Random Thoughts – 8/16

Posted: August 15, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Random Thoughts

It seems I’ve been making a habit out of apologizing for being absent on here and that will be coming to an end. The being absent, not the blog in general haha. Officially back on track and you can look forward to consistent greatness and regular content from the blog.

Last week was an incredibly productive and even more busy week that consisted of a trip to the west coast for my Results Fitness University private coaching day with Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove, Elias Scarr, Mike Wunsch and Craig Rasmussen of Results Fitness as well as three power packed days at the Long Beach Functional Training Summit.

There will be a couple of posts about that because it was an amazing week with even better information, but for now I’ll leave you with a short Random Thoughts post because I haven’t in a while and they always get the best feedback.

Jammin Jesse

I want to start it off with giving a shout out to Twoguns Training Systems client success story, “Jammin” Jesse Graffius of Rocket 101 and Rock Your Rolls Off Fame who just short of 7 months into his training with us has hit a 50 pounds net total mark. I say net because he has lost more fat than that and gained a bunch of muscle in the process as well as going from “that stiff guy” who couldn’t move to moving like a beast. Proud of him and his continued progress.

Get With The Program

My upcoming book, “Get With The Program” has an official release date of September 19th. Im getting rather excited for it and hope I can get everyone to come to a book launch and signing when it comes out. I cant wait, it is a great step in continuing to change the way fitness is done, especially in Erie where it is done so poorly.


The School of Greatness

I’ve been very into audiobooks and podcasts lately. One podcast I’ve come across at the recommendation of one of my mentors in the Fitness Consulting Group is The School of Greatness. It is hosted by Lewis Howes (he does Crossfit but don’t hold that against him haha), who is a former athlete and current entrepreneur who interviews other successful people. That is a bland description on my part but the podcast is amazing for motivation and nuggets of wisdom all throughout. Get on iTunes and subscribe to it. Its free and absolutely worth a listen.

What Do You Want to Hear/Read?

In making blogging a priority now, I want to know what kind of information you readers, want to hear/read? The Random Thoughts get good feedback, as do the Guest Blogs. Those will be staying but in terms of actual content posts what interests everyone the most? Recaps of my continuing education trips? Specific training related content? Let me know and I will make it happen.

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