What Exactly Is DVRT?

Posted: January 2, 2014 by dannytwoguns in Articles

This is one of the more popular questions I get from clients, prospective clients and people looking for information on what we do – People hear and know that Twoguns Training Systems is the Only Gym in Erie that is a DVRT Certified Facility.

DVRT Certified Facility

And that leads them to “Well what exactly is DVRT?” To be put simply, DVRT is a system and stands for Dynamic Variable Resistance Training and it is one of the main components that make up programming at our facility. The staple implement for DVRT is the Ultimate Sandbag. This is how I was introduced to DVRT. I had been playing around with an Ultimate Sandbag with exercises I had researched and was thoroughly enjoying them, their results and some of the things they could offer that other implements could not. So I went to a DVRT Level I and II certification weekend to learn more about the Ultimate Sandbag.

What I got was so much more than the Ultimate Sandbag. I was introduced to a whole new perspective on programming and how we approach fitness and true functional training. The DVRT system includes…

– How to regress (make easier) and progress exercises and how to do so with more than simply adding and subtracting weight. One of the downfalls in a lot of programs is that they base difficulty solely off of more or less weight. There is beauty in being able to progress exercises with the same load. We can vary the stability of the implement (why the Ultimate Sandbag fits in perfectly with DVRT), we can vary position of the implement, the stance in which you perform the exercise, direction the exercise is performed, adding complexity to the exercise and much more.

– How to train in all three planes of motion which include front to back (sagittal), side to side (frontal) and rotational (transverse). It “fills in the gaps.” Life moves in multiple directions and so should your training. I tend to joke with clients who love to jog – the fastest way to make them sweat is to make them do something side to side or rotationally because they are so used to front to back movements that any other type of movement exhausts them.

Peoples exercise programs pretty much train in the front to back direction and front to back plane but there are a lot of movements in every day life that you don’t set yourself into an even stance and solely move front to back. Everyday motions and tasks exist in all directions and all movements, DVRT allows you to train that. It is excellent for function but also for fat loss because the body is so inefficient at doing so.

– How to create multi-dimensional, dynamic core stability. Tying into the above, we are able to train the core as a stabilizing function, which we should be doing in general, but also in a more complete manner. I’ve had multiple clients who were having lower back issues and by training the core in a rotational (or anti-rotational) fashion, cleared their back pain right up. It was just a weakness in the core and not one that endless planks could solve and that crunches just made worse. They needed to train the muscle that allow them to rotate or resist rotation safely.

– Safely develop power and utilize dynamic exercises for all populations. Martin Rooney said, “People didn’t lose power because they got old, people got old because they lost power.” Power is one of the first things we start to lose as we get older and the older we/a client gets, the more important it is to train power. The one drawback people find is that it is hard to find quality power exercises for older or injured populations. The DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag solve that problem.

Im a perfect example. I would love to be able to do power cleans with a barbell. But my shoulder simply does not allow it – same goes for the older population. But the Ultimate Sandbag Clean (or Clean and Press) allows a shoulder friendly alternative while still being able to get in that dynamic power work that we all need.

There is so much more but those are the main aspects that we utilize it for to better serve clients and get them results even faster. So who uses it and who is it for?

When I say that it has its place and a significant place at that in all of our clients programs, it’s the truth.

Mother of 8 – Down 40 pounds – Fat loss and Power development…

DVRT April

College Soccer Player – More explosive, lateral strength, power and single leg stance stability…

DVRT Courtney

DVRT Courtney 2

64 year old with Parkinsons – Functional and dynamic core stability…


Pilates Studio Owner – Single Leg Stance Corrective

DVRT Gen Corrective 2

Rotational/Tranverse Plane Upper Body Strength…

DVRT Gen 3

DVRT has applications for any client and any goal and has a particularly effective application to our fat loss specialty at Twoguns Training Systems. Come check out how DVRT can work for you and your fat loss goals in the upcoming 8 week fat loss challenge, the New Year New You and change the way fitness is done. For more information feel free to contact on Facebook or call (516) 510-2665.


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