Random Thoughts – 1/31

Posted: January 31, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

The New Year New You has been going amazing and clients are just crushing it. Proud of their progress so far and looking forward to the amazing transformations we are experiencing.

The Importance of a Team

Clean and Press Practice

Your team makes you stronger

One of the downfalls of the big box gym/average gym is that the whine and dine and schmooze you over in the sales process and sales pitch but then after that, they give you your yellow receipt and then off you go, they forget about you, barely speaking to you again past saying hello to you at the front desk and if they are zealous they remember your name or giving your guidance and structure towards your fitness goals.

For some people, the independence and doing their own thing by themselves is what they need, but for most people it isn’t ideal and research has shown that clients get better results, reach their fitness goals better and have more fun doing it in a group or on a team, which is particularly why Twoguns Training Systems utilizes semi-private personal training for their individualized programs and large group personal training as well.

You always have a team of professionals on staff to help you in your goals and equally important you have a team of peers supporting you in your journey and in theirs. Planet Fitness claims they are the judgment free zone, yet they pass judgment on pretty much everyone. That’s exactly not what we do. As I usually say, we are where responsible hard work meets truly judgment free.

Coaching Day

Just like Results Fitness University has Ed McKay and I’s back in the growth of our business. Twoguns Training Systems has your back in your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Fat Loss “For Dummies”

My buddy and one of my kettlebell mentors, Pat Flynn (of Chronicles of Strength) posted a great and simple blueprint for fat loss that I wanted to share…

“1. Instead of jogging, sprint.

2. Instead of “cardio”, front squat.

3. Instead of “toning”, get strong.

4. Instead of sugar, protein.

5. Instead of grains, veggies.

6. Instead of dessert, well, be an adult.

7. And “Instead of three meals a deal, if it be necessary, eat but one” (Thoreau).”

Simple, but truth.

Change and “Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”

A few years back, I used to be intimidated at the thought of change and having to evolve and adapt. It would stress me out and I wanted nothing more than to just sit back in whatever it was, work, fitness etc, somewhere that was comfortable and just be able to coast. The fact that something like fitness was ever changing and ever growing, was scary and the fact that we’d always have to be keeping up was intimidating and enough to cause hesitation.

I think that only really changed when I attended my first Perform Better Functional Training Summit. It showed me how very little I actually knew and how much I had to learn. But having the ability to learn and learn from the best, took away the intimidation. It caused a complete 180, now I thrive on the fact that I always need to be getting better myself to keep ahead in this field and it fires me up.

A lot of time, people (myself included) get comfortable being comfortable and refuse to step out of their comfort zone so they continue on in what’s comfortable even though it isn’t what is best for them. If you don’t grow, you simply stagnate. I first heard it directly from Alwyn Cosgrove but Im sure he got it form somewhere else, “You have to start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.” Simple but profound. Success is found at the end of your comfort zone. We have to learn to thrive off change and make ourselves better through it. Take the first step, whatever it is and go for it.

A New Luxury

“Is this your only job?”

Business mentor, Thomas Plummer posted this quote the other day…

Working in fitness used to be something you did until you moved on and got a real job. The average fit pro usually lasted less than 8 years and was gone. But that is changing. People now realize fitness can be your life’s work, and that you can spend the rest of your working career doing what you love. The day you declare to yourself and everyone in your life that this is it, this is my choice, and this is what I am going to do until you pry that last kettle bell out of my cold dead fingers, will be the best day of your life. The challenge is to keep moving forward and up so there will be enough money to pay for family and your life. Increasing your business skill set, advancing your knowledge, and trying different aspect of the fitness world all combine to keep you funded and mentally growing, which is vital to stay alive in this field. Many people waste their entire life searching for their perfect place in life, but maybe you have already found yours and you just haven’t yet told the world that you are exactly where the universe thinks you should be. Knowing what you want, who you are and where you are going makes for a very happy person in life and I hope that is you living a life in fitness. – Thomas Plummer

I wouldn’t say it is often, but it isn’t out of the ordinary that someone says to me, “Is this the only job you have?” or “Is this all you do for money?” I try not to be insulted by it because a lot of the time the average in the industry would warrant that question or be described as the beginning of the above Plummer quote or “just spending time until they get a “real” job.

But often Id just like to reply with, “Yeah after my 70-80 hours a week operating and working on and in my fitness business I go to my “real” job,” or “The tens of thousands of dollars I spend on continuing education and being the best that I can be is to get better at a hobby and part time job…” But I don’t because part of me understands where they are coming from – if speaking to the average personal trainer.

I cant think of any other career or profession where there is a bigger disconnect between the potential positive impact you can have on your clients and the actual perception of the profession and the professional/practitioner. But it does look like there is a positive shift coming in terms of the transition from spandex wearing rep counters to actual coaches and professionals in the field and that is a good thing. Until then I’ll keep working on changing the perception, learning more and getting better everyday and continuing to get clients exceptional results because while it may also be my hobby and passion, it is truly what I love doing, full time, forever.

That’s all for this installment. If you’ve made it this far through my rambling, do me a favor and head over to Facebook and comment on my link to this and let me know what you think even if its just “Enjoyed your read” or any other feedback you have, I appreciate it.

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