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Posted: October 15, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

It’s been a while on the blog post from aside from the Guest Blogs. It has been an extremely busy time between moving/upgrading facilities, my book coming out and hitting #1 best seller status, the business growing and continually trying to change the way fitness is done. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Lisa’s guest blog post went over well as the guest blogs usually do. Next up we have some random thoughts. They are a little ranty but those are usually the ones that people enjoy the most. As always, let me know what you think either on here or on Facebook.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

One of the most common and popular pieces of advice from high level mentors/teachers in pretty much any field you look at and especially the fitness profession, relates to the above Jim Rohn quote and its offspring quote, “If you want to be successful you have to start spending time with successful people.” This also works the other way in the fact that spending time with unsuccessful and negative people will also make you the same. There are so many crappy and negative people in life in general that need to be avoided, but in the fitness industry especially with so many lies from all over that that is an easier said than done task sometimes.

I was always easily able to cut ties with negative people/former friends when I saw that they didn’t actually bring any value to my life (as has happened as early as four to six months ago) as to stay true to the above quote. What I didn’t realize is that is also applies to business situations.

When I initially moved into my new facility I was going to still keep a couple clients over at Nautilus and train there part time for those who the new location wasn’t the most convenient of moves for but recent developments have forced me to cut ties altogether with Nautilus and leave it for good. It was a little bit of mixed emotions because I spent so much time and energy there, first as an intern, then as an employee and trainer on staff, then to contracting out studio space but at the same time it is also a huge “weight off of my shoulders” and positive feeling.

Finally getting away from all of that negative energy and bad business has already yielded positive results for me personally. Negative energy brings you down and even though it might not be convenient or easy, I now make it a priority to be get rid of it in all aspects and am glad I don’t have it bringing me down anymore. I often joke with people that Nautilus is the perfect case study for what not to do as a business and as an owner myself, that effected me and my business even though we were separate entities. Im already feeling less tired and worn down and it’s a good feeling. Cut out the negativity completely, or as much as humanly possible.

“We must all wage an intense, lifelong battle against the constant downward pull. If we relax, the bugs and weeds of negativity will move into the garden and take away everything of value.” – Jon Rohn

The Fitness Industry Lies

I like to think that in the grand scheme of things, “fitness” in general shouldn’t be that hard. Unfortunately, it isn’t true. In an industry that has set the bar so low and continues to move it even lower, the average person/majority of people get mislead and lied to so often that it is no wonder they don’t know where to go, who to trust or if there even is a positive answer.

The industry predominantly tells you two things right now. The first is that you have to be lying in a cold sweat in a pile of your own vomit after your workout to get in shape. The other is that you can get any result you want in 7 minutes a day or jogging endlessly on a treadmill or with a miracle wrap. They all contradict each other and are completely wrong. The answer of course lies in the middle, but it isn’t as “badass” as working yourself into the ground and it isn’t as easy as a miracle wrap or 7 minutes to rock hard abs.

Unlike most in the fitness industry, I wont lie and sugar coat anything. It takes effort, some things you haven’t done, things that might be out of your comfort zone, things that expose your weaknesses. You will sweat, in the beginning there will be some soreness (but it isn’t necessarily an indicator of a good workout and will fade over time) and it wont be easy.

And ideally, if you do it correctly and with a high quality fitness professional (I can put you in touch with one, let me know đŸ™‚ ) you can do it in three hours a week, not have to do any traditional “cardio” or long slow distance running or puke or run yourself into the ground with random exercises to make you tired.

Along the same lines as the above…

In my last week at Nautilus, I saw someone who had a Best Fitness water bottle with an iRoc Fitness sticker over the Best Fitness logo and was working out at Crossfit Big Fish. My immediate reaction was it belonged to a “fitness tourist” who I probably don’t want as one of my clients, but as I thought about it a little more, it could be someone bouncing from cheap option to gimmick to next new though ineffective thing but it also could be someone who is constantly disappointed with fitness because they are never actually delivered what they are promised. And that could definitely be the case.

I hope to change that. I was told the other day by a client that she thought the thing that separated me from other options in Erie is that I genuinely cared about my clients and their results. If that is how low the bar is set for the industry here that all someone has to do is care, that’s not a good thing. But I do care and genuinely want all clients, current, past and future to achieve whatever it is their fitness goal is. When a client comes in and hires me, it isn’t their goal, it is our goal. Im as invested in it as they are. My other goal is for them to have one water bottle, with one logo of the place they currently workout out at and my place can definitely be that place.


In a recent facebook conversation on the status of one of my clients, he and his friend were talking about getting started working out. His friend said that he just didn’t have the time with work. It later came out that he was a teacher. I love teachers – they happen to be by and far the most popular profession/career among my clients, having over 10 teacher clients. They like many other careers, have the time.

I mean this in the most positive way possible but if you “only” work 40 hours a week, you have the time. This by no means intends to discredit those that do or say that 40 hours a week is nothing and not a commendable thing, it is, especially if you’re a teacher because kids (especially not your own) are exhausting.

But 8 hours a day, 5 days a week leaves you more than enough time to workout and time to completely change your life via fitness. 40 hours in a week is a tiny bit less than 25% of your hours in a week and I only need 3 hours a week from you to guarantee any goal you wish to accomplish. And the beauty of that is it makes you more productive in your other hours because you move, look and feel better.

The time is there, invest your time and money into yourself and your body. The return on investment is extraordinary.

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