Random Thoughts from the Killing It Will Kettlebells Certification

Posted: April 7, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles, Random Thoughts

This past weekend I attended the Killing It With Kettlebells Certification with Pat Flynn, Som Sikdar and the Dragon Gym, which also included an all new “Reasonableness Workshop” with one of my favorite fitness authorities and presenters, Dan John. Needless to say it was an action packed weekend.


Group Shot of the Weekend’s Attendees and Coaches

The Killing It With Kettlebells aspect was a combination of kettlebell training and technique, teaching kettlebells specifically in a large group personal training format and business masterminds as well as some knowledge bombs from Pat and Som. The Dan John workshop was also packed full of greatness as well. I plan on elaborating a little more with a lessons post on my fitness professionals blog in the near future but for now I wanted to get down some random thoughts I learned from the weekend that will benefit clients, potential clients and fitness enthusiasts.


One of Pat’s popular slogans is ” – = + ” or essentially, less equals more. It is so easy to get caught up in the next new fad, gizmo, or flat out lies that are so popular in the fitness industry that we lose sight of the 20% of what we do that gets us 80% of our results. Between both the Killing It With Kettlebells portion and the Dan John workshop, the minimalistic approach was reinforced multiple times.

It wasn’t about getting us/the fitness professional to buy in as we are full believers in it already (as we all should be) but the focus was on how to make it appeal to the prospective client or general population. Kim Kardashian and her cayenne pepper cleanse, miracle 24 day cleanses/detox whathaveyous, 6 pack abs in 6 minutes, etc all promise sexy and easy results (and bullshit of course) that draw people in, but the reality is that we know strength training, lifting weights, responsible nutrition with real food and hard work is all it really takes. Unfortunately that just isn’t all that sexy.

Dan John quote, “All true authorities generally teach “minimum effective dosage. Stay away from those who don’t.”


Another Dan John quote – “Either/Or is the lowest level of thinking there is.”

An example would be … either I do (X, Y or Z diet) or Im doing nothing at all and eat crap food all day. The mindset that we have to adhere to something completely 100% or 0% is what prevents a lot of people from accomplishing what they want or need. This goes for fitess, fat loss etc but it really applies to everything.

Im not sure when the average person got into the mindset that if one little bump in the road came up that everything from a healthy nutrition foundation and workout program had to be thrown away entirely. No, acknowledge and accept the bump and get right back on. This “reasonableness” would have the majority of people very close to where they want to be instead of spinning their wheels and looking for the next best easy thing.

Speaking on that same front, to quote Dan John again…

“Eat like an adult. Every diet program out there generally agrees… Cut out sugar. Cut out “cardboard carbs” (carbs that come in a box…). Get rid of Frankenstein fat. Eat your colorful vegetables. Be hungry… sometimes.”

That really is it – with the added caveat that if you fall off, get right back on.


Action Shot from the Cert of Yours Truly

Done Is Better Than Perfect

An overall theme of the weekend, whether it is a fitness professional in his or her business or a client/fitness enthusiast trying to reach their goal of fat loss, performance, whatever – imperfect action always beats perfect inaction.

“I will start my diet on Monday…”
“I will start working out on Monday…”
“I’ll join the gym on the 1st of (the next month)…”
“Well I have a wedding this weekend so I’ll start dieting/training after that…”

Why cant we start a diet on a Thursday?
Why cant we start working out on a Tuesday?
Hire a fitness professional/Join the gym in the middle of the month?
Why cant we diet before the wedding, enjoy the wedding then keep dieting after?

There aren’t legitimate answers to those questions. Done is better than perfect, some is better than none and action is always the answer.

When All Else Fails, More Kettlebell Swings – Part of the 20% that gets us 80% of our results…

We did a lot of kettlebell swings, as a technique standard, a performance standard and from a teaching standard. The kettlebell swing is one of the most powerful exercises to burn calories, lose fat, build power and of course, the “kettlebooty”.

It is a powerful exercise if you are ready for it and can do it safely. But of course, the problem as I alluded to above is that it isn’t easy and it takes time to learn. This is specifically why we are holding a Kettlebell Swing Workshop on April 19th at 9am.

It is not only going to be a great and invaluable learning experience to get you results faster but it is also where our next fat loss challenge is going to be announced and also a pre-requisite to compete in the challenge, as you guessed it, the new challenge involves the kettlebell swing, so don’t hesitate and head over to the Kettlebell Swing Workshop page, HERE and sign up.


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