Guest Blog Two – Brandy Smith-Galleur

Posted: July 10, 2013 by dannytwoguns in Guest Blogs

My contribution to the upcoming nationally published book, “Get With The Program” details my story with client and success story, Brandy and how our stories relate and the program that got the results we did. So with the book release on the horizon (set for either late August or early September!) it is fitting that we have another guest blog post from Brandy and her perspective…

Brandy before…

Brandy Before 1

Brandy Before 2

“My name is Brandy Galleur, just your average girl who just about over a year ago decided to change her way of life and start working out.

Dan had attempted many times to get me to train with him, but he failed because I had every excuse in the book pouring out – no money, no time, no motivation, etc… I loved being a part of the Nautilus but fell into the same routine and was becoming bored of even going. I kept seeing his client after client getting results and hitting their goals working with him so I finally gave it a shot and here is a short version of my transformation:

Weight: 206 — 155
Dress size: 22 — 8
Jeans: 18 — 10
T-shirts: XL – Small

Going back to the beginning, the programs that Dan puts together for me are always progressive and evolving. I am never bored with workouts and I always have fun. I am the type of person that if I am not having fun doing what I am then I will lose interest very quickly and quit. Dan has kept me interested from day one. With his growing experience he has always turned it up for me.

I did not diet nor did I watch what I was eating when I first started working out with Dan. I was recently reminded (Dawn!), that I always said I would exercise but I was not giving up on my foods. I was losing weight in the beginning but it wasn’t until I incorporated the diet that I really began to see the change. Working out 4 days a week with Dan’s routine and diet plan I am down over 50 net pounds. That doesn’t account for the muscle and strength gained. I am a new person inside and out since becoming a Twoguns Girl.

On to the mental change… I was reserved from who I knew I could be when I was heavy. I could connect with Dan on this part well because we struggled through the same thing. Since working out with Dan I have grown stronger physically and mentally and also gained a best friend. Dan will sometimes remind me of things I tend to have forgotten. He also pays attention even when you think he is not.

This change in my life is not only due to Dan but to the great support system I have inside the gym and outside. My fellow Twoguns crew (there are so many to name), my family, and my friends. The motivation in the studio is exhilarating and if you do not feel like working out that day you will within minutes of being there. Just when you think you can’t do it anymore someone is there encouraging you to keep on; and you do. We are all like a family and as Dawn always says, “No man left behind”.

This last challenge (Muffin Top Meltdown) was hard. I had teammates that I could not let down. I had Keri DiNicola and Hope Johnson on my team who did fantastic as well on this challenge but I knew I had to do this for them. Here’s where the light bulb FINALLY goes off in Brandy’s head! I did have teammates that I could not let down but I had a goal too; to get down to my ideal weight and finally be able to say I did that and DAMN I worked hard at it and I am happy!

I have accepted I have changed and I am proud of what I have done and I AM HAPPY! Losing weight is a challenge in itself but the mental part takes time and is a full time job! This has been and will continue to be quite a ride in my life. It is a struggle every day to accept that I should have changed a long time ago. I am proud of how far that I come and have no regrets of the sacrifices that I have had to make to accomplish this goal in my life. I am very thankful to everyone in my life that has encouraged me and helped me with this journey.

With that being said let me tell you what you get when you join Twoguns Training Systems: an awesome and experienced fitness professional in Danny Twoguns along with his assistant Dawn Cummings, a comfortable studio where you do not feel like you are the “out” person, fellow exercisers who are all willing to work out with you, guide you and push you along when you want to slack, friends, and lastly you get results!

Brandy After 2

Brandy After 3

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