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It has been a busy few weeks here at Twoguns Training Systems. Whenever I go to the west coast, I always have no problem transitioning timewise when I go there, but when I travel back it always takes me some time to adjust, especially when Im over there for almost a week. But alas, no excuses and we’re officially back on track.

Some fun and exciting things are on the forefront for the near future so be sure to stay tuned for what we’re up to in our quest to get better and change the way fitness is done. Onto some random thoughts…

Fat Loss

The number one thing clients are still looking for is fat loss. At every corner we have another gimmick, another trend or scheme all geared toward losing fat. There are a couple of problems though…

It isn’t easy. It would be nice if it were true but endless jogging/endless cardio and the 4 Minutes to Fat Loss/Ripped Abs and everything in between doesn’t work. And a lot of the times it makes you worse because you burn away your muscle, which burns calories and keep your fat, which does nothing for you and doesn’t look good either.

By no means does this mean you have to run yourself into the ground and kill yourself each workout like some schools of thought would have you believe, but it is going to take some time (2-3 hours per week) doing the right things and depending on how far you have to go in your journey, it is going to take months and for some, years. I tell new clients that you’ll see a significant and noticeable difference in three months – and that is while doing the exact things we know work for fat loss. Imagine how long it will take if you aren’t doing the right things and the things that work. So if it seems too good to be true, seems really easy or is promised to you in barely any time, it doesn’t work. Its unfortunate but its true.

The second “problem” is, It isn’t that complicated either. And unfortunately with that, it’s an investment. An investment of your time, money, effort, and challenging what you are used to or have become comfortable with. It can all be summed up in three things – Eat right, Lift right, and Don’t get hurt. Obviously those things need a little elaboration because there is incorrect or just plain stupid shit everywhere telling us the wrong things, but if you have those three things mastered, sprinkled with a little patience – you’re in.

Outside the Box

We are going over all of this and ten times more at our Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar at Saturday, March 15th at 11am. It is FREE to attend, the only thing you have to do is sign up because space is limited. Head over, read a little more and fill out the contact form.

Where Responsibility Meets Hard Work

One of the things that isn’t always easy for the prospective or future client to initially understand is, “What exactly do you do here?” We are certainly not your average gym and we pride ourselves on being the exact opposite of crossfit. So what are we? What I usually say is “We are where responsibility meets hard works in a truly individualized and judgment free atmosphere.”

What people do in the average gym – plod away on the cardio equipment, do a little machine resistance training and if they are ballsy – do a little free weight work (and unfortunately incorrectly as well) is exactly what we don’t do. Burying people into the ground with workouts randomly put together to make you tired (without getting better) is exactly what we don’t do.

Everything we do is individualized specifically to you, what you can do well, what you cant do at all, what you need work on and what your goals are. Our members go through the most thorough assessments in the area all in order to get you the best, more sustainable results in the shortest amount of time that is realistic. If you’re not assessing, you’re guessing.

We are holding a special 1000 Calorie Workout immediately following the Hierarchy of Fat Loss Seminar on Saturday, March 15th at 12pm/Noon. It is designed, obviously to burn 1000 Calories but also to show that you can get a great workout that isn’t endless running and endless things to make you tired and makes you better while getting killer results. Unlike the seminar, there is a fee for this one, $10 for members and $30 for non-members. Head over to the page and sign up.

Dynamic Variable Resistance Training

Last weekend I sent Twoguns Training Systems Coach/Trainer Dawn to the DVRT Level 1 and 2 Certification in New York with mentor, Josh Henkin and fellow DVRT Master Instructors Steve “Coach Fury” Holiner and James Newman. She crushed the Clean and Press Test and after sending in her test will be the 2nd DVRT certified trainer in Erie. So little shout out to Dawn, great job.

DVRT Level 1 DB

After seeing I sent a team member to the cert as well as being a big advocate of it, one of my fellow Results Fitness University Mastermind members sent me a message asking some details about how he should sell it to his coaches/team members as something they should pursue. I told him that coming from a purely training specific point of view, DVRT is part of the future of fitness (right alongside BodyMAP which we will be rolling out soon, so keep eyes peeled close) and if you aren’t on board, you’re missing out and will soon fall behind – both from a fitness business owner perspective and from a end user training perspective.

We are already seeing the move toward a less machine based and more functional based type of training and hopefully we will see the run yourself into the ground workout trend fade soon as well and that leaves us with Dynamic Variable Resistance Training as the forefront in a movement where we have the ability to create fat loss effects, as well as performance related effects more efficiently, faster and safer than ever before.

We are seeing more and more clients in pain, who don’t move well and are deconditioned but we are also seeing the other end of the spectrum, long time former athletes and those in great shape getting run down and injured all the time – DVRT has solutions for both the spectrum ends and everything in between.

The future of fitness is here.

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