Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar and 1000 Calorie Workout FAQs

Posted: March 11, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

I’ve been getting a bunch of questions regarding the FREE Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar and the 1000 Calorie Workout . Rather than continuing to answer them individually I figured Id put this little frequently asked questions post up so everyone can see the answer and the people who are too shy to ask can get the answers as well.

What exactly is the Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar?

Even though Ive wrote about it quite a few times this has come up. The short answer is that aerobics and everything we thought was correct about fat loss and slow, long distance cardio is wrong and doesn’t work for fat loss. We’ll go over the research behind why and exactly what is the best blueprint for fat loss results and total body transformations.

Is the 1000 Calorie Workout too intense?

Short answer – No.

Longer answer – At Twoguns Training Systems we have elite level training programs and coaching. With that comes to ability to fully scale everything we do to a persons level – along with some responsibility of their own of course. What burns 1000 Calories for “Jane” who has been sitting and sedentary for 10 years isn’t going to be the same thing that burns 1000 Calories for “Maria” who has been working out consistently and correctly for the past 10 years and is in good shape.

We have the ability to scale it so that everyone is working at a level they are comfortable with and a level they are able to excel at. The “fitness facilities” that tell you, “This is too intense, you shouldn’t do this,” is just lack of training and programming ability on their part. You’ll leave tired and you’ll most likely be a little sore but you will leave feeling better than when you entered and be better off for it.

What is different about the 1000 Calorie Workout and what you/we normally do?

The workout is essentially a little longer and little more intense version of what we normally do. It isnt something we’d do all the time, but just a fun high intensity workout. We built our business on not only getting results, but responsible training and working hard to get better not just working out to get tired. That hasn’t changed and wont change in this workout, but this will just be a fun, more intense workout that is okay every so often when done responsibly – not just running you into the ground.

Can I do both?

Getting this question a couple of times was one of those lessons where I realize Im not always as clear as I think I am haha. Everyone can absolutely do both and that is why they were put back to back.

Learn about the research and lessons behind training specifically for fat loss and then get to see those applied in a hands on, do it yourself experience.

That’s all for the FAQ. A ton of people have expressed interest and verbally said they were going to do it but only about half have actually signed up. You HAVE to sign up as space is limited, so please do. FREE Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar and the 1000 Calorie Workout to do so.

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