6 Habits of People Who Meet Their Goals/Succesful People

Posted: July 21, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

Last week I wrote a blog on 5 Fat Loss Secrets You May Be Overlooking. Check it out if you haven’t, it was one of the highest engaging and viewed blog posts we’ve ever written on here.

The success of that blog gave me another idea for a good post and that is the 6 Habits of People Who Meet Their Goals. Less successful people and people who don’t obtain their goals like to call those who are successful and who do reach their goals, “lucky.” But it is far from luck as those people all share certain habits, traits and characteristics.

A New Luxury

They take complete responsibility for anything and everything they do and that happens to them.

I’ve talked about this in the past, but I found great success in every aspect of my life when I took full responsibility for anything and everything that happened in my life. Once I realized that it was up to me and me alone to make things happen or not happen, I started making them happen a lot more often and made zero excuses if they didnt.

One of the most common traits you see in the unsuccessful is constantly blaming anything and everything on other people and circumstances and always taking on the “woe is me” attitude. They never ever take accountability for their actions and what happens to them. Be in control of your own destiny and the only way to be able to completely do that is to know that it is all on you to make it happen. Don’t rely on others to make it happen for you and don’t blame them when it doesn’t.

They know that “cheap and easy,” “quick fix” solutions don’t work and pay them no attention.

Dr. Oz’s miracle supplements, 6-minute abs, get rich quick, amazing results with no work etc – They are all bullshit and people who meet their goals know this. They know that it is going to take responsibility, hard work and time spent “in the trenches” doing the work and the right work at that. There is no substitution for hustling.

It doesn’t come in a pill, it doesn’t come in 21 days and done and it doesn’t come without putting the work in. You don’t need to bury yourself and run yourself into the ground at any point, but you need to put in the responsible time and work your ass of. It is the difference between good and great, the difference between average and above average.

They do not guess.

There are two aspects to this. The first is they don’t have to guess because they don’t go at it alone, they hire a coach or mentor that is an expert in what they are trying to achieve. The same things aren’t hard for the same people. Fitness and motivation isn’t something that is challenging to me, though it is to many because I’ve put the time in becoming an expert at it. But owning and growing a business isn’t easy for me so I hire the best fat loss experts in the country, Results Fitness University and Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove to help me.

Rachel Dan Alwyn

Rachel Cosgrove, Danny Twoguns, Alwyn Cosgrove

And I wont hesitate to hire an expert and a coach in anything I want to succeed in. For some people fitness and fat loss do not come easy, that is completely alright. I know an expert who can help you take all of the guess work out of it. His name is Danny Twoguns and he can be reached at (516) 510-2665 🙂

The second aspect ties into the first in that their training programs are based off a full assessment and the programming is specifically catered to what they can do, cant do and everything in between. There is no guessing in what they need, no random workouts, only calculated, fully researched and effective ones.

They don’t do it alone.

One of the biggest things I emphasize at Twoguns Training Systems is that we are a community. I had a strategy session last week with a potential member that ended in me telling her that I didn’t think she would be a good fit here. She wanted to come in and do her own thing and that is not how we operate and change the way fitness is done. We work as a team under expert guidance. A couple of members were surprised when they asked if she had signed up and I told them that she wasn’t offered a membership.

I only want and need people in the gym who are driven, motivated, positive and buy in to how we change the way fitness is done. It is progressive, it isn’t what popular media and other gyms do and we are extraordinarily proud of that fact and the community of members we build in order to accomplish that. Every member that joins is now a member of our family and if a person doesn’t fit into that family and community we built, they don’t sign up.

Now the amount of people who are not a good fit are few and far between but they do exist. We do this because successful people do not go at it alone. You need a support system and sometimes that support system isn’t in your family or your friends, but that is completely alright because we’ve worked hard to have one here for you because a fitness professional, yourself and a family of other clients all busting their ass to get to their goals is going to make getting to yours extremely easier.

You are the result of the five people you spend the most time with, so those people should probably be successful and positive people.

June 2014 DVRT MI in RFU

DVRT Master Instructors who are also in the Results Fitness University Coaching Group – A major part of my team of successful people I want to surround myself with

They’ve mastered the basics and consistency.

Successful people have built an extremely strong foundation based off of mastering the basics. And they do it consistently. They do not concern themselves with what is new and fancy, they only concern themselves with what works and that is usually built off of the basic fundamental things. This goes for fitness and every other aspect of life and business.

If you are brutally good at the basics, everything else becomes easier. Too often people want to get sidetracked by something that seems easier or sexier and pulls them away from building a foundation off the basics.

In fitness this is mastering the squat, the hinge, pushing, pulling and unilateral work. More or less everything else is based off of one of those and if you don’t do those well, you really wont do anything else well. In business and life it is putting in the time and effort becoming an expert at your craft, building relationships and helping people – if you do that, everything else falls into place easier. Then do it and do it often and consistently.

They are never done learning.

Once you stop learning, you start dying. A good way to know if you shouldn’t learn from someone is if they think the know everything and don’t have any more to learn. I’ve built a foundation of knowledge that I am comfortable saying is above average when it comes to fat loss and fitness but that by no mean,s means I don’t have even more to learn and consistently get better.

The biggest sign of someone who achieves their goals and success is that they are constantly learning and evolving. They are never satisfied with average, the status quo or what they currently know. They have a relentless pursuit of getting better and thus they get better. Constantly evolving, constantly improving.

If you adamantly follow those six habits, I think success will find you, you wont have to look for it. If there is anything you think I missed feel free to comment over on Facebook and let me know. I hope you benefited from reading this and take action on it.

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