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Posted: April 28, 2014 by dannytwoguns in About Me

Good ol’ fashioned rants always seem to be a big hit among readers. One I posted a week or two ago was shared a bunch and everyone seemed to love it. I tend to do a little ranting on occasion and didn’t necessarily want to post a FB status rant once a week or multiple times a week but since people liked them I figured as I would go on my rants, I would write them down in a blog post and then post it once there has been an adequate amount of ranting done.

There was a day last week where it was one of those days where I saw two separate ridiculous fitness related things on FB locally here that made me want to comment, rant and rave and cause a ruckus. However, positive Danny Twoguns refrained. But I figured it would make for a good little rant.

1. Your workout should give you more than it takes from you. There is absolutely no value in getting tired for the sake of getting tired. Your workout should be focused around making you better. You may fatigue and be tired after a good workout but you should be feeling better than when you walked in and there is no merit in doing something just to torch you, make you tired and hinder your recovery. Do things that make you stronger, make you better and get you toward your goals faster not slower.

Everything in your program should be there for a reason, and a responsible one at that.

Suzanne B&A 2

Over 20 pounds down but a completely different posture in 8 weeks – No make you tired workouts for her – Just make you better ones.

2. This is a hard pill to swallow but the last set of people you should be listening to about diet advice is your peers – unless of course, they are telling you the recommendations they got from a professional and even then that is likely individual to them if it came from a reliable source. Tough love, but true.

In my last rant I talked about how your diet needs to be individual to you and you find that through experimenting with your own under the guidance of someone who knows what they are talking about. Finding someone who knows what they are talking about is easier said than done but it certainly is not found through what your friends sister in law read in people magazine.

When someone asked for advice for how to lose fat or overcome a plateau, I heard…

– “The problem is you aren’t eating enough – eat more.” Now this is a real thing but rare and most likely not your issue. The average person does not train hard enough, frequently enough or actually not eat enough calories to have to eat more. There are those people, but you are most likely not that person.

– “Don’t eat after 6pm.” Myth and not true. It could have at least said “No carbs after 6pm” and even then I would have debated that one also. But don’t eat after 6pm? Sucks for you if you get out of work late multiple days a week…

– “Eat a good big breakfast.” Myth. General Mills and the Agricultural Association told you this. There is a lot of actual science research that shows how beneficial NOT eating breakfast is. The last thing your body needs first thing in the morning is a massive insulin spike. Clients have commented how much more productive there morning is after implementing skipping breakfast.

– “Shakeology,” “AdvoCare” “random MLM scheme” – Faceplant. Just no. There are no miracle supplements that will get you around old fashioned hard work.

Face Palm

This topic may need further elaboration later but it is one that definitely gets me. Im fully aware that some people have gotten great results with one of these sub-par shake, supplement, whatever schemes. But 99 times out of 100, these are people who went from Zero anything in terms of diet and training into it and then got some results. But the reality is these people would have succeeded on any strict program they stick to because of the dramatic change that it was and you make your absolute best gains when you are starting out not because that program is magical and great for everyone. This is also why these people tend to rebound so drastically.

It also helps that they make money off of you buying these things from them as well. There is a reason you don’t get recommendations for these kinds of cleanses and whatnots from experienced fitness professionals who have put their time in learning the right way to do things.

– “Eat a damn big mac and shock your system.” Really? There is research and merit to a cheat meal or small window of a cheat (not a full day). But there is never merit to a big mac.

The quality of your food matters. Not all calories are created equal. 2000 calories of chicken and broccoli is not the same as 2000 calories of big macs. Regardless of what your high school health teacher told you.

– “Switch up your training. Shock your muscles!” – If you are training correctly, your program/programming wont let you stagnate. There is never a legitimate need to completely overhaul your program. Muscle confusion is a myth propagated to sell you p90x and crossfit.

It is unfortunate but the best way to get truly sustainable and amazing results is to hire a competent fitness professional. I understand that finding one is easier said than done as some parts of this rant came from the doings of personal trainers but finding someone to help guide you through the mess that the fitness industry has become is the best way.

Piss on Average

3. I recently had a strategy session in which the prospect told me she wanted to be able to come and go as she pleased, if she wasnt feeling the workout that day she wasnt going to come and she just “wanted to get a workout in every now and then.”

Guess what I told her?

“We’re probably not a good fit for you.” She was surprised but I told her all those things she said is exactly NOT what we do here at Twoguns Training Systems.

If your goal is to be average – We’re not for you.
If you dont want to make a change – We’re not for you.
If your workout is something you can just take or leave… We’re not for you.
If you want a workout that is just going to smoke you, make you tired and not make you better? We’re not for you.
if you want something cheap and takes no effort – We’re not for you.

And that’s okay, there are other options that would suit you better.

If you arent any of those things above and you want to make a major change, workout hard in order to get better and accomplish your goals while making a commitment to not only yourself, but to the gym, my team and I? Then we are absolutely for you, complete beginner to “advanced.” We don’t discriminate on ability level like some of our competitors. There is nothing too intense for you because we are good enough to scale everything down exactly to your level.

Here is a chance for you to make a change – the Swing Into Summer Transformation Challenge

Rant mode over. Please post your thoughts and comments on the Facebook thread and let me know what you think.

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