4 Keys To Success With Your 2014 Goals

Posted: January 20, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

The start of the new year always brings new goals and new year’s resolutions. While Im not a big fan of new year’s resolutions because I don’t believe you need it to be the start of the new year to accomplish something great or achieve a goal, I acknowledge their existence and do think that a time derived goal is better than no goal at all.

With that said, the most common occurrence among new year’s resolutions is that they don’t last past the first month or for the zealous, past the second month. Im going to make an attempt to combat that. Obviously we talk in the context of fitness and lifestyle goals here but these can more or less be relative to any goal you may have.

Here are four keys to success with your 2014 goals and new year’s resolutions…

Put Yourself First

One of the things we hear frequently is that people need to take care of their family, kids, etc and they don’t have time – to get in shape, eat healthy etc etc, yeah yeah yeah. A surefire and guaranteed way to not give all of your responsibilities the attention and effort they deserve is to not give yourself the attention and energy you deserve.


You need to put yourself first so that you have the energy and ability to take care of your kids, to excel at your job, to be able to get everything done your busy life entails. If you cant take care of yourself how are you going to be able to take care of your kids? Crush it at your job? People who are strong and in shape get more done.

Everyone is busy. The people who get the most done are the ones who put themselves first and take care of themselves so they operate optimally. When that happens, it is easier and easier to accomplish all of your other tasks. A friend and I always joke that people have no problem finding time to take their dog for a walk but don’t have time to take the same considerations for yourself. Take yourself for a walk or better yet a workout and make yourself better. You come first, everything else is secondary – and that doesn’t mean secondary isn’t important or imperative either.

Keep The Goal, the Goal – One Goal

Strength coach and mentor, Dan John popularized the quote, “Your goal is to keep the goal, the goal.” Whatever it may be, it applies. We set goals but how often do we always adhere to it? It sounds simple but when you break it down it really says it all. We often have a goal but we lose track or lose sight of that goal. Are each and every one of your actions conducive to your goal?

If your goal is fat loss and you find yourself at Dairy Queen, that action isn’t conducive to that goal. Same goal of fat loss – you skip your workout because “you just aren’t feeling it today”? You aren’t keeping the goal, the goal. Get it done. Having reminders all around of what you want to accomplish will help ensure that you are constantly and consistently working towards you goal.

I’ll add one addition to it. When we keep the goal, the goal. That is one goal. There is popular statistic that says when you set out to accomplish one goal, you have a ~90% chance of accomplishing it. When you set out on two concurrent goals, it goes down to a ~60% success rate. Three goals? Less than 20% success rate. Bottom line is when you set out on one goal and attack it with all your attention you have a tremendously higher likelihood of succeeding that when you add in extras. So keep one goal, the goal and crush it.

I’ll preface the next key to success with a warning that there is explicit language. Those who know me in person and on here know I rarely swear, but the quote I have is not too polite but I find it very true and powerful nonetheless…

Ignore Your Doubters

One of my favorites, the aforementioned quote…

“Finally, if I’ve learned one thing in the last 18 years that I’d say is of the utmost importance to impart upon other people, it’s that you should give no fucking thought whatsoever to what other people are doing, and even less thought to what they think of what you’re doing. Without question, that sounds pompous and solipsistic, but it’s fucking true. People, by and large, go out of their fucking way to suck, and try hard to make you suck with them. They’ll fight you tooth and nail on the latter, as they resent the shit out of the fact that you excel, as it sets the bar that much higher and reminds them of their myriad inadequacies… In short- fuck everyone. Fight hard, … study hard, play hard, lift hard, and generally be hard. Enjoy yourself, and be awesome. Everything else is bullshit. ” – Jamie Lewis’ Chaos and Pain blog.


In short, a lot of people are negative and while it sucks to think about, unless it is your immediate circle, they don’t always want to see you succeed, whether it is simply jealousy of your success or the fact that it makes them feel negatively about themselves and their shortcomings, I’ve found it to be the case more times than is fair.

This comes in many forms, whether it is simply putting you down, criticizing the way you eat (“that cant be healthy…”), criticizing what you are doing (“that’s bad for your knees/back/whatever”) or any negative bullshit – they simply have no idea what they are talking about and are just finding an excuse.

The bottom line here is unless you have their full support in what you are doing and what you are trying to accomplish – ignore everything they have to say. It is easier said than done, but have faith in what you want to accomplish and ignore the haters. They come out when you are doing something great and you cant let them get to you.

Last but not least…

Learn from/Hire the Best

Whatever your goal may be, fitness and exercise related or not you have to learn from the best. We live in an era of gimmicks, wannabes and quick fixes, you have to learn to look past them and find the best and learn from them. Anything or anyone that tells you it is easy and can be done in 4 minutes a day or with a magic stack of supplements isnt an expert and isn’t someone you want to learn from. The best have been there, done that and know the right way and can provide you the roadmap but cant drive you there. If you have a fitness goal, I know the best place in Erie if you are interested 🙂 If your goal isn’t fitness related, do some research, find the best and learn from them.

There you have it. Im sure it isn’t what you’d normally expect in terms of keys to having success in your goals but short of doing it for you, it is a great way to accomplish them.

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