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Posted: November 26, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

There has been a lot going on lately and definitely all good things. The following for the 21-Day Detox has been great and we are getting ready to roll everything out. Here are a couple random thoughts, future happenings and the winner of the free entry into the 21-Day Detox Challenge from the contest…

“Burn the Bird” Workout

The Twoguns Training Systems first annual, “Burn the Bird” workout will be held this upcoming Saturday, November 30th at 9am. This workout marks the kickoff for the 21-Day Detox Challenge but it is also free for anyone, not just members and not just participants in the challenge – everyone. So if you’ve been curious how we operate or your friend who has been asking what you have been doing – here is the time to get yourself/them in here. Enjoy an on the house Metabolic Workout to increase muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Come in and make right what you did wrong on Thanksgiving and don’t let the holiday excuses bog you down.

21-Day Detox Challenge Contest

Last week and earlier today, I posted a picture on Facebook…

Molly 1.5# Weight Loss

Picture is a before and after picture of Molly Galbraith and contestants were asked to guess how much weight she had lost from left to right. Molly weighed 185 in the picture on the left. For how much she lost, guesses included…


And what did she weigh in the after picture? 183.5 pounds – a 1.5 pound weight difference.

It is a perfect example that the scale doesn’t matter – even a little bit. Obviously she looks completely different and better, gained a whole lot of muscle mass, lost a bunch of fat, lost some dress sizes in the process and yet – “only” lost 1.5 pounds.

This is why at Twoguns Training Systems, one of the first things we tell people is to ditch the scale, it doesn’t tell the story at all. Measurements, bodyfat, the mirror and clothing/dress sizes are all you need.

To view the blogpost where Molly showed those pictures and the story that goes along with them, click HERE.

As for the winner of the free entry… No one got it right so no one wins.

Just kidding, the two closest were Heidi Noggle and Lindsey Clinger who will each win an entry into the challenge. Congratulations!


21 Day Detox Manual Pic

If you have already signed up/paid for the 21-Day Detox, your manual is ready to be picked up. Stop by and grab one or pick it up during your training session. There is 21 recipes, all the rules, guidelines etc. Packed with great information.

That is it for this post, if you have any questions feel free to contact me either here or on Facebook.

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