3 Fat Blasting Exercises

Posted: March 10, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

Sticking with our fat loss theme for the past two weeks, I thought it would make sense to put together a little post with three of our top fat burning exercises at Twoguns Training Systems.

One caveat first however and I say this a lot but it is NOT to be overlooked. The best fat burning exercise or exercise variation for you specifically is the one that meets you at or a tiny tiny bit above (while still doing it safely) your current level and abilities. You do NOT get more benefit from doing an exercise above your ability level than doing the one that suits you best. You actually burn less calories doing an advanced exercise poorly than you do doing a “less sexy” or “less advanced” variation that is perfect for you. Ive said it before and I’ll say it again many times Im sure but it always bears repeating. If you cant KB Swing efficiently or pain free you are not better served doing it instead of mastering the KB Deadlift/Hinge or a different variation.

And that serves as a good lead in to our first exercise…

Kettlebell Swing

KB Swing Start

KB Swing Top

Dynamic/fast and explosive, the Kettlebell (KB) Swing lights up your posterior chain/backside of your body as well as building a “kettlebooty.” Hitting the hamstrings, glutes and back, muscles we tend to not use as often as we should and developing a sort of “power endurance” leads it to being a fat burning machine. “Power endurance” mainly refers to being able to do a power exercise (in which we all need more of) but being able to do it for more than 1-3 reps like traditional power exercises in a safe and efficient manner.

Example being why you should probably not ever be doing Barbell Snatches for high reps or under a high state of fatigue.

Snatch Bad

Not a funny picture but the reason why exercises like that should stick to the 1-3/5 rep ranges at most and done lend themselves to power endurance like the KB Swing does – once your are done or tired, there is no weight falling on your head.

Ive seen people doing it with a dumbbell and while there are exercises you can adequately substitute dumbbells instead of kettlebells for, the swing is not one of them. The fact that the vast majority of the weight sits outside of the handle makes you able to hold and swing a weight that cannot be replicated with other tools.

Ultimate Sandbag Rotation Lunge

Abs Rot Lunge

Abs Rot Lunge 2

For reasons similar to the KB Swing, the Ultimate Sandbag (USB) Rotation Lunge allows for a dynamic movement that we can safely go fast with and load up. Also, unlike many other exercises, the USB Rotation Lunge uses all three planes of motion (front/back, side/side and transverse/rotational) lighting up movement patterns, directions and muscles we don’t train often enough which is of course, great for burning fat.

One aspect independnt to the Ultimate Sandbag in this exercise is that since we are using sand, the weight isnt static/staying still so we always have to be “on” in order to stabilize the shifting weight, which is another great aspect for fat loss. Bonus is that it is one of the best ab/oblique/love handle exercises that is actually good for your spine and lowerback.

Ultimate Sandbag Clean and Press / Ultimate Sandbag Staggered Stance Clean and Press

Continuing with the trend of exercises that are great for “power endurance,” which isn’t a coincidence for great fat burning exercises we have the Ultimate Sandbag Clean and Press. Similar to the USB Rotation Lunge, the USB Clean and Press gives us a variable and dynamic weight we have to lift in addition to being a literal total body exercise. No muscle or movement pattern is spared on this one.

The popular question is why not with a barbell and there are two answers. One is the aforementioned, the weight is variable and moving, thus harder to stabilize and recruits more muscles to burn more fat. But another comes back to the safety. Since we use the neutral grip or “clean” handles on the Ultimate Sandbag, we are able to put the shoulder in a safer position both in the pull and the press that a barbell just doesn’t give you. Also being able to ditch the implement on a rep gone bad is far easier with the Ultimate Sandbag than a barbell.




Pictured is the Stagger Stance variation. We use the traditional stance which is feet even at shoulder width more often but the stagger stance adds elements of core instability and added movement planes of motion which adds an extra fat burning effect.

Those are three great fat burning exercises and they all have proper regressions and building blocks to be able to do so efficiently, effectively and safely. All of these exercises as well as their other variations to meet your ability levels will be on display at the 1000 Calorie Workout and all of the science, research and rationale as to why they are the best choices for fat loss will be on display at the FREE Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar, both this upcoming Saturday. Check it out and get to registering.

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