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Posted: February 28, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

I used to make it a habit of apologizing for not keeping up on the blogs but then I made it a priority, scheduled it in my week and was on a pretty good roll for a while of getting two posts up each week and providing content… except for this past week and a half haha, but at least I have a good excuse.

As most of you know, I traveled on one of my west coast continuing education adventures I do every trimester in my pursuit to be the best and always be getting better and I have to say, it is definitely in the top three most impactful continuing education trips Ive been on, if not THE most educational and impactful. It was a great and powerful week.

We started with our Results Fitness University Mastermind and Mentorship meeting. It is always one of the events I look forward to most because having so many elite level fitness professionals in one room helping each other is amazing but this time we took it a step above and just killed it.

Feb 2014 Mastermind Results Fitness Mastermind Group

I posted a facebook status after the event wrapped up – “That first meeting in February (2013) I was nervous, didn’t know anyone, didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know exactly how to grow my business to what I wanted it to be or what it is I even wanted it to be.

Now this February, there was no being nervous, but excitement for the energy and seeing/networking with people we dont get to see often enough. I now have an RFU family, my business has seen a 100%+ growth, many small goals have been accomplished along the way and most importantly, family and friends gained along the way.”

Further proof that you always need to be learning and getting better as well as surrounding yourself with the right people and cutting off those who aren’t. Cant wait to start applying some of the things we went over in the mastermind, it’s going to be exciting.

After the mastermind a few of us went on a private one day coaching with one of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the country, Coach Dos. We observed a few of his training sessions with a couple of the teams he trains and spent some time on Q+A and then got some food. Definitely a great time as well.

One Day w Dos Crew

The next morning, I was going to get a workout in before the next event/certification started and was treated to being the workout partner for Alwyn Cosgrove himself on one of his powerlifting template workouts. A few people around Erie don’t know who he is, judging by a few questions I got on my facebook status about the workout but the long and short of it is he is the owner of Results Fitness (the most successful training centric gym in the country) and Results Fitness University as well as the leading authority and expert when it comes to fat loss training and of course, one of my biggest mentors and influences so this was definitely a treat for me and something I enjoyed greatly.

Dan and Alwyn

“Last up” for this post and my continuing education week as well as the main part of this blog post I wanted to touch on was the BodyMAP Level I Certification I took over the weekend. I summed up the weekend well with this facebook status…

Dan and Dax FB Status

As I said in the status, there isn’t much in the fitness profession I haven’t seen or heard or am familiar with so I never expect to be blown away and I was completely blown away. One of those learning adventures where it makes you rethink just about everything you know haha.

The “jist” of the BodyMAP principles is that the brain controls everything. We spent time getting people moving better, improving their performance but the reality is, if the brain (from a primal perspective) perceives a threat, it isn’t going to function optimally and that threat’s result could be decreased range of motion, pain or weakness. The BodyMAP covered how we can assess the brain and its senses in order to improve movement.

In the certification, Dax took one of the participants and coach at Results Fitness and brought her toe touch from only people able to reach slightly below her knee level, with significant pain in her lower back to a toe touch in which her palms nearly touched the floor – completely pain free. She may or may not have fallen in love with him on the spot.

It’s one of those things that is so freaky it is almost hard to believe until you see it with your own eyes. And as I have experimented with some clients and prospects since Ive been home – it certainly works and is crazy how quickly we can increase range of motion or decrease pain in a painful movement pattern or pain in general.

As fitness professionals we are always taught to refer out when people are in pain, which makes sense. But sometimes we end up referring people out to other professions who don’t even know as much as we do and give them an archaic diagnosis. So having the ability to “treat” pain with a simple drill and not even touch the client is a HUGE advancement that Im excited about.

So if you are in pain in general, have a painful movement pattern, restricted ranges of motion and a myriad of other issues (like chronic headaches, dizziness etc) the answer could very well just be a slight issue of your brain perceiving a threat that isn’t actually there. Stay tuned for some exciting things coming from Twoguns Training Systems and BodyMAP.

That is all for today, I’ll be back to the regular schedule next week.

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