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Posted: January 14, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

It has been a little while since there has been a random thoughts post up with all of the content pieces we’ve been posting so I thought we were due for one. It has been a crazy and busy last few weeks with the launch of the New Year New You transformation challenge and I couldn’t be happier with them way it has been shaping up. It is definitely going to be great and life changing for a lot of new and current members. If you haven’t check it out yet, the deadline to sign up is Friday, January 17th so stop procrastinating 🙂

Star 104 Bridal Expo

Bridal Expo

This past Sunday was the Star 104 Bridal Expo and Twoguns Training Systems had a booth. We raffled off a couple of entries to the New Year New You and it was a blast be able to meet new people and soon to be brides and show them an opportunity to change their life and see how we are changing the way fitness is done. If you saw us there and that’s how you found yourself here, be sure to check out our past blogs to see more about us and check us out on Facebook HERE and HERE.

Everything is Easier When You’re Strong

Here is a quote from one of my brutally honest business mentors, Thomas Plummer…

Here is something to work on with all of your clients this week. Avoid telling people what you do, meaning how you train, your style or your believes, and spend all week telling your clients what the expected outcomes will be if that client works with you. We get caught up on what we do, which to the client doesn’t really matter as much as, “What happens to me if I work with you.” It’s not the tool, it’s the carpenter and the clients will respond much more strongly to someone who projects them into the future. In other words, just focus on the outcomes the client can expect if he or she works with you and much less on the tools you will use to get it done.

This is a great point in terms of what we do. Our priority is getting people exceptional fat loss results and we do that through getting strong and utilizing the best and most effective training tools, programming and methodologies. We happen to use DVRT, we happen to use kettlebells, we happen to use the Ultimate Sandbag and other training tools but they are simply our means to what we do and are the future of functional fitness and fat loss.

This brings me to the point of this thought and the title. The foundation of training for fat loss and what truly works is getting strong and true strength training. How you choose to do it has a few options but it comes down to getting strong through strength training. It wont make you bulky, look like a man (unless you are already a man) or grow facial hair but it will make everything you do in life from carrying kids up the stairs, to bringing groceries in, sprinting to the car because it is raining, for body composition changes like fat loss, chasing a child or grandchild and even for having the wiggle room in your diet to enjoy some dessert or a cheat meal more often. Literally everything in life is easier when you are strong.

Mainstream Media and Fitness

The other day the television was on as I was doing some work and it was a “special new years fitness resolutions special” on CNN or one of the CNN affiliates (why this channel was on, I couldn’t tell you). But regardless the special started and it was broken down into tips/advice for specific fields like medical, nutrition, exercise and one more I didn’t stay long enough to catch.

The first was medical and I didn’t expect too much but the advice actually echoed my last thought and was “In 2014 you need to get strong.” She followed with it is good for your bones and good for weight/fat loss. I started to think this segment might not be too bad.

But then the nutrition part came. I thought it would be eat more protein or eat more fiber or eat less carbohydrates but it was, “eat produce and fruit at every meal.” Blah. Not the worst thing in the world but still not the best especially when no female eats enough protein, eats too many carbs and not enough fiber. I like green veggies at every meal but not fruit. It is a good for you source of sugar but it is still a sugar and needs to be addressed at such and not even at every meal making your insulin levels go crazy. So not too bad a segment, but not great.

Then came the exercise segment to which the “expert” said, “For fat loss and toning the key in 2014 is to do something you enjoy. Enjoying what you do is more important than what you are doing. Zumba, walking, running,…” etc. I face palmed, stopped listening and turned off the television.

Face Palm

Here’s why…

First, I understand that a lot of things are better than doing nothing, but not everything. And then again some things like walking have diminishing returns at a fairly early point. Also, the fact that you enjoy it doesn’t make it more effective, it just means you are more likely to do it more often, which matters to a point but certainly isn’t the biggest factor.

A couple of thoughts on this…

– (Kind of echoing the above…) Strength training is still the catalyst and priority of fat loss whether you enjoy it or not, so you should find time (and/or someone to learn from) to do it and do it right. If you only have 2-3 hours a week to workout, it should be done strength training and with a suitable diet. The best ab exercise is still broccoli.
– Aerobic activity/jogging gained popularity because it was easy and cheap, not because it was effective (speaking in terms of fat loss and fitness here).
– Aerobic activity/jogging/etc are a decent source of exercise only after you’ve put in the 2-3 hours of strength training in the week. The foundation built by it exacerbates the effectiveness of low intensity things. Without it, it simply does not work as well.
– For sedentary, out of shape people who move poorly things like crossfit, insanity and p90x are not better than nothing because of the extremely high likelihood of injury.

The bottom line is you will be more likely to do something if you enjoy it but that doesn’t make it more effective or the thing that works. The key to fat loss is getting strong and strength training. I can understand it not being everyone’s first choice, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that in terms of research and real world application it is what works. If you don’t know where to start, I know some great fitness professionals who have all the answers for you and just need you to show up. Check out the New Year New You to see how.

That’s all for today. We have a couple more blogs coming up in the week including a great fat loss story/testimonial/guest blog from a busy mother of 8. Stay tuned and as always, be sure to let us know what you think and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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