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Posted: December 13, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

Things have been moving along nicely, as usual it has been a while since I’ve been over here but there are not only big things for 2014 at Twoguns Training Systems in general, but there is for the blog as well so stay tuned for sure. For now, we have another Random Thoughts post, ranging from the 21 Day Detox to thinking outside the box to hypermobility in females to fitness success.

21 Day Detox

The Twoguns Training Systems 21 Day Detox Challenge is nearing its halfway point and it is definitely going well. I’ve personally been doing it with the participants and I have to say, it is definitely something that Im going to stick with when it is over. The amount of energy, decrease in feeling “bloated” and overall increased well being I have on the diet is crazy. I already don’t drink alcohol and try to keep sugar to a minimum anyway, so the main difference for me has been the elimination of grains/wheat as well as dairy (which is mainly cheese and greek yogurt because I already don’t do milk etc) so it will be interesting to see which one I should be avoiding most when I start to reintroduce.

Only issue that seems to be coming up among clients is that they are hungry, which I personally don’t understand because the detox doesn’t limit your quantity. I actually eat more now than usually on it. So if you are participating, get to eating more.

“Wow, that’s so tight”

I drove to New Jersey this past weekend for the Perform Better 1 Day Learn By Doing seminar and one of the presentations was by Mike Boyle and in his hands on component, he was going over foam rolling and stretching protocols they use at his facility. I was next to a group of females as we were going through the stretches.

The two immediately next to me, did the hamstring/leg raise stretch as prescribed and both were way further than the average range of motion in the room and well outside the normal range of motion as well – this is called hypermobility – not uncommon in the average female. What I found off wasn’t their extreme range of motion, Im fairly used to seeing that in clients, but it was the fact that as both of them got into the stretch, they both looked at each other and said “Wow, that’s so tight.”


It isn’t possible to be “tight” when you are at the extreme end of a range of motion. You can feel something in those muscles but it certainly isn’t tightness. It is probably they opposite – a lack of stability to allow you to even get to that excessive range of motion, not mobility or tightness. If you are one of those females (and some males too – Im one of them) who can palm the floor during your toe touch or get into crazy ranges of motions at the hip and shoulders, you need to train stability of those joints far more than mobility.

Our “All or Nothing” Mentality

I was talking to a client the earlier this week and we were talking about general adherence to a healthy lifestyle. The intricacies of it aren’t always simple like how should I workout or what/when/how exactly should I eat but the foundation surely is. You need to workout and you need to avoid foods that you know are not good for you. And most people know that they should eat more protein, eat more vegetables, eat less processed/fake foods and eat less sugar.

So what is the main detractor? I think a major part of it is the “all or nothing” mentality we have with everything…

“Well I slipped up and had (cake/cookies/fast food/whatever), so the day is wasted I might as well eat whatever I want and start tomorrow…”
“Well I slipped up yesterday and had (cake/cookies/fast food/whatever), so the week is wasted I might as well eat whatever and start up Monday…”
“Well I slipped up last week and…” you see where this is going…

Everyone has done it to some extent, myself included. If every time you slipped up, you got right back on board, people would be seeing their goals and lifestyle desires far more frequently. A healthy diet and lifestyle isn’t an all or nothing proposition that once you are out, you’re out. You are always in and it should be looked at as a series of small wins, not one loss that tanks your whole month.

Next time you “cheat” when you aren’t supposed to, make it a point that your next meal is the healthiest one of the week. Protein and green veggies. And you are right back on track. It is no longer an excuse. If you get off, hope right back on.

Outside the Box

Outside the Box

like any time I do a lot of driving, I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks. One audiobook that I listened to start to finish was Colin Cowherd’s “You Herd Me!” which is essentially his musings and philosophies on all things sports related (he is a radio host and sports commentator).

One thing that stood out as I was listening, which seems to be a recurring trend in successful people is that they avoid conventional thinking and think “outside the box.” I really don’t like the term but haven’t found anything better fitting so it is what it is. A great quote, which Im probably misquoting a little is, “If you find yourself in the majority, change what you’re doing,” fits well as well.

Now there is no value in being contrarian for the sake of being so but the reality is thinking outside the box and away from the norm tends to be the best approach. The most popular way isn’t always the correct way. Running/distance jogging comes to mind. It doesn’t work for fat loss and it leads to overuse injuries but it is commonly referred to as the default means of exercise. Maybe because it is cheap and easy but certainly not because it is effective but it could also be simply because that is what everyone else is doing.

The people who most often think “outside the box” also tend to be the most progressive thinkers as well.

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