Guest Blog Seven – April Blum

Posted: January 15, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

We have another client success story and guest blog from rockstar client, April Blum. I always use April as an example when people try to use the time excuse for not being able to work out. April has 8 kids and a full time job as a teacher. If that isn’t time constraints, I don’t know what is, but she still finds time to crush it in the gym and achieve fantastic goals.

I’ll let her takeover from here.

April Before…

April Before

April Before 2

(April’s first day of school, right before the Back to School Transformation Challenge)

“Hi, my name is April Blum. I am a 40 year old mother of eight (ages 21 to 2), who recently started the Twoguns Training Systems program. I gained quite a bit of weight when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism seven ago and had not been able to get it off. I am a busy woman with my children and husband, participating in many activities and organizations, working, and with all the running around and walking I’ve done I still could not lose any weight.

In the summer I would be so uncomfortable going for walks because my thighs would rub together and chafe. I wore loose clothing and was a “casual dresser” so I could be somewhat comfortable in the activities I did.

I had arthritis in both my knees, which was managed by taking large doses of pain meds three times a day. Walking or standing was painful, making the idea of “working out” an impossible thought. I had become resigned to the idea that I would be heavy the rest of my life, just like many members of my family. My grandmother passed away at 50 from complications from being morbidly obese. Many members of my family have diabetes, so it was simply a matter of time for me.

Then something happened…

Four months ago Dan challenged me, the other teachers, and principal at my school to a “Back to School Transformation Challenge.” I thought there was no way I would participate in this program, but when Dan spoke to us he had me at, “You do not have to run, or do extreme cardio to lose weight.” I took the opportunity and support of my family and jumped into the challenge.

My first day was fun, not easy, but NOT HARD either, not anything like what I thought it would be. Come to think of it, all the exercises we do at Twoguns Training Systems are not what I had psyched myself out for when I agreed to start the challenge. What amazed me from the beginning was the positive support and encouragement from the Twoguns team and how many different fitness levels were working together and allowing each person in the groups to attain success.

I found myself ENJOYING my workouts; what’s more, I actually LOOKED FORWARD to getting to the gym. Little by little I found that my clothes were fitting more comfortably, my energy levels were increasing, my pain was actually decreasing, and my mood was even better. I learned I didn’t need to eat 47 times a day (something I never would have been able to do) to lose weight. I ate foods I loved; I didn’t have to put a meal plan together, eat foods from a box, and take any diet pills, shakes or “sprinkles” to lose the weight.

April After 11-11

April After 2 11-11

(April’s After Pictures for the Back to School Transformation Challenge)

I won the challenge with a total loss of 25 pounds in 8 weeks and was hooked! I have lost 40 pounds to date since starting with Twoguns and am down 6 SIZES!!!!! I now see how my body is transforming into a leaner and stronger me I haven’t seen in over 20 years! I could never thank Dan or his team enough for giving me the ability to carry my two year old up and down the stairs to bed each night pain free, or the relief that I no longer need to take the pain medication for my arthritis that came with its own long term side effects.

My hope and encouragement goes out to all those who have similar circumstances to mine. Take the opportunity and transform, not just your body, but your life by joining Twoguns Training Systems!”

April After 1 14

April After 2 1 14

(Current April – 40+ pounds and many inches later)

April completely changed her life and started her true fitness journey all with an 8 week transformation challenge. It isn’t too late for you to do the same. Our next 8 week transformation challenge starts on January 30th. Apply here for this year’s New Year New You


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