The Magic Pill To Your Fitness Success – Part II

Posted: June 30, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

Im in the airport after attending Perform Better’s Chicago Functional Training Summit and two weeks ago, I attended Perform Better’s Providence Functional Training Summit. Im pumped up and looking forward to bringing back my newfound knowledge and continuing to change the way fitness is done in Erie.

I haven’t gone over my notes from the Chicago summit yet, which was one of the best I’ve attended but I have from the Providence one and wanted to share some of the big thoughts I had from the event…

Who Do You Want to Be?

Todd Durkin, one of the most motivating presenters, if not the most in the fitness profession gave a presentation on, “Extraordinary Self.” It was a presentation that got a well over a minute long standing ovation and centered around being the best you can be and finding your passion. It got me thinking about myself in the fitness profession…

Todd Durkin

Myself, Todd Durkin and my brother from another mother, Evan back in 2012

The fitness profession is one of those things I kind of fell into. I didn’t know from a young age that it is what I wanted to do.

Actually growing up, throughout High School and well after, I had no idea at all what I wanted to do. All I knew was that the “go to and graduate college, get a 9-5 job you probably don’t like, punch clock, get a paycheck for 40 years working for someone or for a company and retiring” lifestyle wasn’t for me. Not knocking anyone who has a “traditional” job in any way, by any means – if it makes you happy – crush it, Im genuinely happy for you. I just knew it wasn’t for me and would not make me happy.

And for a long time this frustrated me immensely.

It frustrated me because I knew what wasn’t for me, but I didn’t know what WAS for me and the most frustrating part was that I didn’t even know what other opportunities there were for someone who thought like I did and how to even go about making a living and being happy. No one taught me that.

Also, as a kid and growing up, I was fat – not just the “a little bit overweight” kind either. It was one of multiple factors that contributed to a complete lack of confidence. Without much direction to a path that would make me happy and without very much confidence, I was left in that frustrated and bitter “purgatory” of sorts where I knew I wasn’t happy but had no idea the path to being so.

Growing up I had and still do have incredible and supporting parents but I never had that coach, that mentor or that “ah-ha” moment that changed everything for me and set me on my way and the path to success – personal or business. For years I struggled through, hustled and learned everything possible to try to carve out a life that I wanted. This is how I ventured into fitness. Tired of being lethargic, lazy and unconfident, I decided to make a change and set out on finding how to do so.

I did a lot of stupid training methodologies that not only didnt get me to my goals, but also hurt me in many ways – particularly metabolically and injury wise. But it is what magazines, the internet and popular culture/media told me to do so it must have been right, right? Nope. I set out to learn as much as I could about fitness and all its intricacies. Something I still do to this day.

Through massive trial and error, losing 100+ pounds, gaining back 100+ pounds and then eventually finding a happy medium at about 50 pounds down from where I’d started, I learned the right way. And it wasn’t what everyone was trying to shove down my throat or what we have previously been taught.

It took a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of mistakes, a lot of detours, a lot of money, a lot of education (mostly informal and on my own), a lot of trial and error and a lot of hustle to gain the confidence, get healthy and in shape but most importantly to find an entrepreneurial path that would make me happy, support me while doing it and help people in the process.

What am I getting at?

My goal and passion is to be that person and be that coach to you that I didn’t have.

The person that can save you years of frustration, years of lacking confidence and not being the person you are meant to be and can be, given the right direction.

The person that can take away your aches and pains, make you not be tired after a day of work, to have energy to do the things you love in addition to the things you have to do. The person that will get you multiple steps closer to anything and everything you want to accomplish and be infinitely better in every possible way.

I fully believe the true fitness professional is the best job in the world because what we do truly matters. Not the kind of trainer who doesnt pay attention, doesnt continuing learning and doesn’t care – the ones who are just there because it looks trendy and the got laid off from their “real job.” That’s 100% not what we do or what the best job in the world is. I want to be in the business of truly changing lives – the true healthcare system.

Fitness found me the confidence I needed to do what I am meant to do. I wouldn’t have without it. It allowed me to be able to hustle and find my passion and direction in what makes me pumped to wake up every morning and proud to go into “work” and do what I love to do.

It isn’t just a physical thing, it is mental too. When you are more confident, you can do more. When you are in shape, you can physically get more done in less time and accomplish anything you put your mind to. I aim to be the person who gets you there quickly, safely and permanently and changes your life.

Piss on Average


On that same line, one of the themes I kept coming back to throughout the presentations was taking action and not being reactionary.

90% of us are reactionary. This applies to everyone, not just fitness professionals. The majority of clients hire a professional once something negative or drastic has happened like a broken bone that could have been prevented, a heart attack or something negative along those lines like osteoporosis, high blood pressure etc – then they react. Why not be proactive and attack it and not wait for it to become an issue to act on it?

From a business perspective we learn to not wait and to simply take action rather than sitting and waiting for the perfect time to execute. As fitness enthusiasts and clients, it seems more prevalent. People would be healthier, move better, feel better and look better if they took pre-emptive action and stopped waiting for a negative reason to slap them in the face before they act.

Master motivator and presenter, Martin Rooney said, “Doesnt it piss you off when people would rather sit and wait to die an early death than take action and get healthier? Because it sure pisses me off and I want to do something about it.”

All greatly successful people did something extreme and outside of the box and took a chance. It isnt a coincidence. Balance and moderation are lies. Doing something great and truly making a change takes sacrifice and hard work. “Sacrifice who are you now for who you want to be later.”

This doesn’t mean you have to live in the gym and have no life. But 3-4 hours a week and a couple of hundred dollars a month to add 10 years to your life, make you feel and move better throughout those 10 years and save a shitload of money on end of life care to our sickcare err I mean “healthcare” system? Take action. Now. Our Battle the BBQ Workout is an easy and free first step with no excuses. I hope to see you there and I hope to be part of changing your life.

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