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Posted: November 15, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

It has been an eventful last few weeks. I was on the west coast two weekends in a row in my constant pursuit of learning and getting better. The first trip was to California for another Results Fitness University Mastermind/Mentorship meeting immediately followed by heading to Phoenix for the DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) Master Trainer Course. Then the next weekend was spent back in California at the EKG (Evolution Kettlebell Groundwork) 2-Day Intensive Workshop. It was a physically and mentally exhausting two weeks, but absolutely worth the education and knowledge they gave. Here are a couple of random thoughts…

DVRT Master Trainer Course Thoughts

This past Mastermind was the best I’ve attended so far in my mentorship and am getting set to implement a lot of the great business action items I received. There isn’t much more to say here in terms of that yet but there is some in terms of the DVRT Master Trainer Course. I posted a little about it over on my other blog about 3 Lessons From The DVRT Master Trainer Course.

There is some good stuff over there about the newly implemented Clean and Press Test and the DVRT Correctives Course but what I wanted to touch on here was the power of community. How beneficial and amazing it was being around so many successful, like-minded and positive individuals all coming together as a team cannot be quantified in words. I’ve made it a goal to eliminate all negativity and build an amazing team and as positive and goal-oriented community at Twoguns Training Systems as I can. It has been going great at the new space and Im honored to be a part of the new location to prosper and grow and also to do the same with the DVRT Master Trainers and DVRT itself.

If you want to check out some of the great information from the EKG 2-Day Intensive Workshop, you can check that out HERE.

Both the DVRT and EKG systems are both parts of the great future of the fitness industry in my opinion, be sure to keep a look out for their integration into the business systems and programming. It’s going to be great.

Fitness Industry Knowledge Bombs

Mentor and creator of Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT) and the Ultimate Sandbag, Josh Henkin recently posted an excellent post over on Facebook…

Four common sayings in the fitness industry that hurt our profession…

“There is nothing new, everything has been done before”
This is funny as this is often said on things like Facebook (pretty new), with devices that are pretty new. In other words, most other industries look to advance their technology and understanding. For some reason fitness pros feel like evolution and growth is a bad thing? We know more about the body today than ever before, how can we possibly not want to grow and evolve what we do. You may say that medicine has been around for centuries, I doubt you would want to be treated by a doctor even a 100 years ago!

“A tool is just a tool”
Could you imagine if a barber used scissors instead of a razor? How about a contractor used a saw instead of a hammer? There are so many other industries that understand that the tools they use change outcomes. The same goes for what we do, however, adhering to this idea simply means our tools aren’t valuable. Their only purpose is to apply random variety to a fitness program.

“Weight is just weight, the body doesn’t know any different”
Besides being proven incorrect in research overall, you don’t have to be a scientists to know this is wrong. Have you benched with dumbbells and barbells? 99% of the people can not dumbbell bench what they can barbell bench. Leverage, dimension, position, can all impact how a load feels.

“There are too many certifications out there”
A certification should be an opportunity to further your education. Relying on simply what you learned in school, 20 years ago, or just what you have always done keeps our profession from growing, that is why they are called CONTINUING education. Just like anything there are good and bad programs, over time the bad ones won’t make it and the good ones will become standards. A certification is called such because it measures your comprehension of the material shared at the program, why is that a bad thing? I can’t imagine an industry that gets upset about all the opportunities to learn and grow their profession. As I said, bad programs won’t last and what is meaningful to you may be different to someone else.

Until we decide as a profession to stop using sayings that make us look stuck and incapable of growth, the mainstream is going to have a hard time taking us seriously as an industry.

It is hard to put it any better than that. The fitness industry is evolving so fast and improving even faster, there is no reason to be resistant to change, stick to old training modalities and systems, and not be constantly learning and improving.

The Price of Fitness

Quote from one of the fitness industry’s best business coaches, Thom Plummer…

I hate people who bitch about the price of fitness. How can you stand there 40 pounds overweight and miserable and tell me you can’t afford fitness. You can’t afford to walk free in the park? You can’t afford to turn off the television and walk your equally fat dog? Take a family of four to a movie and you spend about $60 for two hours, or about $2 per day averaged over a month. Go to a decent team training gym of any type and you can usually get unlimited coaching from a trained professional for about $4 per day. Fitness is the best buy for the money in good times and bad. … “Dude, really, you can’t afford fitness, but you definitely found a way to afford fat? Spending money in the gym is the single best thing you can do to save your own life. Now give me your cash and get your big butt in the gym now and no more excuses or I will beat your junk food addled brain into the carpet.” Come on, wouldn’t you want to scream this just once at someone? Wow, I feel better just writing this. Back to work.

Unnecessarily harsh and rude, but the overall message makes sense. As said earlier, the fitness industry is evolving and getting better at a rapid pace and there is no better time to invest in yourself and your future in fitness. The $10-$40 a month box gyms/big fitness facilities where you rent treadmills and machines with no guidance or support after you’ve been sold a yellow copy of your contract and left on your own have failed fitness. But the training gyms that offer expert personal training and guidance and constant support are the future and want to bring back fitness.

That is it for now. I aim to be on here more regularly as well as updating the Twoguns Training Systems page on Facebook. Stay tuned. I’ll finish with a quote from Tucker Max that I thought was powerful…

“You decide who you become by what you do. The accumulation of decisions you make about where you focus your time and effort is what determines who you ultimately become. Excellence is not a single act, it is a habit. I dont think most people really understand this.”

  1. “Dude, really, you can’t afford fitness, but you definitely found a way to afford fat?”
    It may be unnecessarily hard and rude but certainly hits the nail squarely on the head!

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