery” and bullied my sister by locking her in the bathroom, well because it was funny and I was bigger than her.

My family physician was concerned and decided to lend a hand in hopes to help lower my weight and lead me down a healthier path. Without exercise and any change to my eating habits I was amazed on how I was actually able to drop some weight.

Years later life threw me a few curve balls that led me down a very dark and depressing road and my only comfort was food. I quickly gained any weight I had lost back and hated the person I saw in the mirror. I became bulimic, thinking this was a wise decision and fought many demons to overcome that battle. I chose to take the first step and join a gym in 2010 with hopes of positive reinforcement. Shortly after that, Danny Twoguns entered my life and since then I’ve never looked back.

I looked forward to the gym and enjoyed the group sessions Dan had designed for us, though after each completed workout I still felt something was missing. I realized I wasn’t really accomplishing the goals or targets I wanted to; I was only working out what I was in taking on a daily basis. I was ready for the “next level.”

Stuck in this plateau I felt, “Will I ever see any more results?” Is there a purpose in continuing this journey? Should I throw in the towel?” Then Dan challenged us all with the 6 week Muffin Top Meltdown. It seemed like the push I needed but I will admit I was mortified when he handed us each a packet. Inside this packet it explained the course of this challenge, and how our eating habits would change, workouts would be more intense, we would teach our bodies how to fast. At this moment I broke down lost all hopes in myself, felt as though Dan was purposely seeking out the weak and knew I was not going to be successful in this challenge. I DID NOT BELIEVE IN MYSELF, but Dan did. He even completely handled it when I broke down and cried because I didn’t think I could do the diet and the training.

Dan quickly proved me wrong and stuck by my corner. Not only was he my trainer, he was my mentor and a true friend I could lean on and learn from. He was patient and kind and answered all and any “silly/crazy” questions I threw his way, and trust me there were many, all while never judging or laughing at me. He motivated me and pushed me far beyond places I ever dreamed were possible. I slowly started seeing results again, and noticed my clothes were fitting loosely. 6 weeks later our challenge was up and tears of joy consumed me as I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever see the results that came from this challenge. I lost 17 pounds in those 6 weeks alone. I had finally REACHED my GOAL weight something I previously thought I was not humanly impossible. I had definition, a waist and most importantly a BUTT!

I was finally proud of the woman’s reflection that was staring back at me in the mirror.

When I started with Dan, I was just below 200 pounds and depending on the clothes between a size 18-22. The last time Dan weighed me in I was 135.5 and I’m currently wearing a size 8!

As I write this I am filled with lots of emotions, as this journey has not been an easy one. Dan has coached me and taught me a better way to live life and enjoy it. Joining the Twoguns family was the best decision of my life and as stated, it’s a family, my FAMILY. Here at Twoguns Training Systems, it doesn’t matter your size, shape, color, strength ability, fitness level etc. They welcome all with open arms and guide you in becoming a better YOU.

We support each other, and leave no man/woman behind. It took one person to believe in me, to have faith that I am worth something and that person was DAN. With that being said I want to say THANK YOU DAN from the bottom of my heart for never giving up on me and always sticking in my corner. Because of you I have confidence, strength, energy, pride and a new purpose LIFE. I will forever be grateful to you and your wonderful team.” – Valerie Corrales

Valerie After…

Val After 2

7 10 Valerie Lateral Lunge

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