5 Fat Loss Secrets You May Be Overlooking…

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By and far the most popular goal people come into Twoguns Training Systems with is fat loss. It makes sense, society and lifestyle has generally made us sedentary for 8+ hours of the day and we don’t move as much as we used to or should, and when we do, we’re doing all of the wrong things – it is no wonder we need help. I’ve been there, I’ve done what popular media and the magazines told us to do and it only made me worse.

We generally know what is healthy to eat, we know we should eat more lean protein and green vegetables and we know we should avoid sugar and processed garbage food. The implementation is the hard part, not necessarily knowing the basics.

We also know we should be working out, we can debate what is better for fat loss (it is responsible strength training:) ) but for the most part, if it isn’t hurting you and you aren’t getting injured (don’t overlook this caveat), something is better than nothing and you can benefit from it for a certain period of time.

But what about the things we don’t necessarily know about fat loss? And the things that arent the basics? Well I am here to help, here are the five fat loss secrets you may be overlooking… (Quick disclaimer – this assumes you have the basics covered and are not a substitution for them though you should be doing these anyway.)

Drink More Water

Clients at my gym are always sick of me saying this but it is the one thing I will continue to preach because it is that important and no body drinks enough water. If you are chronically dehydrated you are selling yourself short on any fitness or lifestyle goals you have. Performance, fat loss, injury recovery, feeling and moving better and everything in between.

If I told you there was one supplement that was scientifically proven to…

– Help you burn/lose fat
– Reduce and fight infection
– Improve your skin quality
– Flush out toxins
– Improve your heart health
– Improve digestion
– Prevent constipation
– Boost energy
– Prevent joint pain

…you’d buy that supplement in a heartbeat. That supplement is water. It literally helps with every bodily function and metabolic process we have. People debate how much and always think they are drinking enough but they aren’t. Females no less an a gallon a day and males no less than a gallon and a half a day. I drink two gallons every day without trying.

The most common feedback I get is people frustrated with how often they pee when they increase their water intake. Initially, if you arent annoyed with how often you are peeing, you aren’t drinking enough. Couple things to add – you don’t pee a lot when you are dehydrated and you should be peeing more than you are so get used to it but also, when your body is consistently getting enough water and it knows it is getting it, it uses it more readily and the frequency in which you pee decreases so it wont be as bad.


A generic workout of any safe kind will generally work … for 4-6 weeks, possibly shorter but never longer. Random workouts from the internet and random “make you tired” workouts pulled out of thin air may be fine in the short term (again as long as they aren’t injuring you), but they will not sustainably give you results. You need an individualized workout that is specific to your goals, your training history, your injury history and a thorough assessment of how you move – your mobility/flexibility, your stability and your functional movement patterns.

The easiest example is if you are hypermobile, you don’t need a lot of mobility work and need a large amount of stability work. If you are locked up and tight, you don’t need a lot of stability work and need quite a bit of mobility or flexibility work. And you don’t know any of this unless you screen or test for it – you cannot assume. Attacking your weaknesses improves performance and makes you feel better but it also burns a ton of fat and hammering on your strengths and ignoring your weaknesses will only work for so long and likely end in injury.

We want one size to fit all because it is easy and cheap, but it doesn’t and never will. Here is the assessment sheet we use at Twoguns Training Systems. If you aren’t assessing, you’re guessing and professionals do not guess.

FMS Sheet Pic

Minimize Stress

A body under constant stress, mental or physical cannot burn fat optimally. I wont get into the science behind parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems because I want you to keep reading but the general summary is we tend to always be in a “fight or flight” mode and the body cannot simply relax and you function better and burn more fat when we can teach the body to relax.

There are times when we need to be fight or flight, like getting through a hard workout, dealing with a stressful situation, getting chased by a lion etc but other than that, we need to “turn it off” and get our body to learn to relax. A healthy diet and some intermittent fasting is one way but another newly popular method is diaphragmatic breathing. I’ve written a little bit and talked about it previously and for the most part no one usually cares but learning to relax and minimize stress will allow the body to better serve the functions you are trying to get it to do like burn fat in such a short amount of time.

Quick breakdown of diaphragmatic breathing…


As you inhale, your abdomen should expand three dimensionally and when you exhale it should “come in.” Most people find they have a hard time not breathing through their chest or a hard time expanding their abdomen as they breathe in. It is simple and it is a few minutes a day and it helps a lot. We’ve been incorporating it more and more with the benefits we’ve been seeing from it.

You Run Too Much/Do Too Much Cardio

I wont go into this one too much because it is a dead horse that has been beaten but the bottom line is…

The more lean muscle you have, the more fat you burn.
Strength Training builds muscle.
Thus strength training burns fat.

Long distance, low intensity Running/Typical aerobic activity/cardio breaks you down, gives you overuse injuries, jacks you up and doesn’t build muscle.
The less muscle you have, the less fat you burn.
Thus running/aerobics makes you worse.
(The caveat to this is if you’ve trained strength training and high intensity interval training enough prior to.)

It gained popularity because it is “easy” and it is free, not because it is effective for fat loss. I put easy in quotes because people think they can do it but the average person does not run safely or optimally. Science and scientific studies, which are always behind in terms of being up to date have proven time and time over that aerobics/distance running does not burn more fat than dieting alone. So if fat loss is your goal, you are better off just dieting than diet plus aerobics. I don’t care if you do aerobics or run as some people have to, but don’t do it because it burns fat, because it doesn’t.

You Don’t Train Power

“People didn’t lose power because they got old, people got old because they lost power.” – Martin Rooney.

Fast twitch muscle fibers, the kind activated by “power” exercises are the first to deteriorate/atrophy as we age, thus they are the most important to train to stay young and lean. It keeps the fast twitch muscle fibers, it makes you strong and it burns a ton of fat.

The hard part about training for power is that if you haven’t build a foundation based on mobility, then stability, then strength, then and ONLY then progressing to power, you cannot do it safely. You need that foundation for efficiency and for safety. But the goal of fat loss training is to get to power exercises becoming part of your programming/workout as they are a significant factor in fat loss.

Doing a power exercise when you haven’t built the foundational parts (mobility, stability and then strength) will NOT be more effective than doing so without the foundation, but the goal is to be able to safely train fast twitch muscle fibers and power exercises.

Two great and safe examples of power exercises are the Kettlebell Swing…

Swinger Saturday
The ONLY acceptable way to two-hand swing a kettlebell is to chin or eye level. Never over your head.


…and the Ultimate Sandbag Clean and Press

Clean and Press Practice
It is entirely acceptable to press an Ultimate Sandbag over your head, however.

Both work fast twitch muscle, train for power and burn a ton of fat and are easy on the joints.

There you have it. Five fat loss secrets you may be overlooking that Im sure most people can relate to more than one of those. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to message me on Facebook or put some of these into action and let me know how they helped you. Also if you need help implementing any of these, we are testing out a $99, 1 month trial at Twoguns Training Systems. Shoot me a message on Facebook if you’re interested and we can get you in for our assessment.

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