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Posted: March 24, 2014 by dannytwoguns in About Me, Articles

A client and I were talking about one of Twoguns Training Systems Core Values, to constantly be learning and improving and what continuing education seminars/certifications/events I had lined up or going on in the future. She gave me the idea that it may be interesting to write a little post to give people some insight as to the things I am learning and the certifications or seminars I am attending or going to.

It is a busy time for me in terms of continuing education as I have a bunch of things going on at once and some events I’ll be traveling to, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is important to me to always strive to be the best and learn as much as I possibly can in order to provide the best service possible to clients.

BodyMAP Certified Coach


I attended the BodyMAP Certification when I was in California in late February and it was truly a game changer. But just attending the course didn’t make you actually certified. To do so, you have to perform 10 BodyMAP Assessments and Case Studies and write a dissertation on them and the BodyMAP System in order to become certified. Im finishing up the case studies and have began working on the dissertation and should be officially certified in the near future.

I also received a recording of a recent BodyMAP Certification (one I haven’t attended) so I’ll be delving in there to get even more learn on with the BodyMAP goodness.

Training For Warriors Level 1

TFW Logo

If you follow me regularly on Facebook, you’ve seen Ive been on a little bit of a Martin Rooney/Training for Warriors kick as of late. Martin Rooney (founder of Training For Warriors) has been one of my long time favorites in terms of fitness professionals both for his ability to motivate and his wealth of knowledge in terms of training but particular metabolic training. He is definitely top three in fitness mancrushes, no homo, not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Martin Rooney Quote 2

For those who have experienced the Twoguns Training Systems “Hurricane” Metabolic Workout, that is completely influenced by the Training For Warriors Hurricanes.

The live Training For Warriors Level 1 certification has been that one event that I have been eagerly wanting to go to but logistics and location have never added up and when the online certification opened up, I jumped on it and am currently taking it. It is a 4 week course and after only watching a couple of the modules (it is essentially a live course filmed into different modules in a membership site), Im glad I didn’t wait for a live one.

Here is a quick rundown of it for those not familiar, from the Training For Warriors website.

“What separates the TFW system from other training programs is its holistic approach to training. TFW encompasses detailed warmups, speed training, strength training, endurance training, flexibility work and nutrition all of which are based on a comprehensive evaluation process. These training modalities are all applied based on the 12 guiding principles that are the philosophical foundation of the TFW system. As a result of this principle-centered approach, the TFW system offers endless variety while still focused on producing constant gains.”

Cant wait to start applying some of the greatness from this certification.

Killing It With Kettlebells

I attended the Kettlebell Athletics Certification this past Fall and am attending the StrongFirst Kettlebell Level 1 Certification in July, but both of those center around kettlebell training technique and coaching. The Kiling It With Kettlebells Certification focusing around building up a kettlebell-centric large group personal training program. Even though Twoguns Training Systems already offers the best large group personal training program in the area, the course offered a great opportunity to “sharpen our sword” as well as expand the possibilities of future large group programs we can hold.

This is a live event in the beginning of April that Im definitely excited about. It is three days long with one of those days including an 8 hour workshop with another fitness professional mancrush, Dan John. Each year Dan John has been one of my favorite presentations at the Functional Training Summits as he has a way to make what seems complicated, painfully simple and doing so in a way everyone can understand and chunk down all while being funny and educational. His book, “Never Let Go” is one of my favorites as well. Very excited for this event weekend.

Those are the three on the immediate radar for continuing education and our constant pursuit at learning. There are a few more on the horizon and scheduled now, but not until the end of May, in which could be the start of a potential and would be epic 5 week continuing education tour. We shall see.

For now, any questions or curiosities related to any of the above, feel free to shoot me a message here or over on Facebook. Always be learning and improving.

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