Guest Blog Nine – Genevieve DeRose

Posted: February 14, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

Today we have our newest installment in the guest blogs series with “Pilates Gen” DeRose. She is a great success story and one I am particularly proud of because it took a lot of time and effort to convince her that lifting weights would not make her “bulky.” She claimed that any time she had in the past, she had gotten too muscular and “manly.”

She had resided to the fact that was she was doing currently wasn’t working but initially wasn’t ready to admit that the solution was lifting weights… and lifting heavy ones at that. It was a battle but we made it through and she is definitive proof that lifting heavy and responsibly (that is just as important) will not make a woman “bulky,” in fact it can and does make them smaller.

I’ll let her and her before picture(s) take over…

Gen Before

“So, here it is. Two years later, and I am finally ready to admit that I was wrong!

When I first met Dan, he was working on the floor at Nautilus. I was in the midst of my “normal” routine—triceps, abs, run. He stopped me and asked if he could show me some things. In typical Gen fashion I resisted…and then reluctantly let him show me an exercise.

Now, I KNOW better. I am also a fitness professional. I KNOW why trainers are important, and why it is essential to keep your body challenged. However, I had fallen back into doing only the exercises that I wanted to do. I was getting nowhere, fast. I was overweight. I wasn’t making any progress. I was unhappy and frustrated.

Gen Middle

I resisted pretty much EVERYTHING Dan wanted me to do. Pull-ups? No way! Deadlift? Heck no! I’m too old to care to do any of those exercises, plus I don’t want to get bulky. Sound familiar ladies???

After some persuasion, I agreed to start seeing Dan once a week in his TRX group personal training session he had at the time. I quickly realized how much I enjoyed Dan and his systems. I progressed to two days a week–one personal session, one group. Over two years later, I am now seeing Dan three personal days a week.

Dan treated me with kindness…and patience. Which wasn’t an easy task. I can be a terrible client—kind of the like the doctor being a bad patient.

Two years later, 25 pounds later, and the smallest (and least bulky) I have been in 15 years—I am a very happy girl. I deadlift. I lift heavy. I do pull-ups. I do more one-legged push-ups than I ever thought possible. Most of all– I feel confident.

Dan has not only helped me find my pre-baby body, but he has helped me push through the negative mind space I was in after a divorce. I honestly never in a million years thought I could be where I am right now again—physically and mentally.

For those considering a major lifestyle change…DO IT! Every person’s story is different; struggles individual, but Dan and Twoguns Training Systems works. You WILL persevere and achieve success!”

Gen After 1

Gen After 2

Getting Gen to agree to after pictures was no easy task so be sure to comment over on Facebook and let her know how great her progress has been and as always be sure to let me know what you think. Thanks for reading, talk to you next time.

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