What We’ve Been Up To, Swinging Into Summer and Some Thoughts on Progression and Regression…

Posted: May 21, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

It used to be a regular occurrence that I would apologize for a lack of blogging after not posting for a while and then I got pretty good at providing regular content and updating on a consistent basis. It is a good and bad problem to have because we have been so busy, growing so fast and constantly getting better at Twoguns Training Systems that blogging time has fallen by the wayside. Not a bad problem as we are bigger, busier, more successful and getting clients better results than ever before, but I don’t want that to get in the way of providing content and updating the blog. Things haven’t slowed down but I will get better again at being consistent. I had posted on Facebook in terms of feedback as to what people want to hear about on the blog. I got some really good feedback and will be utilizing that to provide some great content that continues to change the way fitness is done in Erie. And as always if there is anything you are particularly interested in hearing about, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Here are a few things we’ve been up to and some good ol’ random thoughts.

Swing Into Summer

The Twoguns Training Systems Swing Into Summer Fat Loss challenge has been going great. Swingers are getting their swings in and fat has just been falling off of people, as well as building some kettlebootys. The Case Study has been going great as well.

Swinger Saturday

Swinger Saturday everyone was swinging into summer and getting better every day

DVRT / Ultimate Sandbag Training Guest Blog

I haven’t been completely slacking on the writing. I wrote a guest blog over at Ultimate Sandbag Training about Implementing DVRT In Large Groups and some of the ways we have been doing it at Twoguns Training Systems. If you haven’t checked it out, please do, it’s definitely a good read and has a few client cameo pictures in the demonstrations as well.

Speaking of DVRT and the Ultimate Sandbag

We’ve gotten a big influx of new clients and we’ve been doing a lot of strategy sessions and one of the more popular questions that have been coming up has been – “What are those and what do they do?” in reference to our collection of Ultimate Sandbags. If you haven’t been training with an Ultimate Sandbag, you are truly missing out. They’ve become one of the cornerstones in all programming we do for all levels and you cant beat the levels of instability it brings to the table as well as how well the DVRT system itself and the Ultimate Sandbag marry and work so well together.

Most weights like dumbbells, barbells etc, the weight is always “static” – doesn’t change. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but a barbell loaded to 135 pounds or a 50 pound dumbbell will always weigh just that amount through the movement. With the Ultimate Sandbag, the weight is always “alive” and unstable and the body has to constantly adapt to its constant shifting and changing. This adds an additional fat loss component and it also adds a functional and real life strength component that “dead” or “static” weight cannot replicate. There is obviously a time and place for both but we are doing some interesting and fat loss conducive things with the Ultimate Sandbag that the Erie area hasn’t seen.

Progression and Regression

I was doing a strategy session with two new clients the other day and they were telling me about experiences in a couple other training protocols and other gyms and we fell onto the topic that there has to be an individuality to your training that involves more than only progressing or regressing exercises by adding or decreasing weight. I say this often but it is true. So many times people fall into the trap of well if its too hard, I’ll just go lighter or if it is too easy, I’ll just go heavier. This is outdated and inefficient.

There are plenty of ways to make exercises easier or harder without relying on changing the weight. You can manipulate the stability of the implement (like using an Ultimate Sandbag), change the position of the load (like holding it in front of you to holding it asymmetrically on a shoulder), change your stance of body position to make it harder and more asymmetrical among other options we utilize as well.

It is a hard thing to explain in writing so I wanted to use one of the pictures from the blogpost and go a little more in depth.


Here we have a station in our large group program that is an Ultimate Sandbag Reverse Lunge. The examples show four clients of different ability levels demonstrating four different variations. But they are doing the same pattern and same exercise but individualized to them, their needs and their abilities. One is using no weight, one is using assistance and two are using the same weight but different variations where we manipulate speed.

Looking from left to right…

The first shows a simple bodyweight reverse lunge. What we would call the “baseline” of the pattern but we can still make it easier or harder as we need based on the person.

The second shows a rotation lunge with the Ultimate Sandbag, loading the lunge and adding an element of rotational and core stability as well as controlling the unstable load.

The third shows a TRX assisted reverse lunge where if we aren’t strong enough to perform a proper reverse lunge with good form, we have the ability to take weight off so we are able to get stronger at the pattern and still get the benefits of the exercise.

The fourth and most advanced variation demonstrated adds to the second clients demonstration and adds a “swing” to the rotation lunge. This adds an obvious metabolic or fat loss component since we are moving the weight fast and powerfully but it also adds an extreme level of core stability to control that Ultimate Sandbag as it comes back down.

Same exercise, different variations depending on your individual needs. That is what fitness should be. No cookie cutter one size fits all stuff we see all too often.

Erie Youth Conditioning and Performance

One last thing, one of which you will be hearing a lot about in the near future is that Erie’s leader in fat loss, Twoguns Training Systems and Erie’ leader in athletic and sports development, LEWIS Fitness & Performance have teamed up to launch the new, Erie Youth Conditioning Association. The program starts on June 16th and is open for ages 6-12 to get going on fundamental and foundational movement skills as well as build confidence and self-esteem through our elite programming.


That is all for today. Contact me on Facebook for more details or with any questions you have.

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