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Quick post here today with a little elaboration on the Hierarchy of Fat Loss, one of our upcoming workshops and a little information on the power of BodyMAP and of course, the announcement of the 2014 New Year New You Challenge Winners. If you scroll straight to the bottom to see the winners, that is fine but come back and read the other two because there is some good information there.

Hierarchy of Fat Loss

Ive gotten quite a few members and potential members who have asked about the Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar and some of the information and education that was provided. To which I respond, sorry you should have been there.

Just kidding.

The basis of the seminar was that in terms of fat loss results (which are different than simple weight loss), the priority for your fat loss efforts should not be aerobic type training such as jogging, elliptical and slow, long distance types of cardio we see people default to as their primary source of how to lose fat because in isolation they don’t burn fat, at all.

We showed conclusive research that showed, with two groups, one that just dieted and one that did that same diet + aerobics (with multiple studies ranging from 4 times a week at 40 minutes a day to 6 times a week at 60 minutes a day) – there was NO difference in the amount of fat lost between the diet group and the diet + aerobics group. You can get the same results just eating correctly rather than wasting time on aerobic training in general.

Research was also shown that proved that there were positive fat loss and muscle gain results from diet plus strength training compared to a diet only group. (If you’d like more elaboration on the research, I have some extra packets/manuals that were given out at the seminar).

But all that research was to support what actually works for fat loss, hence the Hierarchy of Fat Loss…

1. Correct Nutrition
2. See #1
3. Activities that burn calories, maintain/promote muscle mass and elevate metabolism (Correct Strength Training – like our customized programs)
4. Activities that burn calories and elevate metabolism (High Intensity Interval Training – like our metabolic sessions)
5. Activities that burn calories but don’t necessarily maintain muscle or elevate metabolism (IE traditional cardio – which we don’t do much of)

And with those activities, if we break down #3-5 – it looks like this…

1. Strength Training/Metabolic Acceleration Resistance Training
2. High Intensity Anaerobic Interval training
3. High Intensity Aerobic Training

– If I have only 2-3 hours per week – only use # 1.
– If I have 3-5 hours -use #1 and # 2
– If I have 6-8 hours available -add # 3

The bottom line – if you have 6-8 hours a week, do your traditional treadmill, elliptical aerobic type training after the 5 hours of the correct training. Aerobic type of training is only effective for fat loss after you’ve done the better, more bang for your buck training. And since the average person has no where near 6-8 hours a week to dedicate to working out. Your time needs to be spent strength training. Again, if you’d like more info on the research or the details, I still have some manuals from the seminar. I wont have extras after every seminar, but I do this time, so grab one if you want one.


A couple of weeks ago I attended a certification that was literally a game-changer at the way I looked at things. I made this facebook post upon my return…

Dan and Dax FB Status

Ive been experimenting in the gym with a lot of it so some people have gotten a sneak peak at the BodyMAP assessment and the power it potentially has. And now it is ready to roll out…

I talked in the post Wednesday about how we will be doing some learning seminars a little more often at Twoguns Training Systems. The next one is going to be a BodyMAP Workshop. Here is a little sneak peak at what there will be…

“Learn WHY stretching your aches and pains could be making them worse, the potential actual reason why your body is tight or in pain, and HOW to eliminate it for good.

– Are you living in chronic pain or tension?
– Do you have neck, shoulder, hip, or knee pain no one has been able to heal?
– Are you living with poor mobility or flexibility?

We assume that pain, restriction, and poor movement are “mechanical”. Have you ever pulled a muscle, thrown out your back, or possibly torn something? Not a good thing. And we quickly run to have it worked on or massaged because we assume that the problem is muscular.

Your issues could very well be mechanical or muscular… But what if pain isn’t a mechanical or muscle problem? What if it is a neural or brain issue? This workshop covers that. Stay tuned for more information because the BodyMAP is truly some crazy stuff. The workshop will be in April, we are still ironing out the exact date.

2014 New Year New You Winners

And finally… After a great 8 weeks of fat loss training and diet during the NYNY by our contestants and an agonizing amount of calculations by me (just kidding), we have a winning team for the 2014 New Year New You…

With total losses of 42 pounds, 12% bodyfat, 10.5 inches of their waists, 6 inches off the hips, and 1.5 inches off their arms…

The winning team is…

2014 NYNY Winners

They went with the team name, “Team 1K” but the team of Steve, Courtney and Mary were the 2014 New Year New You winners. Big congratulations to them on taking home the $1000 Grand Prize and just as big a congratulations to everyone who participated and killed it in the challenge. The end results were unreal and any of the top 6 teams could have won it any other year. Couldn’t have asked for more.

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