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Posted: January 9, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

It has been a little while since we have had a client’s guest blog/testimonial up and we have a couple of good ones lined up. The first is Candy Kemp. Candy didn’t join the Twoguns Training Systems family because she wanted to lose fat or dress sizes like the majority of our clientele. She joined because she had osteoporosis and could no longer do the things she enjoyed without pain or simply being unable to do them. She wanted to get stronger and she wanted to fight her osteoporosis as best she could. And she has definitely killed them both.

This first time I ever spoke to Candy, the first thing she said to me was “Listen, Im old, (she was 60) and I cant do things a lot of things and things everyone else can and Im okay with that.” To which I replied, “Age is simply a number that doesnt matter to me in the least. We judge what you can and cant do by assessments and what you actually can and cant do, not by what an arbitrary numbers tells us. And I guarantee you will be able to do things you think you cant with strength, practice and commitment.” She gave me a funny look that was scared but interested/excited at the same time and it all started from there. A great journey and great friendship.

But I wont give too much more away and I’ll let Candy take over…

“Lifting has never been part of my fitness routine; but, after three months in a nonweight bearing foot cast, I was weak. Add to that a diagnosis of osteoporosis; I was anxious. I knew weight-bearing exercises could improve both, but I lacked confidence, and I believed I was too weak and too old to make any progress. However, one afternoon in December, on a whim, I hired Danny Twoguns as my trainer.

I repeatedly told him, “I’m weak and old, and I have a newly healed broken foot.” His response was that age doesn’t matter–anyone can improve strength, and that he’d watch out for the healed foot. “Let’s go have some fun, CandyKemp!” he said. FUN? … YIKES!

After two sessions, I knew Dan was not only knowledgeable in his corrective instruction technique, but he had an intuitive ability to adapt a program for my needed gains in strength and stability. I continued with Dan and his system, hoping for change. My foot responded well, but the conclusive test came in April—the DEXA scan. My results were so encouraging. I no longer had osteoporosis! I had moved into the osteopenia category. My physician was pleased and said that if more women would engage in weight-bearing exercise, osteoporosis could be managed with little to no medication. (BTW: I have never taken any medication.)

That was almost two years ago.

Though bone mass is the most important gain, I have gained so much more than bone mass. Confidence, strength, and hope cannot be seen with a diagnostic machine, yet I have them.

I look forward to active senior years. Dan’s coaching style inspires me to believe I’m strong because I see the proof, and instructs me on the reason behind the exercise so that I trust my program. Although gardening can still strain a few muscles, completing two triathlons, a few 5K’s, and a half-marathon posed little problem. I’m looking forward to lifting my kayak to the roof of my car next spring so that I can go have some FUN. Oh, did I mention my eighteenth month old granddaughter? Well, she and I play and play, and dance and dance.

Thanks, Dan and the Twoguns Training Systems team.”


Great story from Candy, I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be posting another client guest blog next week as well. And of course, if you are interested in changing you life and finding out how we change the way fitness is done, the New Year New You transformation chaillenge is a perfect starting place.

  1. Shelly Frndak says:

    That’s my sister!!! She is my inspiration.

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