Random Thoughts From the Kettlebell Athletics 2 Certification

Posted: April 16, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

In a back to back weekends double whammy of getting my kettlebell learn on, this past weekend I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the Kettlebell Athletics Level 2 in my old stomping grounds of NYC with Jason C. Brown. It was a blast and a great learning experience. A lot of my travels of late with the exception of the BodyMAP Certification (which is in a category in and of itself) have been very business oriented and it was nice to just get into some 100% training related information for a weekend.

KBA Cert Level II

Training Knowledge and Formal Education

I recently stumbled on a direct mail marketing piece from a local gym and it showed a picture from their facility of them kettlebell training… wrong. I think trainers and clients often overlook the power of learning the right way to do things from experts and how much value it has. There is only so much you can learn from a DVD or from YouTube. And I think if people are paying you for your training service (and what should be a professional service), you owe it to them to invest in some formal education on whatever it is, in this case, kettlebells. It is one of the reasons I attended the cert and of course my humble never-ending quest to become the smartest fitness professional in the world, of course.

Another reason stems from when I was talking with one of my mastermind buddies last week about how I think as business owners we realize that the average fitness professional has more training knowledge than business knowledge so we should emphasize business education but it is also important to not forget that if our training service isn’t top notch, all business training will do is make clients realize our training isn’t great at a faster pace, which isn’t good so I never pass up on an opportunity to sharpen my training and programming sword which is exactly with the Kettlebell Athletics Level 2 was all about. Level 1 built the foundation and level 2 showed how to build off of it and progress from it into more advanced variations and complexes.

Power of Complexes and Flows

One of the aspects of the certification was building kettlebell complexes and flows. A complex is essentially, multiple exercises done for a certain amount of reps in succession. An example would be a kettlebell swing x 5, kettlebell clean x 5 and a kettlebell overhead press x 5 done without resting but not transitioning to the next exercise without completely all the reps of the others. A kettlebell flow is similar except the exercises are done for 1 and flow together and then repeated. An example would be kettlebell swing x 1, kettlebell clean x 1, kettlebell overhead press x 1 then that repeated a given amount of time/reps.

Different applications call for different needs for which is best and when but the point is that complexes and flows are a great way to burn a ton of bodyfat as well as get stronger, leaner and faster in a short period of time and the kettlebell as well as Ultimate Sandbag are two great tools to do so. We will be incorporating more complexes and flows into our programming at Twoguns Training Systems on top of the ones we already do to continue changing the way fitness is done in Erie.

KBA Level 2 Group

Group Shot to close out the certification

“There is clearly wrong, but there isn’t clearly right in kettlebell training.”

Quick note, this is not at all to say that form isn’t critical on kettlebell movements. It absolutely is and is actually one of the biggest misconceptions about kettlebell training. One assumes kettlebells are unsafe because people do kettlebell movements unsafely. Kettlebells don’t hurt people, people who are untrained and doing stupid things with kettlebells hurt people. Big difference.

Back on track, the above quote was meant to emphasize how there really aren’t a whole lot of ways to do for example, barbell training lifts like a squat or deadlift correctly, there is pretty much, one. Such is not the case with kettlebells. One of the best parts about training with kettlebells is how varied and differently beautiful a lot of the movements can be. There are clearly wrong ways to do something like a kettlebell swing, snatch, clean, Turkish get up etc (see – Jillian Michaels) but there is also more than one right way to do it as well, which is where peoples “heritage,” experiences and adaptations or movements come in or if your technique is “hard style” or sports style in your movement as well.

One of the things that draws me to Jason C. Brown as a training mentor is he has a way of blending all of the kettlebell training methodologies together. It isn’t right or wrong, it is how they are different, why they are different and where they have certain benefits and where they do not.

The Kettlebell Foundation

The Kettlebell Swing is one of the most effective and fundamental kettlebell exercises. If you would like to learn specifically how to do it, most effectively and safely, Twoguns Training Systems will be holding a Kettlebell Swing Workshop this Saturday at 9am. For more details go HERE and sign up. Last day to sign up is Friday and it will likely be full by then so don’t procrastinate.

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