Random Thoughts – 21-Day Detox Edition

Posted: November 19, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

The amount of attention the 21-Day Detox has gotten since my announcement of it on Saturday has been pretty significant. Definitely exciting and I think it is going to be an interesting spin on the average holiday indulgences and excuses. I’ve been getting a few questions and feedback so I figured a post on here would be a good idea.


“Do I have to drink a cleanse product? gag me drink?” or some variation of such.

No, no supplement is mandatory and no “cleanse” product even mentioned. I strongly recommend a multi-vitamin and have those to offer if people choose to but this 21-Day Detox is based more around being an “elimination diet” rather than having to add something. We take away things that are toxic, addictive or just plain bad for you and watch all the benefits occur.

“What can I eat?”

There will be a full food list of what you can eat, a full list of what you cannot and 21 full recipes of potential meal ideas to choose from.

“I thought you didn’t support cleanses and detoxes?”

There is a significant difference between cleanse and detox in my opinion. Cleanse to me says you are taking something to clean you out where as detox doesn’t mean you have to add anything, just as in our case, avoid things.

I openly do not support cleanses like AdvoCare and the like for clients or anyone really. I don’t judge or criticize those that do in any way, it just isn’t something I support. I don’t want to get into too many details here but mainly it’s because they are more of a multi-level marketing scheme than an actual fitness protocol, plus they are expensive. It is about making money, not helping people.

This 21-Day Detox is solely meant to help you the user and requires no other supplements other than a multi-vitamin – just a strict diet plan aimed at detoxing the body from the things you put in it to show you which foods your body does better without. Not to pump you full of more supplements. Again, it’s about eliminating, not adding.

“Can we have whey protein and if so, what kind of protein powder?”

Whey based proteins are out because of the detox protocol of eliminating dairy. Since most of the protein powders people get come from whey, I will be ordering some more of the protein powder I use which is an egg white protein which mixes easy, tastes good and fits in with the detox. Let me know if you are interested in that and I will pick some up for everyone.

“$150 is expensive for a detox.”

I got this one twice and it baffled me both times. Considering that any cleanse I’ve seen, like AdvoCare, costs almost $200 and doesn’t include any training, but rather supplements and you paying affiliate commissions, I find it a bargain to not only get a detox diet protocol, all the things I listed AND 3 weeks worth of personal training from the only fitness facility in Erie operated by a #1 best selling fitness author. The value is killer and so will be the results. I can absolutely understand, “I don’t have the money” but for what you are getting and the value, it isn’t expensive.

“Can I sign up online?”

You have to sign up with me, in person. It allows us to meet prior, get to know each other, do a movement screen/assessment and give you the information beforehand rather than just signing up online and then having it be a more complicated process than it has to be.

That’s all for today. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me or sign up. Get in touch either on Facebook or call, (516) 510-2665.

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