I’ll Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours…

Posted: March 28, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

Wait, what? Your “why,” that is.

One of the first questions we ask clients and potential clients when we are evaluating and assessing is, “What are you goals?” This is kind of broad and the answer is usually, “Look better,” “Feel better,” “Lose weight, or if they follow my information, “Lose fat,” or something equally vague and/or broad. Im not saying these aren’t worthwhile or aren’t their actual goals but there is a true “why” behind what exactly, “Look better” etc actually means. What does looking better or losing fat really mean to that client?

Sometimes it is because she wants to fit into her jeans that she hasn’t been able to since before she was pregnant, or to be able to wear a two piece swim suit again or so that she feels like her husband is attracted to her again. There is always a deeper why behind the person’s initial goals.

First step is to know your goal, then “keep the goal the goal,” and never forget your “why”.

After my post earlier in the week about my learning pursuits, I was asked why I felt the need to learn as much as I do, as often as I do and if I already had enough “tools in my toolbox” (her words) to get clients amazing, sustainable results. It made me think about my “why.” Good enough is the enemy of greatness.


Sure I have enough “tools in my toolbox” to get clients amazing, sustainable results, as we are currently doing it every day. But my goal isn’t to be good enough or just get new tools in my toolbox – it is to become a master craftsman (to continue with the tool analogy haha). If my goal was to simply get clients some results, I would have been done years ago, but the goal is to completely change lives and truly change the way fitness is done. This isn’t done through thinking you have all of the answers, it is done through continually searching for better answers and solutions and to always be evolving.

The fitness industry/profession has a lot of trainers who don’t keep up with the ever changing and evolving world of fitness and lifestyle design – moreso than most fields, which is kind of insane because the fitness profession has grown more in the past five-seven years than it did the previous 20+ before it. My goal is to be the absolute best – change and transform as many lives as I possibly can and my primary outlet for that is learning. Learning from the best and using that knowledge to apply to my businesses and create the change.

So what does this all mean? To bring it in…

Do you know your goal?
Do you know your why?
Are you investing in yourself to achieve that?
Do you have a coach to help you in your journey?

I can answer yes to all of those and you should be able to as well.

Martin Rooney Quote 4

Martin Rooney has a great point relating to investing in yourself. Let’s say Im going to hand you 1 billion dollars, it’s yours. No one except the extremely skeptical would say no to that. Most people would sprint for the first time in how many years in order to get to that deal, correct?

Now Im going to offer you that same 1 billion dollars except there actually is a catch this time. Two days after receiving that billion dollars, you drop dead. Who still takes the deal? Likely not too many people, if any.

What’s the point? Well the fact that you would take the first offer but not the second, tells me that your life is worth AT LEAST 1 billion and 1 dollars to you. If that is the case, spending a couple hundred dollars a month completely changing your life doesn’t seem like too bad of an investment, especially when that investment pays itself back 10 times over when it comes to not only your health and actual money, but also in reaching that goal and your why – it’s hard to put a price on getting to feel like your husband is attracted to you again or fitting in those jeans that make you feel sexy and for me, there is no price tag on having the ability to truly change peoples lives and change the way fitness is done. I’ll invest everything I can into that.

Will you with yours?

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