Guest Blog Five – Lisa Mitchell

Posted: October 10, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

Of the four past guest blogs I’ve posted from Twoguns Training Systems client success stories, they have all been based around our amazing fat loss transformations. And while that is what we are definitely becoming known for and specialize in, it isn’t the only thing we do. The next two guest blog posts are going to revolve around different goals and amazing success stories that aren’t related to fat loss/weight loss. The first up is Lisa Mitchell. Aside from being the strongest female client we have, she has made a tremendous transformation and has a great story. I’ll let her take over…

“I figured many have written about their weight loss successes. My story is a little different as Dan would probably agree. I came to Dan wanting to gain…… Muscle mass of course. I started at 5’-8” and 135lbs. Now nearly two years later I’m tipping the scales at 155lbs… and happy with it. I still fit in all my clothes, but wear them much differently.

I’m proud of my new busting shoulder muscles and proud that I hit a new PR (Personal Record) of 205lb rear-elevated split squat. I honestly wish more girls wanted to be physically stronger and not fixate on a number on the scale.

I’m 29 years old and the heaviest I’ve ever been, but also in the best shape I’ve ever been. I don’t fear 30 and plan on becoming much stronger in the upcoming years.

Dan has been exactly what I needed to push myself to that next physical level. I consider myself to be a female athlete and take it seriously despite many, especially men who doubt a woman is capable of great physical strength. My only goal is to continue training hard and lifting heavy with Dan as my trainer and motivator. Dan, you have always encouraged me and never laughed at my far out there physical goals.

Danny Twoguns continues to work with me and I plan to reach my 300lb deadlift goal here in the very near future. I write this to encourage and hopefully inspire other women like me to throw aside the pesky scale. Pick goals like setting new PR’s at the gym not reaching some worthless number on the scale that doesn’t truly represent your real physical health.

Every few months I bask at the newest little muscle I have showing and feel amazing when I bump up a little higher on the weights. Dan listens to what YOUR personal goals are and helps you achieve them even if it seems a little strange to others. Dan never makes me feel embarrassed and is the first to push me when I can’t seem to push myself.

I’ve never really come out and thanked Dan so I hope writing this blog let’s him know how appreciated he is….. Thank You Mr. Twoguns!! You have and will accomplish many more great things, while helping others do the same.”

Lisa 2

Lisa 1

Dan back – Lisa has absolutely been killing it and although I don’t have a before picture of her, you can definitely see the progress she had made in her goals and keeps kicking ass. Here’s to her future 300 pound deadlift 🙂

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